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Catagories: Islands, Mountain biking, Bike rental
Area: Ionian Islands, Kefalonia
30 years of experience on bicycle

At Argostoli city of the beautiful Kefalonia, you will find us full of determination, in a friendly environment and most of all, with our 30-years old experience on bicycles.

Services: Bicycles | Service | Accessories | Sales/Rent

In our store, you wil find the bicycle that suits your needs !

We co-operate with the largest bicycle companies, and our bicycles is a warranty of quality and appropriateness for everyone that comes to us.

Our advice does not only depend on commercial factors but is friendly as well.

If you want to buy, rent or repair your bicylce, or you simply want our advice, we expect you.

Nothing is occasional, because the Champion of Cycling in Greece Mr. Pantelis Ioannidis takes over bike tours from large travel agencies worldwide and he guarantees the security and convenience of every bike tour group.

For more than 15 years Panbike company develops and creates more and more routes across Greece, than any other company, since experience and knowledge cannot be copied.

Security and Good Service. Every group is comprised of no more than 16 people from over 16 years old. Excellent physical condition is not required since in Panbike we lead our clients through pleasant and relaxing routes.

Routes last from seven (7) to twenty one days (21) depending mainly on the selected region. Distances vary from 46-60 klm daily and last from 4-4:30 hours. We always consider the average speed per hour to be 15-18 klm/hour and the heartbeats of the participants to fluctuate from 90-120 pulses/minute.
Take for granted that Mr. Pantelis Ioannidis leads the group always on bike.

Hand-made bicycles by Mr. Pantelis Ioannidis, are always offered to the clients for experiencing unforgettable routes. Mr. Pantelis Ioannidis with the support of the innovative technology of SHIMANO pays thorough attention to the construction of every single bicycle. Fully equipped

Our bicycles are hand-made one to one by Mr. Pantelis Ioannidis with the support of the innovative technology of SHIMANO for more enjoyable routes.


The collection of the participants
is our duty. We pick up our clients from the airport of "Macedonia" in Thessaloniki, from "Eletherios Venizelos" in Athens and from the airport of Argostoli in Kefallonia. If all the above is inconvenient for you, we can come and pick you up from any other airport you wish.

The accommodation
of your clients to the hotels and apartments we propose is not obligatory for the travel agents. Travel agencies can take care of the accommodation with no restrictions. We make our own proposals in our effort to better serve your clients. We prosper to become our clients in the future aiming to a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Furthermore, a major issue for us is to avoid changing accommodation and we organize the route in a way that minimizes such changes. The latest years we prefer the traditional guesthouses for our clients.

We are responsible and we pay great attention to the nutrition of our clients. We propose them the best traditional restaurants in the area to taste the famous Mediterranean kitchen.

Example: An representative route in Greece

1) From 9:00 am to 13:30 pm
2) Distance: 50 klm
3) Average Speed per hour: 15 klm
4) Heartbeats: from 90 - 130
5) Ages able to participate: over 14 years old and participants should be in good physical condition
6) Height from 1.50 cm - 2.10 cm
7) Maximum allowed speed (in descent: 40 klm (depends on the group)
8) Helmet is obligatory for all riders (provided with the bicycle)
9) Technical support and advice in case anything happens to avoid any misadventure. The entire group has to stop until solution is finding.
10) Head of the group is Mr Pantelis Ioannidis

SHIMANO the original bike components

Being champions for so many years, gave us the knowledge we need in the field of bicycle rentals. Our bicycles are constructed for long and difficult distances and according to the road conditions you meet here.

The equipment they have on, like the special base for the flask, the extra spare parts, the pump, the inner tubes and whatever else you consider important, is always available.

The trailers we have are equipped with special bags which allow you to carry till 50 kilos weight.

For the customer who wants delivery of the rented bicycles in his/her own place (BIKE DELIVERY), we would like to inform us 20 days in advance before your arrival.

Depending on the distances and the days of renting bicycles, the price ranges are from 15 to 25 EURO

Note!!! For booking that there is no need to pay any money before your arrival, and also not have to pay (penalty) in the case of a bicycle rental cancellation.


Panbike Kefalonia 30 years of experience on bicycle
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