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01 August, 2012:
Pretty sweet thing
Leonidio, in the Tsakonia region of the southeastern Peloponnese, which is renowned for its stunning landscape and architecture, has to a great degree retained its traditional lifestyle and characteristics. ...
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11 July, 2012:
What To Drink Now:
What To Drink Now: New Wines of Greece…Assyrtico from Santorini...
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29 June, 2012:
Our chef suggests: Ever-present endives
Chocolates, mussels and fried potato chips were definitely among my favourites...
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01 June, 2012:
Veggies provide dishes fit for a king
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11 May, 2012:
Tasty tips to enjoy mange tout
Keep the beans in the refrigerator for up to seven to 10 days...
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20 April, 2012:
Crisis fails to dampen Kolonaki entrepreneurs' enthusiasm
“The rent is lower, but that’s as far as it goes,”...
27 April, 2012:
Sea's humble relations are not to be frowned upon
Kakavia was the staple food of fishermen stopping in coves to take refuge from bad weather. The word is derived from “kakavi,” the copper pot that was used to make it....
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03 April, 2012:
Ways with inky, tasty cuttlefish
Cuttlefish flesh is white and tasty; as with all edible mollusks, it is extremely rich in iron. It doesn’t swim as much or as fast as its close relative, the calamari, so its flesh is more tender and it has more ink....
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28 March, 2012:
German Stands Up for Greek Wine
Amidst Europe’s Economic Woes, One German Stands Up for Greek Wine...
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21 March, 2012:
Drinking minty mastiha in Athens
Ouzo? That's for tourists. While in the Greek capital Athens, real tipplers drink mastiha....
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15 March, 2012:
Why does Greece import so much food?
The main reason behind the high import bill is consumer behavior...
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09 March, 2012:
Hearty Greek soul food
When Greeks talk about a “bifteki,” they mean something bigger than a meatball. ...
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16 February, 2012:
Olive oil, the very heart of the Mediterranean diet
Koroneiki is seen as the best variety: It is drought-resistant and can provide an annual crop, but it also produces tiny fruit (1,000-1,200 olives per kilo) and so requires more work to harvest. Globally recognized as the best, it is grown as far away as California....
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31 January, 2012:
Think pilaf, the perfect comfort food
When cooking short- or medium-grain rice, rinse it first in a colander under running water to remove some of the starch so that the final product is not too sticky....
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27 January, 2012:
Spicy Cabbage and Rice Pilaf / Lahanorizo Thrakiotiko
Originally from the northern Greek province of Thrace, where the food is a little spicier than it is elsewhere in Greece. ...
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20 January, 2012:
Low-fat and lightweight members of a savage tribe
European barracuda live to up to 100 meters from the surface, usually on sandy bottoms. Younger fry live in schools near the seabed, but go solo once they reach adulthood. They are fished with nets and drag lines. ...
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10 January, 2012:
Tuna: Bin the can and get fresh
In Greece, tuna is not usually fished systematically, though it is often caught accidentally on a swordfish line or in a dragnet. ...
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29 December, 2011:
Impress your guests with wild boar
They feed on acorns and other fruits of the forest, which gives their meat its delicious flavor....
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28 December, 2011:
Buffet ideas for New Year’s Eve
On the day of the party, prepare the recipes well ahead of time. You can grill or puree one or two hours before serving. Prepare dips and sauces at the last minute. ...
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24 December, 2011:
Stuffed Turkey - (Galopoula Yemisti)
The Method and 2 stuffings....
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21 December, 2011:
Crisis Christmas dinner
If you break into a sweat every time you study complicated recipes to put together a dinner party for friends, here are some easy-to-make, unconventional and affordable suggestions – including melt-in-the-mouth brownies by star pastry chef Stelios Parliaros – which will allow you to feed eight p...
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24 December, 2011:
The nature of the game
Most of the wild boar in the market is the southern European wild pig, found in their natural habitat in Greece and on game farms. Imports from central and northern Europe are other breeds....
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06 December, 2011:
Sani Gourmet
For years now, Sani Gourmet has been supporting the efforts of top Greek chefs, inspired by the culinary traditions of their country and modifying and adapting them to the contemporary world....
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09 December, 2011:
Fresh ways with chickpeas
Velvet chickpea soup Ingredients (serves 4-6 people) Chickpea rissoles stuffed with onions Ingredients (serves 8)...
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15 December, 2011:
When vegetarians come to dinner
If your friends eat neither meat nor fish but you want the meal to be special, try this balanced menu by chef Myrsini Lambraki. It begins with a spicy carrot soup and little Cretan herb pies before moving on to an unusual salad combination and a hearty pastitsio made of tagliatelle with spinach and ...
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15 November, 2011:
Meatballs With Ouzo
Greek people like meatballs too much and for that reason there are many meat ball recipes. One of the tastiest is meat balls with ouzo, relatively easy to prepare....
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08 November, 2011:
Aubergine, the vegetable that refuses to conform
One of the tastiest vegetables -- which is actually a fruit -- Solanum melongena, commonly known as eggplants or aubergines (“melitzanes” in Greek), comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes -- round, oblong, mauve or almost black. Then there are those with an ivory color, usually from the ...
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19 November, 2011:
Sweets with a heady coffee aroma
Classic recipes from celebrity pastry chef Stelios Parliaros...
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02 November, 2011:
There’s a new cheese in town
Cheesecake may be one of the most popular desserts the world over but why not try something different with cheese?...
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15 November, 2011:
Aubergine, the vegetable that refuses to conform
One of the tastiest vegetables -- which is actually a fruit -- Solanum melongena, commonly known as eggplants or aubergines ...
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31 October, 2011:
Stuffed tomatoes with a difference
Delicious, new takes on ‘domates gemistes’ ...
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25 October, 2011:
Stuff it: Three meaty zucchini combos
Three chefs suggest variations on a tried and true theme in most Greek kitchens, based on zucchini, minced meat, onion, rice, herbs, eggs and lemon juice. ...
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24 October, 2011:
Moussaka - Classic Greek Moussaka with Eggplant
Moussaka is a casserole made by layering eggplant with a spiced meat filling then topping it off with a creamy bechamel sauce that is baked to golden perfection....
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24 October, 2011:
Greek Salad Recipe
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20 October, 2011:
Broiled Greek Fish
"Olives, onion, dill and feta cheese combine in this tangy, Greek-inspired topping to boost the flavor of tilapia or your favorite whitefish. I usually serve it with a side of rice." --Jennifer Maslowski of New York, New York ...
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31 October, 2011:
Beef Stew with Orzo Pasta - Youvetsi
The meat is cooked in a rich tomato sauce together with orzo pasta and finished with a heap of grated Kefalotyri cheese on top....
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17 October, 2011:
Guide to getting the best out of beef fillet
Most of the beef sold in Greece is imported, though some animals are bred abroad and raised here. Most beef fillet sold on the local market is from France, but it also comes from Argentina, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, usually imported fresh and vacuum-packed....
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13 October, 2011:
Beef Casserole with Onions
Almost slowfood....
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03 October, 2011:
Greek Meat Loaves Recipe
Flavored with sun-dried tomatoes and Greek olives, this twist on traditional meat loaf will be a hit, especially when served with a Greek salad and crusty bread....
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02 November, 2011:
The perfect antidote to festive excesses
It’s time for some warm salads to help those of us who have overindulged in too many heavy Christmas meals to lighten up...
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12 September, 2011:
Greek Pasta and Beef Recipe
This delightfully different casserole gives everyday macaroni and cheese an international flavor. A co-worker who's a pro at Greek cooking shared the recipe years ago. It brings raves whenever I serve it. -Dorothy Bateman, Carver, Massachusetts...
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31 October, 2011:
Striped bream -- tasty tiger of the Aegean Sea
One of the tastiest fish in the Aegean, the striped sea bream (“mourmoura” or “vasilopsaro” in Greek) is gray-silver in color with a dark spine, as well as 12-15 thin vertical stripes along its sides that has given it the nickname of sea tiger....
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23 September, 2011:
Striped bream -- tasty tiger of the Aegean Sea
Grill or fry up this delicious fish for guests and earn instant culinary acclaim...
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08 September, 2011:
Pomegranate & za’atar lamb ribs with fattoush salad
This wonderful recipe comes from food and travel writer Bethany Kehdy, who is passionate about promoting Lebanese culture and cuisine to the world....
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06 September, 2011:
Grevena mushrooms, a sweet treat
Approximately 5,000-6,000 varieties of mushrooms grow in Greece....
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27 August, 2011:
Galeos fish is worth the extra euros
Look carefully at the fishmonger’s, because its poor relations are not nearly as tasty...
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18 August, 2011:
Pasta and tomato: The perfect match
Pasta and tomatoes go hand in hand and can be creatively complemented by fresh herbs. ...
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16 August, 2011:
Lazy stuffed meatballs Ingredients (serves 4)
Try “lazy” stuffed meatballs by Niki Chrysanthidou-Parliarou....
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09 August, 2011:
Piquant Lobster
A sponge-divers’ recipe from Fotini-Chloe Attiti’s ‘Traditional Flavours’ Symi cookbook....
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24 October, 2011:
Pasta and tomato: The perfect match
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26 July, 2011:
Melding the flavours of East and West
From wine to spice...
17 July, 2011:
Greek lamb with potatoes & olives
Entertain the easy way with this quick-to-prepare rustic one-pot - just serve with crusty bread...
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19 July, 2011:
Filling the yoghurt niche
Sofia Zournatzidi-Taylor and her husband David Taylor opened the new-concept yoghurt bar in April this year....
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13 July, 2011:
The ultimate greek salad
made for languorous picking...
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08 July, 2011:
Fish, seafood and fresh salads
Fish are one of the lightest, tastiest and most nutritious of foods and here we provide some ideas on how to liven up an ordinary meal....
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30 June, 2011:
Seafood: Mussels with Feta Cheese
You may not choose to eat mussels often, but here's a classic Greek recipe that we hope will convince you to do otherwise....
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28 June, 2011:
Grilled Lamb Chops with Ladolemono
Contributed by Michael Psilakis...
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23 June, 2011:
For a healthy diet, opt for lighter meat dishes
Choose white over red, and remove the fat...
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20 June, 2011:
Spice up your life
THE WORD elixir conjures images of a wizened apothecary creating magic potions for eternal youth or some such medicine. ...
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17 June, 2011:
Red mullet and skordalia
Skordalia is essentially a garlicky, tangy sauce or paste. ...
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15 June, 2011:
Greek Recipe-Squid in Basil and Tomato Sauce
Worshipping Basil...
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10 June, 2011:
Make the most of roasts and sauces with thyme
The oldest-known therapeutic herb also works miracles in the kitchen...
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10 June, 2011:
Pretty, tasty and light in pink
Fagri, or sea bream, is one of the most delicious fish for the summer table ...
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31 October, 2011:
Spicy chicken rissoles for tasty, low-cal meals
These two recipes by Nena Ismyrnoglou are imaginative variations on traditional meatballs –- known in Greek as “keftedakia” (the smaller, usually fried, meatballs, which are baked in this recipe) and “biftekia” -- the larger grilled version...
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08 June, 2011:
Rethymno Wine Festival
For the second consecutive year, the Rethymno Wine Festival opens its gates....
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09 June, 2011:
Greek flavors
Greek cuisine has not changed all that much since ancient times....
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07 June, 2011:
Saligaria with fava of Santorini & apaki
The following recipe is by Ilias Skoulas, a snail producer who has impressed the market with his Fereikos Gefsis packaged snail products, available both with and without the shell at the Pantopoleion tis Mesogeiakis Diatrofis....
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07 June, 2011:
Saligaria with fava of Santorini & apaki
The following recipe is by Ilias Skoulas, a snail producer who has impressed the market with his Fereikos Gefsis packaged snail products, available both with and without the shell at the Pantopoleion tis Mesogeiakis Diatrofis....
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01 June, 2011:
Veal Stew With Onions
Nice recipe...
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23 May, 2011:
For octopus, trust your senses
Your nose is your best ally in buying octopus -- if it’s even slightly off, you’ll know about it....
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25 May, 2011:
Greek Ek Mek Sweet
It's also very light and is often accompanied by ice cream. You will need kataifi phyllo and mastic to make it - if it is difficult for you to obtain where you live, then there are a couple of links at the bottom of this post where you can order them on the internet. You will then need to crush the ...
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17 May, 2011:
Sweets that won’t pile on the kilos
These two recipes by Stelios Parliaros are low in calories and high in flavor; one calls for raisins and light anthotyro cheese, the other wholemeal flour and carrots. Sugar, of course, is present – but they are sweets, after all....
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13 May, 2011:
'Open Cellars'
The "Open Cellars" Wine Festival will be held this weekend in Northern Greece, with the wineries of the "Northern Greece Wine Roads" opening their doors to the public from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday....
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06 May, 2011:
What did the ancients eat?
How has the diet in the region changed since Byzantine times?...
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15 April, 2011:
Kokoretsi, the heart of the Easter menu
Together with roast lamb and red dyed eggs, “kokoretsi” -- a roll of lamb’s offal wrapped in the intestines and roasted on a spit beside the lamb -- completes the basic Greek Orthodox Easter menu triad....
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05 April, 2011:
Star Chef Recalls the Humble Cretan Tastes of his Childhood
Twenty liters of olive oil a day may seem too much for the average cook, but for Cretan-born Yiannis Tsivourakis it’s the usual quantity of oil he uses daily in his kitchen. You could say he has a special affinity for the ingredient....
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01 March, 2011:
Food preparation tips
Many Greek recipes call for the traditional combination of olive oil and lemon juice added just before serving. The combination - mixed or separate - is simple, healthy, and delicious. ...
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25 May, 2012:
"Greek Keftedes with Chef OH" (Orestis Hillas)
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15 November, 2011:
Grapefruit isn’t just for breakfast
Rich in vitamins A, B and C, this bitter fruit is a low-cal favorite for those on diets but needs to be consumed cautiously as it has been shown to counteract the effects of some medications....
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