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Kalimera Amsterdam
Catagories: Restaurants, Live Music
Area: Noord-Holland
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Kalimera Restaurant

The Pleasure of Taste of a Greek Home Cooking! A Place to be in Amsterdam, Kalimera Restaurant, Overtoom

Working and living in the hectic but beautiful and multicultural Amsterdam.

You know what I mean: waking up early, bringing children to school, rush to work, last shoppings in the afternoon, longing to go home and relax or have a nice chat and drink with friends. If you add to this that I am a native Greek living in Amsteram for 20 years and never giving up the pleasures of delicious mezedes, a glass of cold ouzo (me pagakia) or the enjoyment of an “inviting” Greek Wine, you will understand why discovering this place has added to my culinair quality of life in Amsterdam.

I can only be grateful to my business partner Joanna, who after a busy day full of meetings she told me: “There is a new Greek Restaurant at the Overtoom: Kalimera! Can I invite for a dinner there?

It was rather late when we called for a reservation but a warm, friendly voice answered the telephone. “Do you have a table for three and can we come a bit late?” I asked in a hesitating way. A warm female voice with a Greek accent said: “Of course, you are Very Welcome”!

And we went there.

The warmth welcome of Litsa, the smile of Liza, tand the amazing cooking of Costas, revived us in everyway! They made us feel “at home” and this is what Greece is about!
Like the good old times when I was going to my family home and my mother Afroditi, had prepared food with love and care!

These are ingredients of life and they make you feel good, give you energy and pleasure. And if you combine this, with the tempting taste of ouzo, the refreshing coolness of the white Moschofilero wine, the smooth but at the same time pittig taste of Paprika’s filled with cheese - almost “dansing” on the dishes - the most exciting tempting garlic mixed with tasteful greek yogurt which makes tzatziki taste divine, the crokante cougets (kolokythakia), the “tasting blue mediterranean sea” shrimps (garides sahanaki) muscles (mydia) and dorades (Tsipoura), the colourful fresh salad with feta (horiatiki) and the “hot” keftedakia, the home made warm bread (pita) and all these under the sound of music, it would not be an exageration if I say that the “sun can shine even in a cloudy afternoon in Amsterdam”!

This is all what we experienced my Dutch, English friends and I, that evening at Kalimera Restaurant! They inspired our senses and made us feel that that is the right spot to have our Friends of Creece Club First Meeting in October 2009 to share with many others the real Greek feeling (read more, enter link to The Best from Greece, Friends of Greece Club),

Kalimera (in Greek: Good Day), You have made our day! Thank you & See you soon.


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