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Outdoor Activities on Lesvos island

Lesvos Safari Tours organizes and structures Tours and Outdoor activities on the island 12 months a year, enabling the intrepid independent traveller, family, group or other to access the traditional wild side of the island. We also would like to propose a selected range of accommodations like hotels, villas, apartments, studios and rooms. You can book and rent a car in Mytilini and Molivos but also in many other places and villages of Lesbos island or delivered at the airport or port. Check for Air and Boat tickets, rates, availability and make reservations.

A Greek island with interests at four seasons a year.

Lesvos is an island blessed with a unique environment that changes from side to side, ancient volcanic actions has endow Lesvos the unique petrified forest at the dry rocky west part, instead of an olive silver and pine green rest part. But also a history through ages that we cannot leave unnoticed, monuments, evidences the existence of several cultures that has been established in the past of time. Ancient Greek temples, Roman aqueducts, pale Christian churches, Ottoman temples and buildings all well preserved and available for travellers who would like to combine holidays with history research. Lesvos is a place that can attract and entertain visitors four seasons a year. Popular sandy beaches with award winning crystal waters jointed with hotels for any taste, sea sports and jeep tours,

romantic dinners under the moon in a traditional tavern next to the sea, allLesbos traditional this and much more for the summer. Ecotourism and nature hunters for the winter, participation in preparing traditional products like olive oil, cheese and sweets in small cooperatives, hiking through paths, up on the hills and next to small waterfalls, healing baths in natural hot springs combined with family accommodations in small villages its sure that it will be a revitalizing part of life for each visitor. All the above making this island perfect for escape in nature and Lesvos safari tours has scheduled and prepared several tours and activities, for each season of the year guaranteeing an unforgettable time in a Greek traditional life in real .

Easy to come and hard to leave back.

Lesvos can be reached by Ferries that depart every day from Piraeus and it takes about 9 hours or airplane from Athens and, especially on summer time when charter flights from many European countries arrive on a daily basis. The cost of the holidays in Lesbos is much cheaper of the cost of other popular Greek islands and mainland destinations and It's a large island with lots to see and do. It would be a lie to say that one week will be enough to see and explore the whole island, there are so many places and thinks to do that you could spend a full month.

In the next pages you will find everything you need to know and prepare your holidays in a place that you will never forget, please follow the links at the navigation bar on the left hand and start your trip to Lesvos.

Lesvos is an island that can attract people not just for the sun and the beaches but also for its unique nature that changes from side to side. In our tours with four wheel drive vehicles, you will have the opportunity to explore the island in deep but also to take part in many assets like archery, rock climbing and sea kayaking in Petra Lesvos, scuba diving in Mytilene, Molyvos and Skala Eressos. For us there is no secret spot or path on this paradise; we will drive up to the highest mountains of Lesvos, Olympos and Lepetimnos for amazing views of the island and the Turkish coasts. Small canyons with waterfalls that only few know about them and fewer can reach them will be also included, and of course privet small hinted beaches with crystal waters for our refreshing brakes for the hot summer days. Fresh sea food, olive oil and many local products is in our dairy at traditional family taverns in small fishing villages like Tsonia and Nifida.

Lesvos off the beaten tracks

We have schedule several jeep safari trips around Lesvos Island for those who want to get out of the beaten track and explore this unique island in deep. Our main goal is to introduce beautiful hidden spots on the seldom explored island of Lesvos while introducing new sports or adventures for every age. Lesvos is an island that can attract people not just for the sun and the beaches but also for its unique nature that changes from side to side. The East part is covered with deep green pined forests and silver painted olive fields, the volcanic activity at the west part of Lesbos during late Oligocene has turn the landscape dry and wild but feasts a unique treasure the petrified forest.

The unspoiled traditional life in agricultural villages where the locals offer their own cheese and collect the olives the same cult way over ages producing the pure olive oil of Lesvos. But also for its great history through the centuries that religious monuments and architectural creations are keeping alive for us to remember and for you to visit and admire. Many of our tours are combined with different assets like archery, rock climbing, sea kayaking, trekking and sightseeing. We will drive up to the highest mountains of Lesvos, Olympos and Lepetimnos and view the island from above, visit falls that only few know about them and fewer can reach them, we will follow paths through pine forests and olive trees, on winter we can also visit traditional olive press factories and hear the story of the olive tree from the old people.

Come with us and enjoy one of our jeep trekking tours, get prepared for adventure!Also with us you will visit hidden golden beaches that can not be accessed with out our four wheel drive cars. And of course we can not miss a healing thermal bath in several Lesvos natural hot springs.

For our three and seven days package tours we offer selected accommodations all around the island that will welcome us and make us fill like home, with full meals and the best possible services. We are equipped with well maintained 4x4 vehicles that meet all the standards and trained English, French and Dutch spoken guides that know every track on the island and they are capable to answer in any of your questions about the places you are about to visit. We profoundly respect Mother Nature and the islands’ sensitive eco-systems so we try with every effort to not impede or disturb it. We also suggest to everyone that tours with us to think environmentally when visiting and to leave the spots we visit as if they’ve been “untouched”. We live on the island all year ‘round and we are determined to keep the island as it is for our children’s generation.

Scuba diving

Lesvos scuba diving oceanic centre

By visiting Lesvos you have the opportunity to dive and discover the sea of Lesvos from two different locations Mytilini and Molyvos. Lesvos scuba diving oceanic centre is a fully certified P.A.D.I. member and it is sure that you will be in safe and well trained hands. They use the newest and latest available equipments ready to serve you with the highest standards.You do not have to be an experienced diver to try this, with Lesvos scuba diving oceanic centre you can dive for first time, even you can get an official diploma!

The instructors are qualified and officially recognized by the Greek Government and PADI - CMAS. The training programmes are supported and recognized by PADI and every prospective diver can be trained with the most up to date methods (DVD, CD-ROM). Their diving equipment is all new (OCEANIC, SCUBAPRO, TIQULLIO, TUSA). Feel free to contact us so we can give you more details and organize your diving program in Lesvos .

Beginners coursesDISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: This is for beginners only. The training duration lasts 2,30 hours of which the theory and practical sides of diving will be taught and the diving depth is up to 5m. Theory section: This will take place on board the boat before your practical part starts.

Practical: This entails introducing you to your equipment and showing you how it works (in water up to 2m depth). This will then lead to your actual dive. All you need is to complete a medical statement on board. You have the chance to obtain an under-water photo (with at a small charge).This discovers scuba diving course is an insight to diving. If you wish to obtain a certificate in diving, you may do so by continuing to the next level, where your discover scuba course experience will contribute towards obtaining the open water diver course certificate.


Book a place on the best certificate divers course, where there are 5 areas of knowledge development, 5 confined water dives and 4 open water dives. The minimum period needed for this course is 4-5 days. Immediately after obtaining this certificate you will be able to dive anywhere in the world. To complete this course, you will need to bring a medical certificate of health, allowing you to dive and a passport size photo.

Qualified divers coursesADVENTURES IN DIVING: On obtaining your open-water diving course certificate, you may develop yours skills by taking part in 3 of the following special dives: DEEP DIVE / NIGHT DIVE / UNDERWATER NAVIGATION / BOAT DIVE Duration: 2-3 days

ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE: This entails all the activities of the adventure dive with the addition of 2 compulsory dives, deep dive and navigation dive. Duration: 2-5 days

EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE (EFR) PROGRAMME: This is a first aid course directed to divers and non-divers (a non-diving program) Duration: 1-2 days

 RESCUE DIVER COURSES: A complete course of diving rescues.
Duration: 3-5 days

DIVE MASTER: The first professional diver course, to enable you to be a dive leader or an instructor assistant on courses. Duration: Minimum 15 days.

PLEASE NOTE: A medical certificate of good health is needed to be able to dive along with a passport size photo. Camera and video equipment is available for hire. Photos and a video can be taken at a small charge.

Also Archery , rock climbing and canoe kayak

Lesvos Safari Tours and Travel Sevices Outdoor Activities on Lesvos island
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