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Koutsoukellis Yachting offers crewed and bareboat yacht charters in Greece and is proud to have a wide selection of yachts to meet all your needs and a personalized service that will make your yachting holiday the experience of a lifetime. Charter a crewed motor yacht, motor sailor, sailing yacht , a skippered sailboat or a bareboat with us and set sail to the Greek islands . Choose among Myconos, Santorini, Paros, in the Cyclades; Kos, Rhodes, Samos in the Dodecanese; or Corfu , Lefkas in the Ionian Sea. Whether you are looking for special offers or high budget luxury, we are here to provide the ideal yacht charter for you.

Koutsoukellis Yachting was founded in 1955 by Basil Koutsoukellis who was among the first to organize yacht charters in Greece. Today the oldest Greek charter brokerage firm operates as an independent booking agent for all Greek bareboat and crewed yachts and it is run by Irene Koutsoukellis - Antonopoulos, the founder's daughter.
Unbiased advice regarding any boat for charter in the Aegean. We inspect all boats that we work with: you can be sure that our description is up to date. Specifications and prices for all boats are presented in the same format to make comparison easier. We follow through every step of the booking process: we will reserve your hotel, organize land tours from any stop in your itinerary organize the provisioning of the yacht, help you draw up your own personal itinerary and send you information on the areas and islands that are most likely to interest you and meet you on arrival.

Many clients from the earlier years continue to charter through us. Their children have become clients. That says something about our service. Wouldn't you like to join them? A yacht charter vacation gives you the opportunity to explore islands, uncrowded coves and beaches in a way that land vacations never can.

Greek Islands Tour

While Greece has always attracted travellers, drawn by the fascination of some of Europe's earliest civilization, the majority of today's visitors are also drawn by Greece's beaches and sunshine. Greece has more coastline than any other country in Europe. You can choose between rocky outcrops, pebbled coves or long swathes of golden sand. Greece has clung to its traditions more tenaciously than most European countries. Many traditions take the form of festivals, where Greeks express their love for life through dancing, singing and feasting. But don't think for a moment that Greece is trapped in a time warp. In towns and cities you will find discos as lively and cosmopolitan as any in Italy, France or Britain, and boutiques as trendy. Explore and you will discover that in addition to its outstanding beauty, Greece is one of Europe's most relaxed and friendliest countries.


Situated at the north east of the Mediterranean is the glorious Greek archipelago. It is impressively made up over 3000 islands, of which only 140 are inhabited. Each island has its own unique style, charm and history. The stark white cubic architecture of the Cyclades is dramatically different from the Venetian architecture found in the Ionian or the Gothic seen in the Dodecanese. You will have the opportunity to sample different local specialties and wines. There is an island for everyone; whether you are seeking quiet laid back shores or lively beaches and party filled nights. Crystalline waters, steeping cliffs, hidden coves and lush forests are just part of what draws people to the Greek Islands. Come and you will experience in many places, a way of life that has endured for centuries.

Crewed Yachts rental :


Tourama, a 385' yacht, fit for Presidents and their large party, can accommodate seventy persons in twenty six double and seventeen single cabins, with a cinema and jaccuzzi, with a crew of sixty, is the ultimate luxury, speed 15 knots, (consumptions one ton per hour, plus 3,5 tons per day for generators - it takes a lot to move this huge boat).

O'Mega, a 270' Mitsubishi construction, for thirty two persons in sixteen double cabins and suites, is a mega yacht for those seeking luuxury and glamour, with a crew of twenty one ready to fulfill all your wishes, speed 16 knots, (consumption 800 liters per hour plus 120 liters per hour for generators)

White Knight, a 152' motor yacht, for twelve persons in six double cabins, with a crew of nine.


Passion, a 72' San Lorenzo, new to the charter fleet, accommodates eight persons in four double cabins, with a crew of three.



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