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Posted on: 03/Nov/2009

Light showers over eastern Thessaly and the mainland, Evia, the Cyclades, northern Crete, the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese. Clear elsewhere, with overnight showers in the northwest. Northerly winds at 6 to 8 Beaufort in the Aegean, and northeasterly at 3 to 4 Beaufort in the Ionian. Temperatures from -1C (30F) to 14C (57F) in the north, 1C (34F) to 19C (66F) on the mainland and 5C (41F) to 20C (68F) on the islands.

ATHENS: Eastern and northern parts of the capital may see some light showers, while northeasterly winds will initially come in at speeds of up to 6 Beaufort before easing later. Temperatures will range from 7C (45F) to 13C (55F).

THESSALONIKI: The northern port city will see scattered clouds and east-southeasterly winds at speeds of 3 to 4 Beaufort while temperatures are expected to range from 3C (37F) to 13C (55F).

OUTLOOK: Conditions are expected to deteriorate, bringing strong showers and storms to parts of the country and snow to the mountains of northern Greece. By Wednesday, the weather is expected to improve, starting from the west and moving across to the east. Winds will blow in from a south-southeasterly direction at speeds of 6 to 8 Beaufort but decline in strength by Wednesday, while nighttime temperatures are also expected to rise.



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