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Catagories: Natural Products
Area: East Macedonia and Thrac, Drama, Drama
Timeless challange

Lazaridis Group is one of the largest vertically organised groups of companies operating in the marble sector. The parent company LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. was founded in 1970.

Long term objectives set through strategic planning of the Lazaridis Group include excavation, processing and trade of qualitative marble, as well as high added value marble products and by-products. The Group, is operating at present in seven countries (Greece, Germany, Romania, Turkey, China, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria), and maintaining activity, either as a purchaser or as a seller, in more than 30 countries worldwide.

LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. participates in the following enterprises:

AJAX PRODUCTS OF WHITE MARBLE S.A. GREECE Processing and trading of marble chips and powder
LITHOS MARMOR Gmbh GERMANY Trading of marble, granite and decorative stone products with 4 warehouses
LARIN MRAMOR S.A. FYROM Quarrying, processing and trading of marbles and by-products
LAZARIDIS MARMOR & GRANITE S.A ROMANIA Trading and processing of decorative stone products
STRUMA BULGARIA Processing and trading of marble, granite and decorative stone products
SHANGHAI JINHENG STONE MATERIALS LTD CHINA Quarrying of granite, processing and trading of decorative stone products
PETRA MINING LTD TURKEY Quarrying of marbles

The main aims of the Group are:
1. The quality control of the various colours and mineralogical compositions of our raw materials.
2. The distribution of the products through a wide sales network, controlled by the Group, in Greece and abroad.
3. Specialised production in our well organised factory in Greece, aiming mainly at projects where qualitative and quantitative deliveries can be guaranteed within the agreed time schedules.

LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A has valuable international experience, which in combination with excellent knowledge of new technologies, gives it a competitive advantage in the markets abroad. The company is capable of participating in flooring production and in special decorative applications such as sculptures, columns as well as exceptional architectural features designed by skilled personnel and produced by technologically advanced equipment such as the robot-wire and water jet. The adoption and implementation of the Quality Guarantee processes in the whole spectrum of the production and sale of marble, constitutes the basic principle of operation in the company. LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. acquired the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001/2000 and the Certificate of Environmental Management ISO 14001/1996.

LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. is internationally known and enjoys the trust of the market for the quality of its products and services (delivery time and after sales customer service), having the ability to undertake big projects and handle orders of specific and special dimensions all over the world. The Group’s quarries are well organised with highly skilled and motivated personnel and state-of-the-art equipment; the capability to meet any challenge /requirement throughout the world with successful results is a fact. The extraction of the marble is done in such a way that can satisfy all our current and future needs. The most important projects undertaken during the period 1982 – 2005 are listed below:


Big Projects

Regent, Taipei, Taiwan 32.000 M2 Marble type AJAX
New Parliament, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 80.000 M2 Marble type THASSOS
Esso Headquarters, Holland 5.000 M2 Marble type THASSOS
Royal Palace, Tangier, Morocco 15.000 M2 Marble type THASSOS
Palace of Emir MUTER, Taif, S. ARABIA 20.000  M2 Marble type THASSOS
Hotel OKURA, Japan 8.000  M2 Marble type  AJAX
Council of Ministers Building, Baghdad, Iraq 35.000 M2 Marble type  THASSOS
MASSA PIAZZA Mecca, S. Arabia 110.000 M2 Marble type THASSOS
23 Branches of the Case Manhattan Bank, Hong-Kong 6.000 M2 Marble type AJAX
Atlanta Town Hall, U.S.A. 4.325 M2 Marble type AJAX, THASSOS, ILIOS
Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland 2.500 M2 Marble type THASSOS
Tower Palace, Seoul, Korea 16.000 M2 Marble type GOLDEN BROWN
SJAELSO Project, Denmark 4.500 M2 Marble type SVRATZA
Temple, Tsukuba, Japan 10.000 M2 Marble type  THASSOS
Snow Crystal Museum, Sapporo, Japan 5.000 M2 Marble type THASSOS
Torre Mapfre, Barcelona, Spain 22.000  M2 Marble type ALEXANDER WHITE
Meteorogical Station, Barcelona, Spain Massif slabs ALEXANDER WHITE
Central Hospital, Barcelona, Spain 3.000 M2 Marble type ALEXANDER WHITE
152 Houses, Montigala, Spain 30.000 M2 Marble type KYKNOS
Appartments, Sabanell (Costa Brava), Spain 12.000 M2 Marble type KYKNOS
Sede Banco Casanova, Vigo (Galicia), Spain 2.500 KYKNOS
Museo Arte Contemporaneo, Oporto, Portugal 1.000 M2 Marble type KYKNOS
Viviendas unifamiliares, Javea, Spain 5.000 M2 Marble type KYKNOS
Servihogar 2000, Spain 10.000 M2 Marble type VOLAKAS-KYKNOS
Aplacado Zona servicios Aeropuerto, Barcelona, Spain 1.700 M2 Marble type  KYKNOS
Hotel Bahia Almunecar, Spain 15.000 M2 Marble type VOLOKAS-KYKNOS
Palacio Congresos, Palmas de Gran Canaria 4.500 M2 Marble type  KYKNOS
Promociones Bou, Spain 7.000 M2 Marble type  KYKNOS
Diagonal Mar, Spain 18.000 M2 Marble type SEMI WHITE
Hotel Porto Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece 6.000M2 Marble type  Padang Pink, Silver Fuji, Imperial Red, Star White, Crema Kulp, Rosa Salmone, Golden Brown, Rosso Antico, Thassos Lazaridis, Rosa Portugalo
Zeda, Thessaloniki, Greece 5.000M2 Marble type  Silver Fuji, Star White


Lazaridis’ Group is a guarantee for any kind of project that is going to be undertaken. The company’s relation with its customers is stable and long-lasting. Our aim is to provide excellent service and respond directly to the wishes and needs of our customers.

The highly skilled staff of LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. is a guarantee for the quality, quantity, safety and punctuality demanded by the modern notion of aesthetics and functionality in the use of marble. With the firm backing of its tradition, LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. is a forward looking company devoted at maintaining the high standards it has set, and staying atop the international marble market. For others, the trade of marble may simply be a business matter; for LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. the trade of marble is a "TIMELESS CHALLENGE".

LAZARIDIS’ MARMOR S.A. priority is to ensure excellent quality materials in combination with direct and effective service of the customers. The establishment and application of the Quality System ISO 9001:2000 certifies the company’s reliability and long-lasting prospect.


The protection of the environment and the ecosystem in the regions where the company operates are ensured with the implementation of programs of environmental restoration and reforestation. The company’s sensitivity in environmental issues has been recognised with the international Certificate of Environmental Management EN ISO 14001:1996.







Exotic colours




Semi white


Various marbles

Yellow - Golden



























Marble Chips





Special Applications 


Semi Precious Inlay Stonework


Table Tops

Decorative Items


LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. having 40 years of experience in production with owned quarries in Greece (Thassos, Granitis, Volakas, Nikisiani etc.) and abroad (Diyarbakir in Turkey, Nebregovo in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Guangdong Province in China), is one of the leading companies in the marble industry.

In this current age of challenges and competition, LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A strengthened its position in the world market, having in possession and acquiring quarries where well known marbles are extracted in Greece and abroad. Lazaridis Marmor SA maintains a competitive advantage through continuous research aiming at new and unexploited marble deposits as well as development of existing and new collaborations,. More than 30.000 m3 of natural decorative stones are extracted yearly; Thassos Snow White, Thassos Lazaridis Tear Drop, Kycnos, Volakas, Victory, Ajax, Kulp, Polaris and Silver Fuji are in the long list of produced marble types.

LAZARIDIS’ MARMOR S.A. highly educated staff composed of engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists and experienced technicians in conjunction with optimal mechanical equipment, bring their know-how to remote parts of the world by opening new quarries and extracting natural decorative stones that are introduced to the world market.








LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. Timeless challange
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