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Royal Estate, constitutes a pioneer presence in the market of the real estate agencies transactions in Greece. Surpassing the image of the real estate agencies of the past and bringing forth the reliability, the methodical organisation and the effectiveness as its basic qualifications, together with the politeness and amicability that distinguish it, Royal Estate always manages to produce innovations and to form, in that way, a new reality which constitutes a guarantee for our customers.

Our agency is represented by the most capable executives, well experienced in the transactions of real estates but also in the rest domains of immovable property as it is represented by experts that can cover all the fields of the market. The executives of our agency, attending seminars and being continuously educated, are getting informed straightway for the exchange movements that are in effect every moment and facilitate the procedure, indicating all the critical details concerning the condition of the market. Moreover, the Engineers of our agency, with their experience and their knowledge, can value with objectivity a real estate but, they can also offer their specialised services by giving urban-planning advices, holding Expertises- Measurements - Imprinting of Real estates, or even completing licences and studies.

The agency also collaborates with banks and insurance organisations and it can offer services concerning the issue of housing loans, with the most favourable terms of bank rates of interest and paying-off for the buyers, and insurance programs that concern the loans themselves and the insurance cover of the real estates.

Royal Estate, expanding and developing the up to the moment static form of transactions of real estates in Greece, enters dynamically in the network, by activating and offering all of its services through its web site. With this pioneering way, we link buyers and salesmen all over the world, with the wide base of data that we have created and continuously develop.

We hope that apart from your visit in our web site, we will have the opportunity to get to know you personally, as we believe in the dynamic value of the personal relations and cooperation.


Royal Estate services are extended to the following domains:

  • Real Estate Domain
  • Real estate and Enterprises market-sale-lease.
  • Exchange of plots.
  • Estimates of Real estates by Real estate Consultants and Engineers
  • Merchandising - Promotion of Immovable Property and Enterprises.
  • Management-exploitation-expertise –Measurements of Real estates.
  • Advices and Dealings for editing a loan.
  • Insurance Advices.
  • Financing Advices.
  • Legal Cover and support
  • Tax support (payment of taxes etc)
  • Technical and Constructive Domain
  • We undertake the issue of your Building license
  • Studies - Supervision of constructions
  • Urban-planning advices
  • Architectural Pioneering design
  • Internet Domain
  • Promotion - advertising

Royal Estate Property Services
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Royal Estate Property Services
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