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14 September, 2012:
Piraeus Municipal Theater
The landmark Piraeus Municipal Theater is considered one of the finest examples of 19th-century Greek public architecture...
03 September, 2012:
In search of the ‘other’ Myconos
Those who love Myconos and got to know it before its popularity rocketed, and before the crisis, insist that there is another side to this Cycladic island that is very different to the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, luxury villas and super beaches that have made it such a hit with local and internat...
01 August, 2012:
Benaki’s autumn treats
The largest forced migrations of the 20th century, when millions of people were uprooted and moved to new homelands, are at the heart of Twice a Stranger, a multimedia exhibition to be hosted at the Benaki’s downtown branch from September 19 to November 25...
06 August, 2012:
Young classical musicians wing it improvisation style
Young artists from around the world will be converging on the eastern Aegean island of Samos for an upcoming festival taking place from August 6-12....
08 August, 2012:
The glory that was Pella
Exciting developments are taking place in the heartland of ancient Macedonia, in northern Greece....
02 August, 2012:
River Party kicks off
The River Party, one of the most important music festivals in Greece, kicks off on Wednesday in Nestorio, Kastoria...
02 August, 2012:
Art collection reveals history of Eastern Aegean
The Trikoglou Collection, comprising pieces related to the Eastern Mediterranean region in general, is now on display for the first time, at the northern port city’s Museum of Byzantine Culture....
27 July, 2012:
Exploring the roots of ancient tradition
Exploring the roots of ancient tradition ...
27 July, 2012:
Visiting an Athens mosque
There are currently about 100 makeshift mosques in Athens,...
23 July, 2012:
Aeschylia: Attica's longest-standing festival ...
18 July, 2012:
First floor of Stoa of Attalos opens
First floor of Stoa of Attalos opens to public after 30 years ...
18 July, 2012:
Planning ahead
Planning ahead ...
10 July, 2012:
Keeping the ancient notes alive
Ancient Greek music is one of the lesser known chapters in the wide field of study of Hellenic civilization....
06 July, 2012:
Free film screenings
Admission to all screenings is free of charge, while distribution of priority coupons will begin one hour prior to the 9 p.m. screenings....
29 June, 2012:
“Myrtis: Face to Face with the Past”...
26 June, 2012:
Archaeologists in Greece uncover Roman road
Viki Tzanakouli, an archaeologist working on the project, said the Roman road was about 1,800 years old...
29 June, 2012:
A life set apart
FILMMAKER Gregory J Markopoulos was no ordinary man. ...
19 June, 2012:
Greek film wins top prize at Sydney festival
“‘Alps’ melds pathos, black humor and taut menace in a film that is at once challenging and highly rewarding,” said the actress and director. ...
01 June, 2012:
Samothraki: Mysteriously alluring through the ages
27 May, 2012:
Spotlight on culture and Delphi
24 May, 2012:
Emotions at Cycladic Art Museum
The exhibition runs to September 30....
16 May, 2012:
Putting Socrates back in the dock
Now centuries after his death in 399 BC, the great philosopher is back in the dock....
11 May, 2012:
Plissken Festival explores contemporary music
The Plissken Festival will take place on Saturday, May 12, at Building 56 of the Hellenic Cosmos cultural venue and features a lineup of 24 acts from around the world. ...
08 May, 2012:
Greek museum hooks up with Chinese institution
Nikos Kazantzakis -- Greece’s most popular writer globally speaking --...
11 May, 2012:
A journey through the cherry orchards of Pella
The industrial history of the river of 200 bridges can be explored in depth during a visit to the Open-Air Water Museum....
27 April, 2012:
Video report: Don't blame the Monsters!
They plan to take the exhibition to Thessaloniki, and Helsinki, Finland before trying other European capitals....
25 April, 2012:
Alarm over museum security
Report finds National Gallery’s management and ministry officials underestimated risk of theft...
13 April, 2012:
Private viewings a click away
Google partners up with Greek museums in cultural project...
12 April, 2012:
Akrotiri reopens on Santorini
One of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece...
05 April, 2012:
Archaeology becomes Greece's Achilles heel
There are an increasing number of illegal digs near archaeological sites...
04 April, 2012:
Greece’s first memory bank
Greece’s first memory bank offers glimpses of the WWII period ...
02 March, 2012:
Haris Alexiou
No matter how far I go, no matter how much money I make, I have seen it all.” ...
03 March, 2012:
Hitting profits with a slingshot
As a result, monuments registered a 17 percent increase in their number of visitors, while receipts from both monuments and museums were up by 5 percent in the first 10 months of the year. ...
02 March, 2012:
Imitating Actions
Vatanidis work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions in New York...
28 March, 2012:
Stoa of Attalos
discovery of some 160,000 items dating from Neolithic times to the 19th century. ...
13 March, 2012:
New Benaki wing
The museum will be inaugurated on Monday, April 2, while the following day will be dedicated to the numerous donors who have contributed to its development with a guided tour of the premises....
12 March, 2012:
Greece mourns
Greek singer Domna Samiou, one of the most important vocalists of the country's traditional music scene, died in an Athens hospital on Saturday at the age of 84....
07 March, 2012:
Migrants play out their stories at the National Theater
The scenes in “Homelands” in which they perform are based on their own experience of migration....
06 March, 2012:
Thessaloniki doc festival captures the zeitgeist
“The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has always had a modest budget and a frugal philosophy....
02 March, 2012:
Islands off the beaten track is the name of a series of archaeological exhibitions being organised by and held at the Museum of Cycladic Art, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. ...
01 March, 2012:
7th Athens Animfest: Animated spirit
More than 300 productions...
24 February, 2012:
May the force be with you at the Sci-Fi Film Fest
Tickets cost 8 euros per day, 5 euros for students....
25 February, 2012:
The Queen’s Tower
the two buildings share numerous similarities in their neo-gothic composition,...
20 February, 2012:
Fire leaves three dead Cinema Guide
This year’s Psarokokalo Festival - also known as the Athens International Short Film Festival - is laying out its annual movie selection at the Greek Film Archive and Nixon Bar & Cinema on February 16 - 22...
16 February, 2012:
Ancient treasures to the rescue of Greece's ruined economy?
How can Greece promote its cultural sites in a smart way without disrespecting its historical legacy and, at the same time, make money from it...
13 February, 2012:
Works by British artists to be displayed
British artists from the 1980s to contemporary times will be on show....
06 February, 2012:
Effort to preserve Athens' First Cemetery
Heroes of the 1821 Revolution, national benefactors, politicians who shaped the modern history of Greece, but also great artistic personalities, are buried in the First Cemetery of Athens....
31 January, 2012:
3D screenings of Acropolis monuments at the Acropolis Museum
A new ten-minute 3D film reveals the secrets behind the monuments of the Acropolis...
03 February, 2012:
From Paris to Athens and back again
“Paris-Athens: The Double Journey, 1919-1939” ...
28 January, 2012:
Theo Angelopoulos: Roll credits
It was just shy of midnight on Tuesday when Greece lost one of its finest artists....
10 January, 2012:
It’s a family affair
His first solo exhibition....
28 December, 2011:
First museum dedicated to Greek Culture opens in US
The $20 million project in the city’s Greektown neighborhood, which includes temporary and permanent exhibition space, classrooms, oral history archives, a library and roof patio overlooking downtown, replaces the museum’s previous space a few blocks away on one floor of a four-story building....
28 December, 2011:
Kastoria: Byzantine aura by the lake
The broader district, with its cultural, archaeological, environmental and natural attractions, is a prime winter destination. A walk around the old neighborhoods is not to be missed. ...
20 December, 2011:
Christmas concerts at the Acropolis Museum
Christmas will be celebrated at the Acropolis Museum with three music concerts, to be held on December 22, December 23 and December 29....
12 December, 2011:
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
AS THE streets start to fill with Christmas lights and sounds, there is a plethora of entertainment choices that seek to put you in the festive mood. ...
12 December, 2011:
Athens on the Internet
According to one of the group’s web managers, the city offers plenty of architectural contrasts....
01 December, 2011:
US re-enforces support for Halki reopening
The school, situated on the island of Halki in the Sea of Marmara has operated from 1844 but was closed in 1971....
30 November, 2011:
Pavliani: Are you ready, boots?
The area has been known since antiquity...
24 November, 2011:
Four Greek works among top 10 sellers at Sotheby's European sale
The top Greek seller was Nikolaos Gyzis' "The Dance of the Nymphs"...
22 November, 2011:
Grevena: A bridge to rugged beauty
Ziakas, at 900 meters and 19 km southeast of Grevena town, can be used as a base for a tour of the area....
19 November, 2011:
Greek artists in Paris
The Greek pavilion will present paintings and sculptures by twenty artists who work and live in Greece and abroad....
15 November, 2011:
Exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens
Entitled George Hadjimichalis. The Painter AK. A Novel, the multimedia show tells the story of a fictional novelist, known only by his initials AK, whom Hadjimichalis has envisioned. Through the works, which include more than 300 paintings of varying sizes, a 50m2 installation and a black-and-white ...
08 November, 2011:
Edessa: A naturally cool haven
The city is more than a millennium old and features a number of restored old churches and mansions...
02 November, 2011:
Athens Photo Festival 2011
Creative young shutterbugs new to the arts scene will share exhibition space with established masters of the lens at the Athens Photo Festival 2011...
31 October, 2011:
60 Ancient Graves Beneath Chania
"The stunning fact is that except for the typical domed graves we found more shaft tombs dating back to 1450 to 1390 BC", says Mrs Vlazaki....
31 October, 2011:
Tsarouchis taught me ethos
IN 1971, a young Greek artist left his country, setting out on what would be an eight-year journey during which he would delve into the lure and mystery of the East....
31 October, 2011:
Archeology in brief
PART of a Roman wall in Pompeii’s ancient ruins has collapsed, authorities said last week, a year after a gladiator house in the site crumbled and embarrassed Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government....
01 October, 2011:
Mt Ziria: Take the high road
Mythical mountain birthplace of ancient god Hermes awaits just a couple of hours from Athens ...
28 October, 2011:
Acropolis Museum open all day (28 october)
The Acropolis museum will be open from 08:00 until 22:00 on Friday, October 28, on the occasion of a Greek national holiday, while admittance will be free....
31 October, 2011:
National Gallery’s unseen works
With downtown Athens blocked by protesters carrying Greek flags as they walked down Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, few paid attention to the large banner announcing the National Gallery’s new exhibition....
24 October, 2011:
Goya & Beethoven at the Teloglion
25 October, 2011:
Acropolis Museum open all day on Friday
Admittance to the Acropolis Museum will be free on Friday...
20 October, 2011:
Greece's debt mirrors crisis in cultural assets
“Athens is a tourism black hole,” says Minister of Culture and Tourism Pavlos Geroulanos....
17 October, 2011:
Mixing street and fine arts
NEW YORK City-based collage artist Michael Anderson was so taken by Athens’ street art scene - when he arrived to collect street posters to create his fascinating collages of contemporary life - that he decided to organise an exhibition here....
17 October, 2011:
Looking at mythical creatures closely
THE Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre plays host to one of the most popular and fascinating exhibitions from the Natural History Museum of London, entitled Myths and Monsters. ...
13 October, 2011:
Festival serves ‘Taste of Greece’
Traditional Greek dancers will be part of the entertainment at the 24th annual “Taste of Greece” festival at St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church in Peoria. ...
07 October, 2011:
Patriarchate's library archive
Ote, Cosmote support Ecumenical Patriarchate's library archive digitisation ...
06 October, 2011:
Konitsa: The unspoiled frontier
The symbol of the town is its single-arched stone bridge, which took 48 years to construct (1823-71)...
03 October, 2011:
Greek comedy drama snares two wins in Spanish film festival
Unfair World is due to be screened at local cinemas in January 201...
26 September, 2011:
State Theatre of Northern Greece marks 50 years
Mikra Dionysia rounds off the theatre’s summer production cycle. ...
24 September, 2011:
Series of events in honour of Greek nobel laureate poet Elytis in Odessa
The events will start on 13 October and will include, among others, a photo exhibition which will run until November seven....
23 September, 2011:
Getty to return more antiquities to Greece
Greece's culture ministry says the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles has agreed to return three more ancient marble artifacts from its collections to Greece. ...
19 September, 2011:
Jailhouse flicks
The Patras International Festival of Cinema & Culture, scheduled to take place on October 1-8, has been cut down to 8 days and 10 hours of screenings per day and is mostly backed by small regional companies, free labour and a lot of love....
12 September, 2011:
Opening Nights raise season curtain
Tickets cost 7 euros -- a price which has remains unchanged for the last seven years -- while morning screenings will be open to the public at a reduced price of 4 euros....
09 September, 2011:
Alexander the Great exhibition at Louvre
In the Kingdom of Alexander the Great", to be hosted at the Louvre from October 13 until January 16, 2012. ...
05 September, 2011:
40th Book Festival inaugurated
120 pavilions with over 50,000 titles...
30 August, 2011:
Theocharakis Foundation of Arts and Music
Comprising oils, watercolours, etchings and drawings...
29 August, 2011:
Landmark venue to raise curtain again
It took a dozen years to build and over 20 years for damage inflicted by earthquakes, abandon and general decay to be repaired....
27 August, 2011:
The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki was founded to honour the rich and creative Sephardic heritage as it evolved in the city after the 15th century. ...
16 August, 2011:
A timeless contemporary on Andros
Ghika once said. “I am a universal man. I am not meant to do one thing only....
09 August, 2011:
Tinos: The 'handmade island'
Traditionally a pilgrims' isle, this member of the Cyclades has retained its authenticity ...
08 August, 2011:
Icons stolen from Megisti Lavra Monastery
Robbers broke into the monastery ....
05 August, 2011:
Αrchaeological sites open for August Full Moon
The largest full moon of the year on Saturday, August 13 will be celebrated with theatrical performances and other cultural events to take place in 75 archaeological sites and museums across the country that will remain open for the public until the early morning hours. ...
24 October, 2011:
Young Americans discover Greek culture
31 July, 2011:
A standing ovation for Kevin Spacey
a stunning performance...
28 July, 2011:
29 July, 2011:
Arrrgh! Monsters in fashion
Are these “monsters” a distortion of mankind?...
19 July, 2011:
Some therapeutic drama heading to Epidaurus
Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey set to star in 'Richard III' as part of Greek Festival...
17 July, 2011:
Aegean Festival raises a glass
Summer event on Syros unites opera with theater, classical music and dance...
15 July, 2011:
Byzantium & the Arabs' exhibition in Thessaloniki
The exhibition will be launched in September to inaugurate the "Thessaloniki - Crossroads of Civilisations" programme. It ranks as a unique, by Greek standards, museum event....
12 July, 2011:
Sound of silence: Death gets a makeover
There’s something very special going on over at the AMP, starting with the building itself....
14 July, 2011:
On the trail of Alexander the Great
Promoting the legacy of Alexander the Great...
01 July, 2011:
Faliro Delta culture park gives hope
“We are not trying to put on a display of strength or wealth”...
27 June, 2011:
American School of Classical Studies celebrates 130 years
The long history of travellers...
20 June, 2011:
Toronto greek film retrospective
The Toronto Greek Film Retrospective (TGFR) will take place from June 24-26, 2011 at the Royal Cinema....
20 June, 2011:
Spotlight on Byzantium at Delphi
With a reduced budget but no cuts in terms of the quality of its scientific and artistic program, the European Cultural Center of Delphi is preparing to open its doors once again to host its annual international symposium....
15 June, 2011:
Dance holds strong in Kalamata
UNDER the banner of “A festival is not judged in terms of quantity but of quality”, organisers of the International Dance Festival said the annual event would take place in Kalamata for the 17th consecutive year as planned, from July 14 to 21....
15 June, 2011:
Macedonia challenges Greece's claim to Alexander the Great with giant statue
Macedonia on Tuesday began assembling a controversial 72-foot-high bronze statue of Alexander the Great, a monument seen as a towering challenge to neighbouring Greece's claim on the ancient hero. ...
09 June, 2011:
New blood in two downtown galleries
“Young Greek Artists” at the Rebecca Camhi Gallery “Looking Forward” at The Breeder ...
08 June, 2011:
Speleology photo exhibition
A speleological photography exhibition is currently on display in an old WWII bomb shelter in the 40 Ekklisies district of Thessaloniki, featuring impressive photos of exploration expeditions carried out by the Thessaloniki Speleology Association "Proteus". ...
09 June, 2011:
Theodorakis' father
prospect of the residence as a future museum ...
07 June, 2011:
More sites, museums with extended hours
The Archaeological Museum of Delphi will be open from 8:30 a.m. until three p.m. Sundays through Tuesdays and from eight a.m. until eight p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. ...
29 May, 2011:
Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2011
The 56th Festival begins Following a rationale whose key concepts are diversity, a spirit of adventure, openness and acknowledging the public’s need for real art, its thirst to commune with the new and the unfamiliar, another Athens Festival begins! ...
25 May, 2011:
Evia wall paintings back together again
Seven wall paintings that adorned the Byzantine Church of Palaiopanagias in Steni on the island of Evia from the 16th century and well into the 1970s until they were wrenched off the wall by antiquity thieves who shattered three of the seven murals, are now back together and on display at the Byzant...
19 May, 2011:
Greece to loan ancient artefacts for NY exhibition
The exhibition will be housed in the Alexander S Onassis Public Benefit Foundation's Olympic Tower and run from December until May 2012. ...
13 May, 2011:
Free admission
Admission to all Greek museums and archaeological sites will be free of charge on May 18, the anniversary of International Museum Day....
03 May, 2011:
Major Work by Constantinos Volanakis
to Highlight Sotheby's Greek Sale in May will draw together an exceptional array of Greek art, with important examples of 19th and 20th-century masters such as Constantinos Volanakis, Konstantinos Maleas, and Nicos Hadjikiriakos-Ghika. The sale of 132 lots is estimated to fetch in excess of £4 mil...
15 April, 2011:
Mystras: A haven of Byzantine civilization
In 1249, William II of Villehardouin, the Frankish ruler of the Peloponnese, began building Mystras, a fortress on a steep foothill on the northern slopes of Mt Taygetos, 6 kilometers northwest of the present-day town of Sparta, the capital of Laconia....
05 April, 2011:
Greek festival of Sidney
he Greek Festival of Sydney is one of Australia's largest and longest running annual cultural events and is the most attended Greek-Australian community event in NSW. Over the last 29 years The Festival has played a key role in providing a forum for showcasing a multitude of Greek and multi-cultural...

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