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Posted on: 04/Nov/2009

The 11th annual Greek Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Forum opened in Athens on Wednesday the 4th of November in a central hotel.

A message from prime minister George Papandreou was read out to the opening session of the two-day conference, outlining four "decisive interventions" planned by his government that will set in motion "catalytic and long-term changes" in the sectors of Information Technology, Telecoms and Digital Communications.

The interventions aim at broadening the right and ability of access of all the citizens, agencies and enterprises to high-speed digital communication networks from wherever they are situated, the availability of all public information to the social whole through digital infrastructures, the integrated computerisation and digitilisation of the public sector and the introduction of Open Software, especially in education, and the transition from public sector software supply to the provision of integrated services.

In his message, the premier outlined a visionary framework of policy principles which he said will impact the development of information technologies and digital communications over the coming years.

The specialisation of the four interventions into specific tactical moves is eagerly awaited by the enterprises in the sector, given that the government has not directly linked the utilisation of ICT technologies with EU funding, but has drafted a long-term developmental framework of its own.

The Forum will discuss six thematic subjects covering the most important areas of growth of digital services to the public, to enterprises, agencies and civil services, with more than 100 speakers presenting the developments that will influence the course of the information technology, telecoms and broadband services markets, according to the organisers.


source: http://www.ana-mpa.gr

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