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Area: Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki
National motor company

GERMAN, SWISS & GREEK technology

State-of-the-art technology delivered on turn-key basis

including overall training and mentoring


The NATIONAL MOTOR COMPANY of Greece (NAMCO-Greece) was restructured in 1973 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has therefore an almost 50 years going-on background and a unique technical continuation from FARCO since 1959 – 50 years of continuous development in the field of PONY® MINI-PLANTS. Or else low-volume production vehicles with a standard module of 30.000 units per year, maximum capacity of a standard PONY® MINI-PLANT.

NAMCO stays in the antipode of the big Automakers production. The production of cars in millions is not NAMCO’s business. The philosophy of the unfortunate huge production of a sea of models already resulted in 2009 to the legendary bankruptcy of the so-called “big”. Their philosophy of robotization and huge production volumes per year and cut-throat competition already belongs to the past. The MINI-PLANT - “lean and mean” – with profitable production using manpower instead of robots. And offering an all-steel multi-purpose PONY® vehicle at unbeatable price to the end-user.


· The showcase for selling also PONY® MINI-PLANTS worldwide utilizing Greek, Swiss and German engineering and R&D co-operation. A vast growth potential of talented people securing also very substantial profitable operations for the shareholders and all stake-holders.

· Specialization in niche markets of the emerging world, in sales of PONY® Complete – Built – Up (CBU) SKD or CKD.

· Allocation of exclusive Manufacturing & Sales Rights, and/or turn-key PONY® MINI PLANTS producing locally, employing largely people and not sophisticated robots. Having locally made all parts of platform and body in abundance and cheap.




NAMCO – National Motor Company - a derivative of FARCO AG, has a constant manufacturing presence in Greece for the last 50 years.

The management of the company is entrusted to young, dynamic professionals from Greece and Germany.

Our main activity is the manufacturing of affordable multipurpose vehicles, such as PONY®, as well as the distribution of other commercial automobiles.

NAMCO's manufacturing plant covers an area of 40.000 m2 out of which 15.000 m2 in production line.

NAMCO exports and distributes vehicles through its own dealer network in 14 countries worldwide. Specifically we mention Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, Libya, F.Y.R.O.M., Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, Italy, India and many other countries in Central Asia and South Africa.


NAMCO is in close cooperation with INTHELCO GMBH in Munich, Germany whose main activity is the automotive engineering and R&D. INTHELCO offers us 50 years of experience in Engineering and automotive components and power-train KITS.

NAMCO owns the exclusive world rights of manufacturing the heavy-duty POWERMASTER® portal axles for trucks and tractors.

NAMCO's Trading Division with a worldwide experience covers:

1. Export of Greek and Balkan products worldwide
2. Barter Transactions
3. Import-Export of commodities



PONY® vehicles - Unbeatable price for quality and segment.

Classic straight line styling, jeep-like, pick-up to last for at least 20 years (e.g. Willy's Jeep styling with only small cosmetic changes has lasted for more than 50 years).

Knowingly the loop-styling (swollen fenders, bonnets, etc.) become automatically obsolete within a few years reducing the trade-off price by 15% per year. Only in four (4) years the buyer loses 60% of its original payment.

In addition, PONY® spare parts retail prices sold at a fraction of the parts of the conventional automobiles.

PONY®, as it is, can perform combined jobs which no other car can perform. PONY® caries 850kg payload in itself but with a braked trailer another 600kg. So in total 1.450kg payload. Approximately about 50% payload of the usual pick-up which cost a multiple price of the PONY®.


PONY® is a handy tool for thinkers!


NAMCO is proud to present the New PONY® 4th generation, an advanced form of
the original patented platform, featuring a new engine of the latest technology
and a new facelift although keeping its classic styling and versatility.


Technical Specifications


Capacity (cc)


Max Power (HP)

70 – 90

Fuel Supply System



No. of Gears

5 front + 1rear



Dual circuit hydraulic with vacuum assistance


System Voltage

12 Volts Negative Earth


12 Volts EF 70

Alternator Capacity (Am)







Capacity (lit)



Maximum grade ability


Maximum speed km/h


Turning Radius



Wheelbase (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Track Front (mm)


Track Rear (mm)



Gross weight (kg)


Curb weight (kg)


Max. Payload (kg)


Trailer load with brakes (kg)


Trailer load without brakes (kg)




NAMCO International AG is the world leader in small vehicle plants (MINI PLANTS) characterized by Low-Volume Production (LVP) and Lowest Initial Investment (LII). In general, MINI-PLANTS are profitable, flexible and effective operations.

The NAMCO's PONY® MINI-PLANTS use drive-trains of the most successful models of the world renowned Automakers.

NAMCO International AG invites investors with a vision to establish PONY® MINI PLANTS in emerging markets. The majority of the emerging countries need this kind of plants because they employ real people and NOT robots! These MINI PLANTS are unique at offering best quality and prices that beat the competition! The investors enjoy a remarkable low-risk profit gain and contribute to the growth and wealth of the local society. PONY® promotes mass employment and thus the democratization of globalization.





PONY® low volume and lowest cost production technologies were born in 1957 in Singen Gottmadigen in Germany where the legendary vehicle FARMOBIL was conceived and produced.

NAMCO's current president Mr. Peter-Tzanetos Kondogouris was trained in the above plant. He played an active role as a leader in the initial production of PONY® in Greece and abroad.

The father and initiator of FARMOBIL, the ancestor of PONY®, was the famous engineer and industrialist Dr. Wilfried Fahr of FAHR AG, Germany.

Inthelco GmbH and FAHR AG of Germany developed the low-volume production methods of steel bodies known internationally as "DYNATEC®". For more information regarding the DYNATEC® please browse through our website under the MINI-PLANT tab.

The successor and further developer of DYNATEC® production technologies is the FARMOBIL AG in Switzerland, a company founded by Dr. Wilfried Fahr as well.

The FARMOBIL AG is the world leader in the profitable low-volume and with the lowest possible investment production methods "DYNATEC®" delivering turn-key PONY® MINI PLANTS worldwide.

NAMCO International AG was the only company in Greece to obtain a FARMOBIL AG license in order to produce PONY® vehicles in 1973. This led to a profitable production series which gained approximately 8% of the Greek vehicles' market and realised exports to 14 countries worldwide. PONY® and its derivatives surpassed the production of 500.000 units worldwide.


In 1983, after the phasing out of the legendary production of the 2CV by CITROEN, NAMCO International AG extended its cooperation with FORD concluding a worldwide agreement for drive-trains to provide the mechanical components in the new PONY® generation.

PONY® was widely used by the Greek Armed Forces and by almost all public corporations with great success.



Simple & Classic


from Farmobil AG, Chur-Switzerland
and Inthelco GmbH, Munich-Germany
as applied by the PONY® Licensee
at the plant of NAMCO International AG, Thessaloniki-Greece


The PONY® MINI-PLANT philosophy is comprised in “sophistication in simplicity”. Its 50 years automotive experience aims at the motorization of the productive lowest income people. The technology of NAMCO can reach down to the heartland of world poverty and into the millions of villages. Therefore for NAMCO there is an incredibly vast expansion field, the "third world”. The saturated, congestive, and over-invested limited number of the so-called developed Countries is PONY® secondary market. As PONY® is not a usual “fashion car”.

It is now being increasingly understood that the TECHNOLOGICAL CHOICE is of absolutely pivotal importance for a project to grow or die! NAMCO offers the Intermediate Technology which permits the ingenuity of people to be used with simple, inexpensive tooling, machines and "know-how" for the production of vehicles with the maximum possible use of local parts and local labor.

The intermediate technology of NAMCO’s locally produced vehicles assists in reviving the economy of low-income countries by motorizing the rural and the small-business population, the productive mass. NAMCO's technology recycles the capital within the given Country al the maximum possible level.

NAMCO’s technology and know-how refuses to enter into the "vicious circle" of the "capital intensive", fully automated labour-saving technology of the rich and big Automakers. As there is no point in the third world to build huge-investments factories which finally have no multiplier effect for the Country: namely local goods are sold... for foreign exchange, and the foreign exchange is spent on imports (or the repayment of-the debt), and that is the end of it! An economic swamp without any outlook of hope.

NAMCO simply believes on the principle of ''PRODUCTION BY THE MASSES AND NOT MASS PRODUCTION"' in fashionable cars. Nevertheless, NAMCO's long-term planning creates also an additional business for the big Automakers to sustain their lines-by selling their engines – drive-trains to a vast number of local producers of vehicles, like NAMCO in Greece. The-saturation ceiling which undoubtedly has already reached the automobile industry cannot be fought neither with new huge investments nor with the highly sophisticated automation which simply adds to mass unemployment. NAMCO's technologies offer the decentralization of the automotive industry into a vast potential; instead of the super-robotization which will lead to further {unemployment and demolition of the social cohesion to a sustainable profitable production.


** ultra-low initial fixed investment, capital per workplace, at the ratio of 1 : 20. .

** easily assimilated, and innovative technology based also on local standards and local workforce.

** 65-70% locally produced parts, namely the whole platform and body and only 30-35% imported parts (drive-trains). Immense economy in foreign currency payments and rates fluctuation.

** motorize primarily the productive and rural mass of the people recycling large amounts of capital into the local economy in the form of local labor, local material suppliers, increase of know-how and expertise, local taxes, etc.

** easy maintenance and service of PONY® with locally produced spare parts by 80%.

** lowest Brake-Even-Point (B.E.P.) in the industry. NAMCO’s unique technology becomes decently profitable by producing only 1.500 units per year instead of the big Automakers technology of hundreds of thousands units per year. PONY® vehicles keep their value for at least two decades. Excellent trade-in bargains.


NAMCO production

NAMCO in close cooperation with Inthelco GmbH - Germany, has developed a series of heavy -duty vehicles with special portal axles POWERMASTER®

that offer special flexibility in both axles and chassis.

The series consist of the following vehicles:

1. AGRICAR® - A unique conmbination of three (3) vehicles in one vehicle. Suitable for all agricultural and construction implements with ALL-WHEEL Drive 4x4 & 6x6.

- All-wheel drive 4x4 & 6x6
- Differntial Locak on both axles
- Power Steering
- Disc Brakes on all wheels
- Powermaster® system ( world exclusivity of NAMCO)
Portal Heavy-duty axles with extra high ground clearance


The -A- system of Agricar® is the most modern concept of automotive technology. Fifteen years of continuous research & development gave birth to the -A- system. It combines 3 operations in 1, namely one Agricar in reality is

1. A powerful agricultural tractor
2. An all-wheel heavy duty special truck, with giant portal axles and tremendous tractive power (up to 2 big trailers - in total 42 tons).
3. A real power system with Front, Rear and Middle PTO for attaching almost all agricultural and cosntruction implements.



2. MILICAR® - The Diesel GIANT that covers all Military specifications and is built for extensively heavy uses under all climatic conditions.

Milicar® is a specialized Off-Road 4x4 & 6x6 vehicle
It is the only vehicle in the world woth Powermaster® systems - a special axles and transfer system enabling the Milicar® to go wherever the heavy tanks can go.


Milicar® is delivered with any special specification to suit the special needs of any army.


Milicar® has an all-steel UNIBODY® strong as a rock. It presents an interchange ability of spare parts that simplifies logistics problems.


Milicar® is equipped with Power Steering for easy and safe handling as well as with differential lock in all wheels, shifting in and out, during drive.


3. PYRCAR® - The most reliable Fire-Fighting vehicle for forest fires and Off-Road tough operations.

Pyrcar® Special Off-Road 4x4 & 6x6 vehicles for forest fire-fighting


The most reliable fire-fighting vehicle for forest fires and Off-Road operations.



4. MULTI-TRAC® - For mountains, mining and tough terrain where strength and power are needed.


 Multi-Trac® Off-Road special heavy-duty vehicle

For mountains, mining and tough terrain where strength and power are necessary.



For multi-purpose opeartions such as:

* Power Companies
* Telephone & Telegraph Companies
* Mine Operators
* Gas/Oil/Water Companies



 OLYMPIC R&D and Prototype Cente
for automobiles for the productive mass

An additional Investment of

NAMCO INTERNATIONAL AG, Thessaloniki, Greece

in co-operation with the Technical Universities
of Thessaloniki, Athens, Sofia & Munich

1. Objectives:

The main objective of Research and Development Centre is to provide engineering, design and informational and production support for various activities connected with the development of NAMCO Pony project. R & D center could also be involved in design and scientific activities for third party companies provided the necessary capacity is available.

2. Activities:

The main activities could be listed as:

2.1 Design of parts and assemblies for NAMCO Pony including redesign of the existing solutions, reverse engineering and development of new modifications.

2.2 Analysis of parts and assemblies including structural and fatigue analysis, kinematics and dynamical behavior simulations.

2.3 Development of production ready engineering documentation in the form of drawings. Development of additional accompanying documentation such as part catalogs, exploitation manuals, presentations including computer generated animations etc.

2.4 Process planning, Support and development of technological processes and documentation for the third party suppliers should such needs arise. Working out of tools and dice.

2.5 Maintaining the Product LifeCircle Management (PLM) for flexibility and rapid changes in the construction according to the customer needs. It involves a virtual product development environment where designers, sourcing specialists, and production planners work collaboratively to explore and validate design and manufacturing decisions, ensuring Design for Manufacturability and Maintainability.


Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends and Thinkers,

“Small is beautiful”. It is manageable and profitable. NAMCO applies most successfully in everyday action this philosophy with its unique low-volume PONY® MINI-PLANTS. With an experience of 500.000 PONY® vehicles already produced and exported in fourteen (14) Countries. The PONY® MINI-PLANTS with an unbelievable low initial investment they serve a dual purpose:

a. They produce the all-steel PONY®, eco-friendly multi-purpose pick-up vehicle at ULTRA LOW RETAIL PRICES, motorizing the productive mass, and simultaneously,

b. They create thousands of local jobs instead of using extremely expensive robots.

The PONY® MINI PLANT produces the PONY® platform and the whole body locally from galvanized steel coil with unskilled labour, but trained and mentored by NAMCO's Greece state-of-the-art training programs.

NAMCO simply tries to harmonize the local interests - mainly of the emerging Countries - within a frame of a sustainable training and welfare system by offering jobs and hope to both skilled and unskilled labour as well as caring best for the interests of each country with creative schemes and not insulting Charities.

Peter-Tzanetos Kontogouris



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