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Our aim is always to work on local products and create new, interesting and tasteful dishes and ideas.


We opened 'Selene' restaurant in 1986 in Fira, Santorini. Our aim was from the very start, to show and promote the local products along with the local cuisine hoping that this will enable us to transmit to our guests a taste of the island's culture. The success that we have had all those years not only within Greece but also worldwide, has encouraged us to continue with cooking lessons, catering for weddings and conferences and various gastronomical events. 

Since 2010 'Selene' restaurant has moved location from Fira to Pyrgos. Pyrgos is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of Santorini built around a medieval castle located in one of the highest points of the island offering magnificent views. What is mostly important for us however is that Pyrgos village, and the restaurant's location especially, lies next to the famous vineyards and the valuable farmland of Santorini.

This whole move and the experience gained from all those years, urged us to establish along with the restaurant a new space which operates as a wine bar and delicatessen as well as a café-patisserie.


There, our guests will have the chance to taste a variety of Santorini and Greek wines and choose from a simple/traditional food menu. In 2011 will also be organizing a variety of events, such as presentation/tastings of Santorini wines and products along with our well-known cooking courses. What is more, the new site includes also the folklore museum of Drosos-Chrysos ( so that our guests will have the chance to make associations of the past and the present gastronomic culture of the island. The restaurant upstairs continues in the same path, as it has done the last 26 years, Konstantina Faklari will remain as Chef and there will be some small creative changes in the menu.

Our aim is always to work on local products and create new, interesting and tasteful dishes and ideas. We want to thank you all for supporting us all this time and we are waiting for you to celebrate 25 years of Selene restaurant in our new location, in Pyrgos.



Cooking Courses

In Selene restaurant we have been offering cooking courses the last 10 years. We know that each one's interests and tastes vary, so this year we have three choices available for you:


Duration: 4 - 4.30 hours, starting at 10.30 am
Minimum no. of persons: 6, maximum no. of persons: 14
Price: 130€ per person, without lunch: 75€ per person

Every Thursday at 10.30 a.m. we welcome you at Selene Restaurant with fresh juice, coffee and traditional Greek cookies.
Yiorgos Hatziyannakis and Georgia Tsara give an introductory lecture to the cuisine of the Cycladic Islands and particularly of Santorini, as well as, to the unique local products of our island. The volcanic eruption that took place in the island of Santorini almost 3500 years ago left the dramatic caldera that you see today. With more than 300 days of sunshine and its rich volcanic soil, the island yields a bounty of unusual indigenous herbs and vegetables. White eggplant, capers and caper leaves, fava (small yellow peas), exquisite baby tomatoes - all grown virtually without water.
We will also present you cheeses and sausages from several other Cycladic islands, including Naxos, Siros, Ios and Tinos, brought especially for this occasion. At about 12.00 the presentation and the demonstration of four different recipes will take place:  

- Fava with seafood and mastic sap
- Cold tomato soup with cheese ice cream
- Lamb with white eggplant
- 'Melitinia' (traditional cheese dessert) with tomato and caper spoon dessert 

After we have prepared the dishes, at about 2.00 p.m. you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours accompanied by bottle of delicious wines from Santorini which will be presented to you.
Please note that except Thursdays the course is available any other day of the week as a private function from 2 to 6 people for the price of 150 euros per person.

Duration: 3 hours approximately
Minimum no. of persons: 6, maximum no. of persons:14
Price: 90€ per person

Santorini is famous world wide as one of the most ancient vineyards. There are indigenous grape varieties that challenge our tasting pallet. If you are interested about wine, this wine tasting workshop will fulfil your thirst for knowledge. Every Tuesday Yiorgos Hatzigiannakis and Georgia Tsara offer you a 3 hour wine tasting workshop accompanied by 6 course menu.
The wines which are introduced to you are a good sample of the majority of Santorini wine producers. Except the description and tasting of 5 different wines, you will be able to get plenty of information about the history of Santorini wine and the methods and techniques of wine producers plus some details about the unique way of viticulture.

Wine Tasting
'Santorini' aperitif wine2009
'Santorini' white wine 2009
'Santorini' aged white wine
'Santorini' red wine
Vinsanto Dessert wine
Menu Degustation 
Octopus carpaccio with Santorini zucchini salad 
Traditional pasta with crayfish
Sea bass with fava creme
Cold tomato soup with cheese ice cream
Lamb with white eggplant
Cheese mousse with tomato and caper comfit, 'chloro' cheese in vinsanto 

Three-day cooking course

This course is only possible under special arrangement and it is for groups only. 

Day 1
Meeting in 'Selene' restaurant in the morning, welcome with Greek coffee, melitinia, juice etc. Information on the island's gastronomy and history. Presentation and tasting of local products. At noon we visit a taverna where we will be presenting local recipes and hand them out. This will be followed by lunch with the dishes we have prepared. In the afternoon we will visit Sigala's winery (in Oia) and then visit Oia village for the sunset etc. and dinner. 

Day 2
Excursion on a boat, picking up the nets, swimming. Preparation of fish recipes on the boat or in a taverna on the coast and lunch including the fish we have prepared. Afternoon, sunset in 'Selene' restaurant with a presentation and tasting of cheeses and meats from Cyclades.

Day 3
Visit to the Prehistoric Museum and after to local producers and wineries. In the afternoon demonstration of contemporary creative Santorini cuisine in 'Selene restaurant' followed by dinner (gala) with the dishes we have demonstrated.    

Please note that there is the possibility of adding an extra day or replace the 2nd day with an excursion in Ios island where we  can visit a local cheese dairy, the beekeepers and taste the honey, as well as, visit and taste the cheese in the new cooperative  cheese dairy (this is where the niotiko cheese is produced).
These can be followed by a meal in a taverna and return the same day.
An approximate cost of the presentation and meals (including wine) in Selene restaurant, in the taverna and in the boat would be 320 Euro per person.
This excludes the cost for hotels, transportation and visit to the wineries.




Since 2008 "Selene" restaurant has the exclusive use of PM Nomikos Conference Center for wedding dinners & parties. The Conference Center is ideally located in a magnificent spot of Fira town overlooking the caldera. The wedding ceremony or dinner can take place in different terraces and levels according to the number of guests.

We also cater in a variety of places in Santorini like wineries, the old tomato factory etc.






Selene Restaurant
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