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Posted on: 13/Nov/2009

The draft bill on public sector appointments will be the first step toward restoring a state of law in the direction of justice, equality and legality, Prime Minister George Papandreou said during Wednesday's meeting of the Cabinet that discussed and approved the proposed bill.

"As a society we will no longer tolerate client relations [in politics], deals and lawlessness. No Greek man or woman can abide them because this is why Greece has stagnated over the last five years," Papandreou underlined. He stressed that fairness and meritocracy would be the foundation of the new effort and that it was the government's duty to "draw a red line" between the present and a murky past.

"This may annoy certain people but what is important is that this red line will be liberating for most people and for the country," he added.

The prime minister said that the envisaged change toward an open government that was accountable, efficient and fair would not be achieved in one day nor with one bill.

"It is a matter of daily struggle with constant initiatives on all levels and for all decisions. This is what happened both with the selection of the general secretaries and with public debate on the Internet and we will continue on this path," Papandreou said.

Reviewing the government's work during its first 35 days in office, the prime minister said that it had started to put into action the major changes for which PASOK had received the electorate's mandate.

"The government must daily assure the citizens with actions, each day making one step forward, that we are carrying out our pre-election pledges," he emphasised.

The prime minister especially underlined the issue of gaining people's trust, stressing that the government had to persuade citizens that it was trustworthy in order to gain not just their toleration but also their support and participation.


source: http://www.ekathimerini.gr

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