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Posted on: 14/Apr/2011

"Greece's bankruptcy has already begun, but it is not yet completed," Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga warned during a press conference on Wednesday, noting that a part of the capital has already been devaluated, while state bonds have also depreciated, the social security funds have losses of up to 30 percent, payments have been suspended, and the state property has also depreciated.

She opined that Europe was divided on whether the restructure of the Greek debt should be done now or later, and was waiting to see what will happen with Spain before deciding.

In that light, with regard to the sale of state property, the pressure will increase and its value will decline further, given that the candidate buyers will wait until the last minute in order to profit more, Papariga added.

At political level, Papariga said a huge effort was being made to salvage the political system under various guises, charging that the "big interests" wanted a Pasok-ND collaboration.

However, all these comprise a historic opportunity for the people to reject that guise and back the KKE, Papariga continued, charging that the argument between the two mainstream parties (ruling Pasok and main opposition ND) in which they mutually cast the blame on each other is disorienting and a dangerous antagonism as to which party will have the helm of the government in its hands".


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