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Area: Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki

OASTH is a legal form of private rights, the working capital of which is allocated in approximately 2000 small shareholders. It employs a personnel of 2.400 who move on a daily basis 505 out of the 536 buses of the organization, servicing 150.000.000 passengers per year via 68 bus lines.

General Charachteristics

  • O.A.S.TH. (ORGANIZATION OF URBAN TRANSPORTATION OF THESSALONIKI)is a legal entity with private interest which was founded on 1957 with government decree number 3721/1957 and serves as the public carrier in the province of Thessaloniki assisted with concession agreements (financial concessions) that are signed between the Greek government and O.A.S.TH.
  • O.A.S.TH.’s capital is divided in 415 shares, 346 of which are distributed among 1900 small bus owners, 26 are owned by K.T.E.L., 22 owned by the O.A.S.TH. workers cooperation and 21 owned by the O.A.S.TH. legal entity.
  • O.A.S.TH. has about 2500 employees. Passengers travel in 73 bus routes, using 522 buses of the 600 serviceable buses owned by O.A.S.TH. and carries 180.000.000 passengers per year.
  • O.A.S.TH. is applying a special program for free transportation for handicapped people and on a yearly basis it assists with transport 10.000 handicapped persons (with wheelchairs or other movement impairments) using 3 buses (2 on duty and 1 on stand by) especially designed for such duties.
  • O.A.S.TH. has installed satellite surveillance devices on all busses for their tracking and optimum bus circulation management. This system also informs the passenger on board with audio and visual announcements of the next bus stop as well as display the arrival times on 200 “smart” bus stops.
  • Of the 603 buses O.A.S.TH. owns 329 are standard size (2 axel units), 249 articulated units, 22 small size and 3 especially designed for transportation of handicapped people.

OASTH Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki
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