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Catagories: Ingredients, Culinair
Area: Attica, Athens
In the words of the poet, Greece consists of a boat, a vine and an olive tree.
It is thus no coincidence that Lefteris Lazarou, the Greek chef creates his poetry in the kitchen with the products of the sea, the vine and the olive tree.

Varoulko, pioneered in offering seafood prepared directly from any other restaurant, not limiting its offering to the classic Greek fish on the grill, but opening the floodgates to a whole new style of cooking, where the fruits of the sea starred in many unusual, creative dishes.
At the same time it also rediscovered the use of humble product of the Greek earth in the kitchen and redeveloped forgotten� traditional recipes

Lefleris tries to match his food creations with a big variety of Greek wines produced in different part of the country. Over the years Varoulko offered a stage to local wine producers to show the quality of Greek wines and the uniqueness of some indigenous grape varieties.

Homer referred to olive oil as the gold of the Greek earth. Lefteris finishes every dish of his with a golden green signature from "Gαeα" extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin olive oil should be added once the food has been served on the plate in order to relinquish all the rich aromas and the taste of the oil.

The movement of the hand of the Chef over the plate with the olive oil bottle resembles that of a master painter with his brush over the canvas.


One of the top, if not the utmost distinction for a restaurant is to be starred by Michelin, as well as to register on this popular Guide.

"Varoulko" opened 17 years ago and has been awarded since February 2002. It is immiscibly a Greek restaurant (Greek cuisine) offering exclusively sea products that are attributes of Greece.

Chef Lefteris Lazarou, founder and co-owner of the restaurant, is in charge along with Nikos Douvanas.

From the opening (1987) Varoulko restaurant, created high faculty of gastronomy with courses of fish cooking. Varoulko 17 years now, is playing a leading part in the establishment of Greek gastronomy cooking.

At the same time Lefteris Lazarou chef-owner of Varoulko , runs the best show in town with traditional recipes that were lost in the depth of time.


Menu 1 :

Veloute of fish with squid ink, asparagus and juicy grouper chunks

Shrimp and Fennel Cool Summer Soup

Carpaccio of sea bass, marinated with Gaea extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Carpaccio of guilt - head bream with citrus juice and Gaea extra virgin olive ill

Marinated sea bream with cracked black pepper, Gaea extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Smoked Swordfish

Marinated fried anchovies on a bed of creamed roe

Stuffed red mullet served on a bed of smoked eggplant mousse

Crayfish dolmas, wrapped with sorrel leaves

Shrimp scampi with Gaea extra virgin olive oil garlic, lemon and parsley

Champagne Shrimp with mushrooms and green peppers

Shrimp and wild Rice Pilaf in a sweet wine sauce

Steamed crayfish with Gaea extra virgin olive oil, garlic and wine

Fried fresh squid with tomato pesto and rice

Fried fresh squid with basil pesto over a nest of home made Greek fries.

Menu 2 :

Crisp fried squid tentacles served with a small green salad

Cuttlefish and green bean melange cooked with squid ink, onions and Gaea extra virgin olive oil

Cuttlefish risotto with caramelized garlic and bayleaf

Sea urchin Risotto

Octopus braised with sweet maurodaphne wine, served with a trahana mousse

Sun-dried Roasted Octopus

Shrimp and vegetable beggars Purses

Homemade savory pie filled with wildgreens, crayfish and nigella

Grouper and wildgreens braised with egg-lemon sauce

Red snapper with black truffle and eggplant mousse

Fillet of sole with wild rice, lemon and fresh marjoram

Juicy grouper chunks in a rich tomatoes and carrots sauce and onion rings

Oven-roasted fresh fish of the day


The wines :

The wine list comprises over 140 selections from Greece and from regions worldwide that are stored best in a special small room ("walk in").

The sommelier and his assistant enhance deservingly the fine service that is provided by the restaurant.


"Varoulko" offers a greek cuisine style organized by a greek chef with a wide variety of options from around the world.

Chef Lefteris Lazarou has mainly set the fashion of seafood cuisine in Athens.

Through his evolvement he managed to develop his craft into a creative feast of delicacy resulting in excellent deliciousness, full of lively imagination and inspiration: that is "Varoulko�s" cuisine, the personal creation of Lefteris Lazarou.

The sign on the elegant aqua catalogue represents a boat, a vineyard and an olive tree referring to Greece.
The catalogue features all chef's suggestions as well as "Varoulko�s" main menu.

Interesting daily dishes complete the masterpiece with products from "Mother Sea".


We are open daily in the evening from 20:30. Closed Sunday

Address : 80 Piraeus Str. (next to Hridanos hotel )

Accepted credit card:
Master Card, Visa, American Express, Diners





Restaurant varoulko
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