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Date: 14/Nov/2009

Following last year's exceptionally successful "1st City of Athens Great Recycling Fest", the Great Recycling Fest now constitutes an annual City of Athens institution.

A total of 185,426 students took part in the "1st City of Athens Great Recycling Fest", recycling 748,269 packaging products, while hundreds of citizens also attended the event.

The "2nd City of Athens Great Recycling Fest", organized by the City of Athens and the National Collective Reciprocal Alternative Packaging Management System "RECIPROCAL RECYCLING", will be held at Syntagma Square from November 2 to 14, 2009.

Integrated Reciprocal Recycling Centres will operate during the "2nd City of Athens Great Recycling Fest", at Syntagma Square, for two weeks, allowing citizens and students to bring metal, plastic and glass packaging items, as well as plastic bags and other packaging products, for recycling.

The "2nd City of Athens Great Recycling Fest" involves:

•A Great Recycling Competition for ALL City of Athens school students, with major prizes for schools registering high participation rates.
•Various happenings and special events for supporters of recycling, of all ages, throughout the two weeks, including an "Environmental Education Workshop" and the "Recycling Game", enabling all to learn about the significant benefits of recycling.
•Musical Moments on Saturday, November 14, 2009, at 15:00, featuring special guest Michalis Hatziyiannis and the band Onirama, marking the peak and conclusion of the Great Fest.

The following prizes will be awarded in the Great Recycling Competition to school departments with the highest participation rates:

•A trip to France involving a visit to and tour of Europe's largest plastics recycling factory and a visit to EuroDisney and Paris, FOR ALL SCHOOL DEPARTMENT STUDENTS.

Additionally, a separate competition featuring major prizes will be held for Primary School students.

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