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Greece consists of 13 administrative regions known as Peripheries of Greece, which are further subdivided into 3 super-prefectures and 54 prefectures. Prefectures are then divided into municipalities and communities referred to as the first-level of government.

Overview of Peripheries (Provinces) of Greece

1. Attica
2. Central Greece
3. Central Macedonia
4. Crete
5. East Macedonia and Thrac
6. Epirus
7. Ionian Islands
8. North Aegean
9. Peloponnese
10. South Aegean
11. Thessaly
12. West Greece
13. West Macedonia

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Some Statistics:

Capital: Athens
Total Population: 10,737,428
Internet Users: 1,626,000
Holiday: 25 March (1821)
Modern Currency: €, Euro
Former Currency: Drachma
Islands: 1400 +-

SOURCES: Britannica


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