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Date: 29/Oct/2009

HELEXPO PHILOXENIA welcome to the website www.helexpo.gr

1. What is PHILOXENIA?
It is the top meeting of entrepreneurs of the tourism sector in the broader region of
Southeastern Mediterranean
It is a forum, where international experiences are exchanged in a creative manner.
During the works of PHILOXENIA, the latest developments in the international
tourism industry become the “property” and focus of everyone.

2. What are the major strong points of PHILOXENIA?
Its catalytic role in the developments of the Balkan market and the “specific weight”
that modern tourism enterprises have in these developments.
Its unprecedented visitability.
Its 25 years of successful history in the field of tourism exhibitions, with HELEXPO
guaranteeing its consistent progress in the future.

3. What are the benefits for a tourism enterprise participating in the 25th PHILOXENIA?
The international promotion of your enterprise.
Direct communication with top companies in your sector and others that cover a broad
spectrum of your needs and interests.
The prospect of direct business agreements – cooperation schemes, which drastically
broadens your clientele, and…
The guaranteed possibility of new multilateral cooperation schemes through the
“Hosted Buyers” Programme. Prearranged meetings EXCLUSIVELY for exhibitors with
international Tour Operators that are invited by HELEXPO.
The co-organisation of PHILOXENIA with HOTELIA hotel equipment exhibition, as
well as a special homage to Spas, creates a comprehensive web, meeting the needs of
modern tourism entrepreneurs who do not limit themselves to dynamically promotingFrom: 29/10/2009
To: 01/11/2009

Weekdays 11:00-20:00
Weekend 11:00-20:00

Project Manager
Ms Chrisa Krassa

Tel.: 2310 291 293, 2310 291 188
Fax: 2310 291 656
email: philoxenia@helexpo.gr


Upcoming events

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> 25/06/2011 - Special Olympics
> 01/07/2011 - Rockwave Festival
> 01/10/2011 - Athens Marathon

Past events

> 01/10/2009 - The Festival of Women
> 01/10/2009 - Athens Fashion Week
> 04/10/2009 - Greek elections
> 10/10/2009 - Photography Fred Boissonnas Itinerary to Mount Athos 1928-1930"
> 12/10/2009 - Byzantine Pop Art
> 05/11/2009 - Greek ICT Forum
> 08/11/2009 - Beyonce
> 12/11/2009 - World Travel Market
> 17/11/2009 - Student Uprising

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