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Hellenic Seaways has an active presence in the Greek seas as of February 1999. It is the largest Hellenic maritime company: with its 32 vessels it serves more than 35 ports in the Cyclades, Saronikos and the Sporades.

As of 2005, the company has started a new course of development, by bringing into effect an important investment plan of integrating new ships and rearranging its fleet.

In 2005, Hellenic Seaways added five new ships to its fleet: the newly built HIGHSPEED 5 (a high-speed ship), the faster passenger/vehicle ferry in the Aegean, with the maximum speed of 41 knots and a cruising speed of 38 knots, the newly built passenger/vehicle ferry NISSOS MYKONOS that was built entirely in Greece, the FLYINGCAT 5 and FLYINGCAT 6 (Catamaran ships), that replaced six flying dolphins and the Hellenic Voyager (Ro-Ro) that serves in transporting trucks.

In 2007, the company collected 4 new ships: the newly built passenger/vehicle ferry NISSOS CHIOS, that was also built in Greece, the passenger/vehicle ferry ARIADNE and two Ro-Ro type ships, the Celtic Sun and the Hellenic Master.

Our vision

  • Use and improve our know-how in the sea transportation of passengers and cargo, aiming at creating value for our shareholders.
  • Maintain out leading position in Greece’s competitive market of coastal transportation services.
  • Expand our presence in the Mediterranean’s sea cargo transportation markets.

Our goals

  • Provide high-quality sea transportation services to passengers and cargo, aiming at fully satisfying out customers.
  • Maintain high safety levels during the operation of our ships, aiming at the absolute protection of the life our passengers and crews, as well as the protection of the sea environment

Hellenic Seaways Let's Travel Together
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