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Welcome to Techniki Anelixi, Builder in Crete

Property Experts-Real Estate is the Commercial department of Techniki Anelixi (Crete property Development) and distributes the properties constructed by Techniki Anelixi. Crete property Experts Established in Crete, in Rethymnon, the Company Techniki Anelixi is specialized in the construction of high standard buildings and new build apartments ready to leave and now we gives to the European citizens the possibility of acquiring their residence of dream in Crete.

If you too, plan to buy in Crete, the villa of your dream, like a stones villa, house with garden, villa equipped with a swimming pool, an apartment, a village house, a town house for your holidays, your retirement or simply for one to carry out an interesting real investment, to entrust to us your ideas and we will help you to realize them.
The purchase of a property in Crete will be one of the most enchanting experience of your life, and we will be always with your in each stage of the buying procedures.
From the moment than you will be in contact with our offices we guarantee that you will receive the best councils for the buying of you house. We will help you in the choice of your property and its site.
Do you want that your house is close to a beach, mountains, or close to a course of golf? To seek to you do an apartment downtown or a house in the countryside or you have the budget necessary for a private villa ? Do you prefer to live in a modern house or of traditional style?
Complementarily with this activity, Texniki Anelixi and our Commercial department Property Experts will seek our property portfolio (town houses, villas, apartments, stone houses, village houses ) which will be appropriate to you.
Texniki Anelixi with 35 years experience in construction will determine with precision your dreams with the assistance of our experienced personnel.
We make more than simply to sale houses. We ensure to the future owners of residences and the investors, a effective follow-up and a after sale service.
Your one-stop source for Crete property for sale, crete real estate, crete apartment and more.

Crete Real Estate Company in Greece

TECHNIKI ANELIXI S.A. is a construction and a real estate developer company located in the city of Rethymnon, Crete. Our company is proud to be one of the top five property developers at Crete. It was founded by Mr. Eleftherios Sxoinas, President, and Mr. Manolis Fradellos, Vice-President, both of them distinguished engineers and businessmen with over 35 years of experience.

TECHNIKI ANELIXI S.A initiated to operate in 2003 and has a total capital investment of approximately € 16,000,000. It was born from the synergistic mixture of a number of subsidiary companies of the construction and the tourist sector. This financial and corporative integration was carried out in order to cope with the exponential growth of the demand in the constructions sector as well as in the tourist sector in Crete. These subsidiaries are the following:

1. LATOM-TECHNOBETON: Concrete and building materials industry

2. TECHNODOMI: Civil engineering consultant and public works constructor

3. TEXAK: Residence Development & Construction

4. AKROLITHOS: Building Materials

5. ENOSIS ENERGY: Renewable Energy Resources

6. MARE MONTE BEACH: Onshore hotel unit in Georgioupolis area

7. KOURNAS Village: Onshore hotel unit in Georgioupolis area

8. SUMMER DREAMS: Hotel - Apartments in Rethymnon beach

9. ARSINOE: Property development Project

TECHNIKI ANELIXI S.A. services include the identification and acquisition of plots, pre-development and construction of residential and leisure properties outside the city area, as well as, large building complexes for professional or housing use within the urban area. Our company specializes also in old edifice restoration and renovation. Moreover, we develop and manage deluxe hotel units.

Since now we have delivered more than 25,000m2 to our clients, while the total building area of our current projects that are under construction covers approximately 30,000m2. Finally, the total building capacity of the land possessed by the company is estimated to be more than 100,000 m2.

Since 2003, when the company initiated to operate, we have realized sales of € 6,817,133. In 2007, the total amount of sales was € 1,785,680.

Our company employs over 100 persons and has its own manufacturing team which is equipped with the most modern gear and knowledge.

The use of modern technology and the respect to our region’s unique housing tradition are the elements that have made us what we are today. The major ingredient that distinguishes us from our rivals and the reason why our clients choose us is that we offer an exclusive high quality product which satisfies even the most demanding residential needs. Furthermore, our professional conduct simplifies the buying procedure. It begins from the first contact with the customer, the clearing up of every issue which always leads to the best choice, the legal and financial support and the after sales assistance. TECHNIKI ANELIXI S.A. has a strong and capable team of talented individuals that can quickly provide the best proposals for each individual separately. Because of our size, experience and liquidity, our clients can be assured that they will buy a residence in the most beautiful locations, near to all the necessary infrastructures, accompanied with modern amenities and with construction quality so that they can be free to focus on the enjoyment of their property.

Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which TECHNIKI ANELIXI S.A has built its reputation.

People that invest in our properties come mainly from Greece and the Western European countries such as the U.K., Germany, Austria, France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Other markets are the U.S. and the East European market.
To acquire a title a property the following steps ought to be taken:

1. The purchaser must approach a lawyer of good repute and ask him/her to search the titles at the Registry of Mortgages and represent you to the Public Notary where the contract deed will be signed. The purchaser's lawyer must carry out his/her search at the Registry of Mortgages and ensure that the vendor holds an absolute Title Deed to the property is unencumbered, that all acts associated with the construction of the property are based on a lawful planning permission and that all obligatory property taxes burdening the vendor have been paid.

2.The purchaser must secure copies of the Title (Title Deed ) held by the vendor. This is usually carried out through his/her lawyer.

3. The purchaser or the vendor must appoint a Public Notary in the presence of whom the contract deed is to be signed thereby becoming an official transaction whereby the purchaser acquires the title to the property purchased.

4. The purchaser must apply for and secure a Tax Registry Number (AFM or ΑΦΜ) from the Inland Revenue Service.

5. The purchaser must make sure that the Transfer Tax is paid prior to signing the contract with the aid of his/her lawyer. The purchaser pays the Transfer Tax.

6. The Title Deed must be transferred at the Registry of Mortgages and the relevant official certificates secured. The purchaser’s lawyer usually carries this out.

7. If the property has already been registered under the National Land Registry the purchaser must submit a copy of the contract deed together with the transfer certificate from the Registry of Mortgages, so that the property ‘’ll be properly registered in his/her name.
You can estimate about one month to have the contract and deed ready. The sales documents for signing are all in Greek, which can be translated into English.

NOTICE: When buying built property, which is at its early stages of construction or off plan, to sign a Private Agreement (Pre Contract) laying out the terms of the sale and for the official contract to be signed later on. This Private Agreement is binding only as a usual contract and does not provide any party with specific performance rights. Hence, in the event that the contract is breached by either party, the injured party is only entitled to damages


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Property 4 Crete Welcome to Techniki Anelixi, Builder in Crete
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