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Posted on: 02/Apr/2010

The most joyous celebration of spring, of rebirth in its literal as well as figurative sense. As Greeks leave the cities in droves to spend Easter in the countryside, food is central to all festivities.

The Easter table is a reflection of tradition combined with the seasonality of Greek cuisine. The ingredients, the seasonings, and the dishes might differ from place to place, there is always one rule surely followed: nothing must be wasted.

The most typical dishes are whole lambs on a spit, slowly roasting; red-dyed eggs; braided sweet breads (tsoureki); Easter soup (magiritsa) and grilled tripe roll (kokoretsi).

Magiritsa is usually eaten during the early hours of Sunday morning, after the midnight service of Resurrection together with red-dyed eggs.

On Easter Sunday morning, the process of roasting a whole lamb on a spit along with the kokoretsi begins. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours for the lamb to roast. People enjoy themselves drinking ouzo or tsipouro and tasting various meze, until the lamb is ready.


source: http://www.greeknewsagenda.gr

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