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Posted on: 11/Nov/2009

Some 63 percent of Greek internet users have created a net profile on at least one social networking service, compared to the European average of 45 percent, putting Greece in third place European-wide, after Denmark and Norway, according to a European-wide online survey on "Internet & Moble MC DC" practices.

Further, 33 percent of Greek net users update their profile on a daily basis, compared with the European average of 15 percent, while 37 percent of Greek net users monitor their friends' profiles daily (against a European average of 19 percent).

The results of the survey, conducted by InSites Consulting in collaboration with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)-Interactive Communication Organisation and the IABs of 16 countries, including Greece, were presented Monday night to the members of IAB Hellas.

The profile of the Greek net user shows a very active, social and aware user, according to the survey, which further noted that 66 percent of Greek net users log onto the we daily (against European average of 53 percent), while 24 percent remain actively online for more than four hours daily against a European average of 17 percent.

Further, 19 percent of Greek net users also possess a "smart" mobile phone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and subscribes to a net access service via mobile (vs. European average of 15 percent), while 54 percent of the Greek users check their e-mails daily (against a European average of 37 percent).

Also, 35 percent of Greek users use instant messaging on a daily average (European average 25 percent), 21 percent view videos on YouTube daily (12 percent European average), 24 percent upload videos at least once a week (European average 12 percent), and 25 percent listen to the radio via internet daily (16 percent European average).

In addition, 36 percent of Greek net users employ search engines several times a day (European average 22 percent), while 67 percent use search engines at least once a week in search of products and services for purchase (European average 59 percent), while 64 percent use the engines to find sales points (European average 56 percent), and 69 percent trust the results of the search engines.

To the question "which sources of information (online and offline) they have more confidence in when searching for brands, products and services, the comparison websites topped the list of Greek net users' preference with 67 percent, followed by sites with user evaluation with 58 percent, and sites with expert evaluations with 46 percent. Contact with sellers was in fourth place with 41 percent, and the opinion of friends and/or acquaintances was fifth in preference with 39 percent.

The average Greek web user has made online purchases seven times in the last year, compared with the European average of eight times, while the UK topped the list with 10+ times in the past year. Also, 82 percent of the Greeks who have purchased online are likely or highly likely to do so again.


Further, 60 percent of Greek net users fell that web surfing would be more pleasant of the advertisements were more adapted to their profile (European average 47 percent), while 65 percent state their willingness to receive communications from the companies of which they are already customers.

In addition, 70 percent of Greek net users find the proposed products and services from sites they visit regularly as "useful", while 50 percent find the paid advertisements on search engines "useful". Also, 25 percent forward to friends or upload on video sharing sites at least once a week the advertisements they found to be interesting.

Also, 72 percent of Greek web users find online advertisement less annoying than on other media, while the most attractive element of an online advertisement, for the Greek user, is a smart concept and multimedia elements (sound and video).

Finally, 59 percent of Greek net users are not annoyed by advertisements on social networks (European average 32 percent), while 37 percent are not averse to the use of their data for more optimum targeting of the advertisements (European average 26 percent).

IAB Hellas was founded in 2001 and is the sectoral association in Greece for companies involved in all forms of digital and interactive market. It is a member of the relevant global network and a member of IAB Europe, which today numbers some 70 members.


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