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We lead the exhibition experience

Our company, New Generation Exhibit and it’s ancestor Cornel Systems Ltd., since the late 80s, have been involved in a number of different trade shows and have, not only construct these trade fairs but also they were responsible for organizing these events. These trade shows were on the local mainly scale but also on the national and international level.


New Generation Exhibit is by your side in every step.

The company New Generation Exhibit was established in 2006 continuing the tradition and the expertise that Cornel Systems LtD. brought in the field of organizing and constructing exhibitions and conferences since the late 1970s. The company is the natural continuance of Cornel Systems and its long reputation. Our company is here to provide its services in the trade show sector and promote solutions through innovative idea that match your criteria for success. A successful business has identified promotion and advertisement as key aspects in its success. This is exactly the target of New Generation Exhibit and its associates, to promote and be responsible for the advertisement of your company through trade shows and of course with the booth construction.



Our experience in the trade show field, our modern and innovative designs as well as our experienced stuff are 24/7 there for you in order to become your most precious and trustworthy partner. We are here for you in every step you take, no matter how difficult the task is, or how much time it needs in order to be achieved. 


Choose New Generation Exhibit as your partner because:


a)      We have solutions on the designing, construction and promotional level that can guarantee an innovative and out of the basket solution for your goods and your company as a whole.

b)      We believe that a good result is highly promoted by the understanding of the actual targets. For that reason we promote the discussion with the client during the whole period of the booth construction or the trade show since our goal is a pleasant, without any sort of anxiety participation of our client in the tradeshow.

c)      Our expeience and organizing mood are only two basic attributes that distinguish us. At the same time, these attributes are capable of giving you solutions no matter the difficulties you encounter and to relief you from details and processes that can consume a large percent of your personal time.

d)     We are able to make your dreams come true and see your expectations be accomplished. Give us the opportunity to design your trade show participation, offering you at the same time the most challenching economic offers in the Greek market.

Some of these events are presented below:


  • Fur Trade Show, (KASTORIA), local scale exhibition for the promotion of fur products, in 1987.
  • Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, (Responsible only for the construction), from 1990 and until 1999.
  • Local Products Exhibition (CHANIA – Crete), local scale exhibition for the promotion of local products, in 1994.
  • Trade Fair for the IAAF World Championship, in the Olympic Stadium, Athens, in 1997.
  • Honey Trade Show, Arcadia, local scale exhibition for the promotion of local products, in 1998.
  • National Dentist Conference and Trade Show, Athens, in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010.
  • Nemea Exhibition (NEMEA), local scale exhibition for the promotion of products associated with wine, 2001 and 2002.
  • ITEA Exhibition (ITEA), local scale exhibition for the promotion of local products, in 2003.
  • MAINALON trade show, Mountain Mainalon, local scale exhibition for the promotion of local products, 2005.


New Generation Exhibit We lead the exhibition experience
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