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Tsikoudia Festival
Date: 01/Nov/2009

Visiting the area of Voukolies in Crete this November will give holidaymakers a chance to experience some of Crete\'s famous drinks. During the first week of November the Tsikoudia Festival in Voukolies is dedicated to the strong distilled spirit. Known as Tsikoudia or raki, the spirit is 36 per cent in volume and made in a winepress by the locals of the island. During the festival the spirit is often served with honey amongst other local products. The spirit is made from the pieces of grapes that were pressed during the wine making process, such as the stems and the seeds. These are distilled and then flavoured to give it a strong taste. Holidaymakers eating in local restaurants will often find it offered as an after dinner digestive with fruits and sweets, usually free of charge.

Greek delicacies and raki make the perfect combination.
When: Nov 2009 (annual)
Where: Voukolies

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