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Mamidoil-Jetoil is involved in the trading and distribution of petroleum products, and controls an extensive network of 560 gas stations around Greece.

Mamidoil-Jetoil is involved in the trading and distribution of petroleum products, and controls an extensive network of 560 gas stations around Greece. The company is the largest Greek privately owned petroleum trading company. Mamidoil-Jetoil also trades its own-brand (JETOIL) of excellent quality lubricants through its gas-station network.

Mamidoil-Jetoil owns the single largest private oil depot in Greece, located in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. The Tank Farm has a capacity of 200000 m3, with two private tanker-mooring facilities able to accommodate vessels of up to 150000 tons, railway loading station with a daily loading capacity of 12000 tons, manipulation capacity of over 2000000 MTS per year. It serves as the loading point for the Group’s activities in the Balkans, also for the supply of the Northern Greek market.

Mamidoil-Jetoil is a physical supplier of all kinds of marine fuels. The bunkering branch operates in all major Greek ports and offshore at open sea. The company is one of the largest bunker suppliers in the Greek market. Bunkering is performed with company owned specialized self-powered barges


* 1969 : Foundation of MAMIDOIL S.A.
* 1970 : Foundation of JETOIL S.A.
* 1971 :Inauguration of the first division of the Thessaloniki installation in Kalochori
* 1974 : Merge and foundation of MAMIDOIL – JETOIL S.A.
* 1980 : Foundation of Jet Tank S.A., Greek Shipping Company
* 1983 : Completion of the Installation in Kalochori, Thessaloniki
* 2001 : Foundation of MAMIDOIL ALBANIAN, branch company of MAMIDOIL , ETOIL in Durres, Albania .
* 2002 : Foundation of JET GAS S.A., trading and distribution of LPG company, branch company of MAMIDOIL – JETOIL .
* 2003 : Completion of expansion and modernization of the Thessaloniki installation in Kalochori.

Products - Fuels

MAMIDOIL – JETOIL trades all kinds of fuel (except aviation fuels) that are being determined by the Greek legislation and according to the specifications that it dictates. Namely:

  • LRP Gasoline
  • Unleaded Gasoline 95 RON
  • Unleaded Gasoline 100 RON
  • Diesel (enriched with 2% biofuel)
  • Gasoil 0.2%
  • All grades of Fuel Oil in Straight Run (SR) and Cracked (CR)
  • Various grades of Marine GasOil

Basic providers of the fuels that MAMIDOIL – JETOIL trades are the refineries that are situated in Greece (Aspropirgos, Elefsina, Thessaloniki, St. Theodoroi – Korinthos).

The circulation of fuels is being done with tanker trucks and ships. The allocation is being done through controlled distribution points that are situated in Jetoil΄s facilities, in the Greek refineries and other third party facilities that MAMIDOIL – JETOIL rents and uses.

Products - Bunkering

 All the products available are tested prior to supply to ensure that whatever grade and quality you requested, it will comply with your demands. All products are supplied to international standard specifications. Consistent product quality and around the clock operations are coupled with the highest standards of safety and environmental awareness, to ensure you receive a high quality product by an efficient trouble free delivery service. We supply all grades of Fuel in Straight Run (SR) and Cracked (CR) as well as various grades of Marine Gasoil. We provide reliable and efficient service 24hours/day, 365days/year.

Products - Lubricants

MAMIDOIL – JETOIL S.A. is active in the lubricants and motor fluids market for quite a few years now, offering a wide range of products. Those products are of high standards and encompass features of the latest technology that ensure high performance and maintenance of the equipment that are being used for.

The MAMIDOIL – JETOIL products cover all the international specifications and are certified according to the ISO 9000 standards.

Services - Installations & Depots

MAMIDOIL – JETOIL and its subsidiary companies have a number of self – owned installations for humid fuel storage in Greece and Albania, which smooth the progress of storage and circulation of the company’s products.

The installations in the area of Kalochori (Thessaloniki) were built in 1970 and started to operate fully a year later. The expansion and innovation of the facilities were completed in 2003. The installation covers a 70.000m3 area and has 15 tanks of different sizes and capacities, suitable for humid fuel storage only. The total storage capacity of the installation is 200.000m3 while the largest tank alone offers storage capacity for 62.000m3.

In the Kalochori installation we find two complexes for the re-filling of tanker trucks with a total of 10 loading pumps. There is a pipeline connected to the national railway station of Thessaloniki (cargo station), 800m away from the installation, where the re-filling of wagon tanks is possible through 4 loading pumps. The installation is also connected with a pipeline to the Thessaloniki refineries and the bordering facilities of Shell and EL.PE.

The facility also has two floating demurrages for tanker re-filling suitable for ships of 30.000 DWT and 100.000 DWT respectively.

The installation and its staff adhere to all the specifications that the Greek and E.U. law dictate as far as fire safety and environmental issues are concerned. The fire safety system operates in association with IT systems and incorporates fire detection and automatic intervention routines. To prevent emergencies there are fire suppression systems with foam or water and water supply for 1½ hours as well as a fire-extinguishing vehicle.

A vapor recovery unit is functioning in the installation where vapor is collected and transformed into liquid, so that air pollution is prevented. As far as the marine environment (where the floating demurrages are situated) is concerned protection from gas leaks is being ensured by the « Naval Venture of Thessaloniki », which is guarding the installation with, its own means of pollution restrain. For further security measures, we must point out that the installation employs security staff, closed security circuit and alarm systems.

MAMIDOIL – JETOIL S.A. owns another small facility in Menidi (Attica), which is being used for storage and distribution of heating fuel in the larger area of Athens. It was built in 2004. It covers an area of 3500 m2 with three tanks of the same size and a total capacity of 300m3, suitable for fuel storage only. It also has complexes for the re-filling of tanker trucks with 2400lt / min capacity.

MAMIDOIL – JETOIL S.A. is also served by other installations owned by other companies. In Northern Greece the company is served by the installation of EL.PE. in Kalohori. In Southern Greece the company is served by an installation in Perama, which is used for bunkering purposes. JETOIL is also served by five more installations in the Aegean Sea islands (Chios, Samos, Kalymnos, Rhodes and Naxos).

The company has also a privately owned stocking space in the Nea Zoi (Aspropyrgos) where lubricants are stored.

MAMIDOIL-ALBANIAN S.A. owns a 14.000 m2 facility in Durres, Albania since 2001 where it stores products for exclusive use in the Albanian market. The installation has 5 tanks of a total capacity of 12.000m3 suitable for humid fuel storage only. In the installation we find two complexes for the re-filling of tanker trucks with a total of 4 loading pumps, while it is connected through a pipeline with the public harbor dock where ships stopover for re-fuelling. The Durres terminal has fire safety measures as well as environmental protection systems similar to the ones described above in Kalochori, Thessaloniki.

Finally, JETGAS S.A. has its own facilities in Amfilochia, where the storage capacity is 515 m3 of gas. There is also capacity for the bottling of 3000 bottles per day and for the filling up of LPG tanker trucks. The specific facilities are modern and incorporate all the latest technologies in health & safety, so that the daily regular activity is ensured. Additionally, the company rents two similar facilities in Trikala and Ioannina, through which products are circulated for the improved and faster service provision to our customers.

Services - Loading of Tanker Trucks and Vessels

Products - Services - Customers

One of the most important policies in MAMIDOIL – JETOIL S.A. is the accomplishment of solid cooperation with all the clients and customers. For MAMIDOIL – JETOIL personal contact with the client is essential in order for the best possible cooperation to be established. That is based on constant provision of help and advice in technical and commercial areas.


Jetoil Mamidoil-Jetoil is involved in the trading and distribution of petroleum products, and controls an extensive network of 560 gas stations around Greece.
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