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Travel to GREECE and ITALY with Minoan Lines Ferries. Online booking Find timetables and prices, special offers and financial info of Minoan Lines Ferries. Enjoy the comfort and quality that the leading ferries in Mediterranean offer you.

Welcome to Minoan Lines official web page. Minoan is the biggest Greek Ferries company. Our Greek Ferries company was established in 1971, and managed to become the best shipping company with quality services and brand new vessels equipped with the latest technology, offering domestic and international destinations (timetables to Greece and Italy)

Minoan Lines owns Greek Ferries used for trips in Italy and Greece, with the latest prices. The history of Minoan proves its weight. By 1999 the image of Minoan Lines is that of a new, vibrant and great company, although the Greek Ferries company was established in 1971. It is the year of unprecedented growth. Hellas Flying Dolphins emerges from the joint venture of Ceres Hydrophils, Minoan Lines Highspeed Ferries and Minoan Lines. One more high-speed ferry is on order with Samsung shipyards and two more on Ficantieri (Italian shipyards), thus raising the cost of our Greek Ferries company's investments to 1 billion us dollars since 1995. The beginning of 2000 found Minoan dealing with public consensus regarding the safety and quality standards. The company is officially certified with ISO 9002 by the Greek State representing the Germanischer Lloyd organization. This certification is an acknowledgement of the company's safe and quality of passenger/vehicle transport at sea. Also, H/S/F Prometheus is launched at Samsung shipyards and one more high-speed vessel is placed on order with the same Korean shipbuilders.

All the above prove that Minoan Lines is a quality Greek Ferries shipping company with renewed fleet. We have even published the famous "MINOAN En Plo" cards for frequent travellers with our ships. Cardholders who collect at least 3,000 points over 12 months from the date on which they join the program (regardless of whether those points are redeemed or not) will be promoted to gold status and will receive the ‘MINOAN En Plo’ Gold Card for Minoan Greek Ferries. To retain your status as gold cardholders you will need to continue to accumulate 3,000 points (over any 12-month period) in your account for each year thereafter. If you cannot accumulate 3,000 points over 12 months you can also acquire gold status if you collect at least 7,500 points from the date you joined the program (regardless of whether those points are redeemed or not). You will be promoted to Gold Status, will receive the ‘MINOAN En Plo’ Gold Card and will be able to enjoy the unique benefits it offers in Minoan Lines Greek Ferries. Gold status in this case will be permanent.

Our itineraries include Greek and Italian destinations such us Piraeus-Heraklion -Piraeus, Patras - Corfu – Igoumenitsa, Patras - Ancona – Patras, Patras - Venice – Patras. Thus, choosing Minoan for your Greek Ferries shipping company you will stay fully satisfied since you will find routes that meet all your needs. We even provide you with family offers for Ancona line passengers and family offers for Venice line. The ships that cover these routes are H/S/F Festos Palace, H/S/F Knossos Palace, H/S/F Europe Palace, H/S/F Pasiphae Palace, H/S/F Olympia Palace, and H/S/F Ikarus Palace.

Online Booking

For online booking for ferry tickets to Greek and Italian destinations, minoan.gr is the web site you should visit. We have itineraries for Greece and Italy. We also have special offers for online booking for our customers. The family offer for domestic routes includes 1 free ticket when 5 persons travel.

Regarding the Greece-Italy routes, we offer free breakfast to passengers with deluxe cabin accommodation. And don't forget, for all passengers (valid for international routes, no matter if you reserved your tickets via online booking, or the traditional way) who celebrate their birthday on board, we offer a happy birthday surprise to them. Passengers should contact the reception and show proof of their birthday (e.g. passport or ID card). Minoan is one of the oldest shipping companies in Greece, one of the first which introduced the feature of online booking into their website, so that everyone can have their travel ticket without having to visit our offices or our co-operators' offices. Even though we have created a huge network of cooperative agencies, we don't want to discomfort our customers. Our online booking system has some unique features which cannot be passed by. Just visit minoan.gr, then click the "Online Booking" link (on the header section of the home page), and our unique online booking engine will start loading. After that, the power of the engine is available to our customers. Fill in all the essential information needed, and you will avoid the need of going out in the streets looking for our cooperative agencies.

Minoan has a great background to show, and an ambitious investment program to mention. The ambitious investment program of Minoan Lines was boosted with the delivery of H/S/F Prometheus deployed on the Patras-Corfu-Igouenitsa-Venice route. F/B Kazantzakis, which was deployed on the Heraklion - Piraeus route was sold. By selling older vessels, the company's vision in renewing its fleet is progressing fast. H/S/F Festos Palace, a sister ferry to H/S/F Knossos Palace, is delivered from Ficantieri shipyards. The "unrivalled" pair was deployed on the Heraklion - Piraeus route altering drastically the quality of services provided, combining luxury, speed and safety. Minoan Lines announces its cooperation with the leading Italian Maritime Shipping Group Grimaldi as soon as the H/S/F Festos Palace is received.

Minoan has the ability to support elderly passengers. To senior passengers (when we talk about senior passengers we mean those who are over 60 years old) we offer 10% discount on the international routes (Greece / Italy). That is, for a trip costing €40 he has to pay only €36. And remember, the easiest way to book your ticket is by our online booking system. Just visit our website and in the main section of our home page fill in your online booking information. Finally, we want you to bear in mind that choosing Minoan Lines is not just choosing an ordinary shipping company; it's choosing the biggest shipping company in Greece, with the finest services and with the best trained personnel.

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