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Posted on: 28/Mar/2011

A Greek proverb informs us that “devil has many legs”. So does the truth. As for the accusers of the international campaign against Gaddafi, they are of many stripes.

Yet, despite belonging to totally different corners of the political and ideological spectrum, they do have something in common: the belief that the West acts as a criminal for sending in airplanes against the mercenaries employed by the Libyan regime.

According to the majority of the Greek Left, the West acts as a imperialist, wanting to crash the Libyan people.

Those supporters of the Left finally take their protest against the imperialist conspiracy to the streets ―after watching the massacre of the Libyan rebels for 30 days without even saying a word against a regime that for decades now has killed the idea of a pan-Arabic nationalism.

According to the Right minority of Laos, the coalition against Gaddafi is acting hypocritically, turning against the very same person they have nurtured for so long. But this argument essentially suggests we put history on hold.

Does the fact that you have been cooperating with a lunatic for decades mean you have to stand by and watch when he decides to destroy his own country in a bloodshed?

There are all those generalisations: why should we protect the people of Libya, and not that of Bahrain, Egypt or Yemen?

Obviously, because none of those dictators started bombarding the opposition yet.

Last but not least, the most covert untruth: that you supposedly are pro-Gaddafi when you criticise the international coalition against Gaddafi saying that it’s not able to clearly state its goals, the scope of the operation it is undertaking and, more importantly, who the leader is of this operation that has been going on for days now.


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