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Date: 06/Nov/2009

Opening on the 6th of November

The main body of this year’s exhibition is located at the Esplanade building (next to Tae Kwon Do Court), Water Plaza, Faliron Olympic Complex) and opens on Friday November 6th. The main venue of this year’s organization in Faliron Olympic Complex forms a vast platform of artistic expression dedicated to the devotees of the photographic medium and the digital culture.

The Building of the Esplanade pedestrian bridge is a structure that allows the construction of bridges, the dialogue between heterogeneous cultural elements and expressions and the coexistence of various artistic approaches. It is a place of conjunction and interaction of both conventional and modern means of photographic work covering a surface of 5000 square meters, full of exhibitions and video installations.

Οther than exhibitions and screening, the program will consist of various events such as the Photo Folio Review, lectures, bookshop, application of special educational programs in children and adults, as well as volunteering program and special guides.

11 Exhibitions
· 21 Video projects
· 120 Photographers
· 6 Performances
· Photo Folio Review
· Photo Book Place
· Lectures
· Education
· International meeting
· Guided tours


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Upcoming events

> 10/06/2011 - European Music Day
> 25/06/2011 - Special Olympics
> 01/07/2011 - Rockwave Festival
> 01/10/2011 - Athens Marathon

Past events

> 01/10/2009 - The Festival of Women
> 01/10/2009 - Athens Fashion Week
> 04/10/2009 - Greek elections
> 10/10/2009 - Photography Fred Boissonnas Itinerary to Mount Athos 1928-1930"
> 12/10/2009 - Byzantine Pop Art
> 05/11/2009 - Greek ICT Forum
> 08/11/2009 - Beyonce
> 12/11/2009 - World Travel Market
> 17/11/2009 - Student Uprising

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