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The International Fair of Thessalonica, with the historical continuity and the role that played during eight decades, constitutes undeniably the national fair pylon of the country.

It engraves a policy that has as unique protractor the support and promotion of the Greek production and business dexterity and through that the growth of national economy, so much at national level as at international.

To this direction it sometimes acts autonomously and others in collaboration with other institutions.

Having covered a long period, either with the old form of the single company Helexpo - TIF, or with the form that acquired after the split, TIF has been rendered a report point for Thessalonica. Its role in economic, social and cultural growth of the city and the wider region also, is big and recognized.

Our objective, as the new administration, is to form a modern and functional institution, with no weaknesses and suspense from the past, capable of effective functioning in the current extremely competitive environment.

For this aim, we are developing the new technologies, we are adopting modern methods of marketing and we are improving the level of knowledge of our executives. At the same time we are being found in a permanent searching for new markets and sectors for the planning and growth of our activity.

The purely exhibitional part of our activities has a field of application, so much in the domestic market as in the markets of abroad.

Greeting from the Chairman of TIF Mr.Dimitrios Mpakatselos

Point of report for Thessaloniki constitutes the Thessaloniki International Fair, having sealed the city’s identity for a historical time of eight decades. From 1925 TIF was identified with the economical expansion of Thessaloniki as an ethnical trade pylon of the country, developing however at the same time a very powerful cultural role.

In the present day TIF is called to function in an extremely competitive environment. The administration of the company from the first moment of its undertaking duties shaped into a modern and functional institution, with private economy criteria, that might keep pace with rapid development in the international exhibition scene, while developing new action in exceeding time. To this direction, it develops new technologies; adopting modern methods of marketing while improving the level of knowledge of her executives, being at the same time in permanent seek of new markets and sectors for further enrichment of her exhibition portfolio.

The purely exhibition scale of TIF’s action has fields of applications so much in domestic markets as much as of markets abroad. The country’s interior organizes three regional fairs those being “Trace”, “Crete” and “Energon”. The first two fairs have been established in the conscience of local enterprising communities and contribute in the promotion of local production, bringing in contact so much with enterprises from all of Greece, as well as with representatives from international markets. The “Energon” fair on the other hand, constitutes as the most recent exhibition initiative of TIF, focusing in energy subjects; being organized in Thrace, reflecting the rapid energy developments of its region as well as the whole country.

Corresponding to the existing regional exhibition action and the creativity of young citizens, TIF has undertaken the growth of network regional exhibition, as well as congress centers throughout Greece aspiring to the modernization of exhibiting infrastructures of its region.

Out of boundaries, the policy that is followed has a protractor presence of the company in markets that present interest for Greek enterprises. Beyond the traditional Balkan markets however, which TIF is conscious of due to its yearly attendance and participation, in her exhibition agenda every year it appends new countries, among a few that of Western Europe “Alimentaria” Food & Beverage, taking place in Portugal and Spain.

Apart from her exhibition and economic role, TIF develops intense cultural activity. At the past the company had the responsibility of organizing the Greek Song Festival, an institution that was interrupted but at the time of its taking place, for many years offered for many young upcoming artists the opportunity to emerge and be presented. Towards the end of 2004, TIF and ERT advanced in the resurgence of the institution, which with its new form, got the warm recognition and welcome from the artists as well as the public. TIF also organizes the “National Music Days” while it participates in the institution of the “Film Festival of Thessaloniki”
The company will continue to come into view and support the Greek economy and the enterprising activity, as well as the Greek culture, making worthwhile its valuable expertise and accumulated occurrence of her executives.

The composition of the Administrative Council has as follows :

*Dimitrios Bakatselos of Apostle, Chairman of the Board
* Athina (Nana) Aidona - Athanasiadou of Efstathios, Member of the Board
* Pennelope Ralli of Dimitrios, Member of the Board
* Ioannis Stavrou of George, Member of the Board
* Stayros Zaharelis of Vasilios, Member of the Board
* Emmanouil Vlahogiannis of Menelaos, Member of the Board
* Mattheos Afentoulidis of Ilias, Member of the Board
* George Tsentos of Konstantinos, Member of the Board
* Kyriakos Pozrikidis of Aristidis, General Manager and Executive Member of the Board

Background - Actions

The Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) was founded in 1925 and the first exhibition event took place in 1926.

It has Exhibition facilities in Thessaloniki and in Athens.

Thessaloniki’s facilities (Offices of Administration, covered and over drafted exhibition spaces, Parking etc) are found in the center of city and cover a surface 180.000 sq.m., while the Exhibition and Congress center of Athens can be found in Marousi at the Olympic Games institutions. It covers a surface of 21.500 sq.m. ,the 14.500 sq.m. of them are exhibition spaces.

TIF is the official governmental exhibition and congress institution, as well as a state councilor on issues of Exhibition and Congress policy.

For many decades TIF has given the chance to businessmen, constructors, tradesmen, representatives, salesmen, exhibitors, visitors and others to communicate, cooperate and nobly rival simultaneously , contributing in the forcing of their bonds, bonds not only in an individual level but also in a governmental one (specifically in countries neighboring with Greece).

Provided with experience of tens of years but also of thousands of exhibition events, congress and cultural, TIF is undeniably the official National Exhibition and Congress institution. It had always managed with the needs in time, and its philosophy is continuously topical and keeps pace with the economic or political changes that happen with terribly fast rhythms.

Nowadays TIF organizes fairs inside but also outside Greece, as well as Congresses and all nature cultural events of international scope.


The Company’s intentions have as follow :

* The responsibility of organizing the Annual Thessaloniki International Fair
* The organization of regional fairs as well as fairs taking place outside Greece
* The organization of congresses and cultural events
* The management and exploitation of her fortune and her radio station
* The revision of advice in the state of her exhibition policy

The revision with regard to the exhibition activity of her country
* The growth and constriction of her economic relations and friendly bonds within populations
* The projection of general Greek production
* The projection of Greek tourism
* The assistance of Greek producers and industrials within their effort of improving their productions, projection and distribution of their products, as well as the increase in number of their sales and exports.
* Among our company’s intentions are the actions and transactions that constitute the materialization of the paragraph 2 above of the present article.

The selection of means that service the aim of the Company belong to the Administrative Counsil. No administrative action, manage or disposal is excluded from this mean, which Is recognized as an aim.

For the beneficial company service, the company tends after the decision of the Administrative Council, to found subsidiary companies and agencies, inside and outside Greece in referral to acquired real estate.

The most important historical factors in Thessaloniki

When the king Kassandros of Macedonia founded Thessaloniki in 315 B.C. in the regional ancient suburb of Thermi, he chose to name it, after a very important person in his life, his spouse, and half sister of Great Alexandros. Thus began the history of a city that attracted international interest for more than 4.000 years.

Thessaloniki gains soon to be, the fame of “Mother of Macedonia” and takes over the nodal cloak of being the commercial center with connections to all ports of eastern regions developing at the same time a separate cultural identity.

In 279 B.C. it becomes the Roman capital of the Macedonia province, a “liberated city” at the duration of Roman season, uniting the east with the west through the Egnatia highway, which contributes catalytically in the growth of her prosperity.

At 50 a.c Apostle Pavlos visits Thessaloniki and founds the second Christian Church in the European continent that prepared and dispatched the eminent letters to the “people of Thessaloniki” who are considered up to date to the most important factors of Christian Faith. In the structure of the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki conquers the role of the second pole after Constantinople. This role bequeaths to her a Byzantine character that is maintained up until today, being the city with the most Byzantine monuments from any other. Her artistic, intellectual and religious influence affects catalytically the Balkan population.

The common capital of Byzantine Empire, the cradle of Christian Faith and Greek culture, changes Thessaloniki in to the “eye of Europe and particularly of Greece”.

During 1430a.c it is taken over by the Turks of Mourat the second, and thousands of Thessaloniki citizens are slaughtered or driven to slave markets. Despite the intensity of the Turkish incision, Thessaloniki manages to maintain its ethical, moral and ethnical strength that it had inherited from her historical culture. Following the persecutions of Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain, thousands of Jews resort to Thessaloniki in 1492 and become cultural economic institutions expanding growth for the city.

In 1912 Thessaloniki is released by the Greek army, the day of feast of her protector, St. Dimitrios, and soon enters a new development orbit. In the passage of years it continued to accept blows that however shield her even in more. In 1917, a large fire demolishes the center of the city leaving behind incalculable damage and thousands of homeless citizens.

A few years later, in 1925, the International Trade Fair is founded in the city, as well as the University of Thessaloniki that symbolize her developmental course. In 1966 Thessaloniki is revived by the feast of St. Dimitrios, while in 1978 a powerful earthquake convulses the city bringing down catastrophic consequences. A very important station in the historical contribution of Thessaloniki constitutes in 1997, when it is being nominated as a cultural capital of Europe and is called to give a sample of her rich cultural heritage.

 A tour in the city reveals at first glance her historical past, the fortification of the city with its 6 towers, where the White Tower is on first plan, strongly symbolizing Thessaloniki and all of its rich historical culture.

Contemporary Thessaloniki is a city very open and ready to satisfy even her most exigent visitors. A city that beyond her historical identity remaining alive, adapted in the modern tendencies, with the shuddering existence personalized by the thousand of young individuals attending the two University Institutions.

Thessaloniki International Fair
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