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The sculpture language of Yannis Koutsouradis

The Hellenic sea, the magical-metaphysical light of the Aegean Sea as it emerges out of the depths of the marine element - the spirit that bears visions in the horizon just where sea and sky meet, appear magnificently through the works at the exhibition at ΑDΑΜ Galleries in Athens.

Conchs, shells, marine representations, archetypes dressed in the bearing of a Cycladic finding, the speed and rhythm of a wave flutter, the simple form of a sea pebble, the mysterious-metaphysical presence of a sea-moulded element-spirit inspiring creations of endless in ingenuity solutions by Yannis Koutsouradis; Solutions teaching us how to see, to experience, to feel instinctively, familiarizing us with the inspiring breeze of the Hellenic sea and especially of the Aegean. Breeze reflected in the liquid as well as in the solid element, insistently reminding us each time of its tran - substantiating strength.

(*) Dr Dora Iliopoulou – Rogan, is an Art Historian and a Critic. She has written extensively, and has published
articles at the Greek and foreign press.

English translation by the writer / town planning designer Dimitri Spilios

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Yannis Koutsouradis The sculpture language of Yannis Koutsouradis
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