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Date: 17/Oct/2009

Exhibition of Works of Christos Santamouris as parallel event to the cultural events organised by the Municipality of Chania, Philological Association as a Tribute to the famous Greek Author and Poet, Pantelis Prevelakis
17-18 October
Location: Halidon 83, Chania, Crete www.chania.gr

Christos Santamouris

Born in 1948 in the island of Tinos, in the Cyclades. He graduated from the Pyrgos School of Fine Arts and the École des Beaux-Arts (Tinos), the Athens School of Fine Arts and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Since 1992, he has been teaching Engraving at the Chaville Académie des Beaux-Arts, near Paris. In the meantime he has shown his work in several solo and group exhibitions in Greece, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, India, South Korea and Canada. He was bestowed in 1982 the Prix “de Créateur” by the Museum of Uzes, France. In 1985, the 1st prize for Engraving by the Académie of Chaville and the Demoulin Award of the French Artists Association. In 1989, the Drawing Award by the Chaville Académie. In 1990, the Paris Saint Cloud Engraving Award and in 1995 the Voisins-le-Breton-neux Engraving Award. In the year 2000 he conceived and realized the trophy to be used for the Prix Mireille – a special award for the promotion of new talents. In 1991 he created the “Art Editions Artémis 656” and published many books that he illustrated, such as: Nikos Kazantzakis “Ascese” containing 14 etchings. Then, two volumes of the “Odyssey” containing 12 etchings each. In 2002, with the collaboration of many artists, he created the “Collection 7” Art Editions, for which he produced and illustrated the first of five volumes of the “Report to Greco”, by Nikos Kazantzakis. Moreover, he contributes to the “Voix d’ Encre” Editions as an illustrator of poetry books

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