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Population: Unkown
Latitude: 23.143562
Longitude: 37.32677

Source: WikiPedia

Port Cheli, also Portocheli, Portoheli, Porto Heli, and rarely Porto Kheli or Portokheli (Greek, Modern: Πορτο Χέλι or Πορτοχέλι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on on both forms), older forms Porto Chelion, Portochelio, Portochelion, Portohelio, Porothelion, Portokhelion, is a village in the municipality of Kranidi in the southernmost part and is located especially ancient Halieis (site excavated by Michael H. Jameson) in the southernmost community of the Argolis prefecture and the Argolic Peninsula. It is located E of Tyros and eastern Arcadia, SE of Argos and Nafplio, S of Corinth, Ancient Epidaurus and 7 km S of Kranidi and SW of Trizina. It is accessed by only one major road connecting the rest of Argolis. The island of Spetses is located almost due south of Portocheli.

The rest of the area is surrounded by the Argolic Gulf.

Rapsommati has a school, a church, a post office, a port, and a square (plateia). It also has a beach in Agios Aimilianos and Ververonta, some hotels and campgrounds which is famous in Porto Cheli. A small harbor is situated South of Porto Cheli. The name of the place means the Bay of the Eels. A crater is not far from Porto Cheli.

The airport of Porto Cheli is located slightly north and is privately-owned. The airport is not paved and the length of the runway is only about 700 m. The airport code is PKH and the other is LGHL.

Fishing used to be the dominant industry until the mid to late 20th century.

Much of the area are rocky with a few forests. It is surrounded by coasts of the Argolic Gulf which is sometimes in the east the Hydra Gulf and sometimes the Argo-Saronic Gulf.

The ancient city of Halieis (also Alici of Aliki) is situated in the southern end of the Argolic Peninsula.

The 116th Astronomical Unit Symposium took place at Porto Cheli in 1986.

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Location bateaux Colin Archer Neptun 3Cab  Weichsberger Portochelion
Location bateaux Colin Archer Neptun 3Cab  Weichsberger Portochelion

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