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Hellenic Imperial Airways was incorporated in May 2006 by a team of industry veterans (management, pilots, cabin crew, engineers and mechanics) with extensive travel & aviation experience. Based in Athens, the capital of Greece, one of the largest tourist attractions in the world, the company was created to fill an emerging opportunity in the travel market of the Mediterranean region, Middle East and beyond. Hellenic Imperial Airways currently operates four B747s specializing in chartering of passengers and cargo worldwide.

By 2010 Hellenic Imperial Airways will be one of the most successful airlines flying around the world providing our guests with a friendly and caring experience. Hellenic Imperial Airways is committed to delivering superior service by making air travel an easy and positive experience for every customer. Our passengers' comfort is of utmost importance to us, second only to our concern for their safety.

All of our employees receive training so that commitments contained in our Customer First Service plan are implemented at all levels.

Implementing our pledge to provide service to our passengers beyond common carrier duties and consistent with our policy of putting customer first, Hellenic Imperial Airways sets forth the following commitments to our customers:

  • Commitment to safety
  • High standard product and services
  • Positive and passionate in everything we do
  • Appreciative of our people and guests

Our Team:

Hellenic Imperial Airways currently employs almost 300 skilled professionals from diversified backgrounds of well known successful flag carriers. All flight crew, cabin crew, engineers and mechanics have been adequately trained in order to perform their duties in high quality standards.

Our commitment to deliver quality services is based on this strong foundation of team loyalty, solid experience and know-how acquired throughout the years in the aviation business

Our Services /ACMI Basis

Hellenic Imperial Airways core activities are:

  • Operating regular or semi regular flights
  • Aircraft Leasing on ACMI basis.

Putting together the comprehensive experience, operational proficiency, and the extensive infrastructure of Aircrafts, equipment and people renders Hellenic Imperial Airways best suited to offer its customers a One Stop Service Partner. The Aircrafts are offered on a Full Charter basis or, more frequently, on an ACMI basis.

ACMI lease | Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance.

ACMI stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and insurance. The lessor (Hellenic Imperial Airways) provides the aircraft, one or more complete crews - including technicians if necessary - all maintenance for the aircraft, and insurance for the aircraft as well as third party liability. We usually require a guaranteed minimum number of hours to be flown each month - which effectively means that the client is guaranteeing a minimum payment equal to the hourly cost multiplied by the guaranteed utilization - regardless of whether he reaches that utilization or not.

The lessor provides/pays for:

  • Aircraft .
  • Qualified flight crews ( an additional hourly charge will be levied if a complete cabin crew is required ) .
  • Maintenance including spares .
  • Insurance ( Hull) and third party liability.

The lessee ( client ) has to provide or pay for the following:

  • Fuel/oils .
  • Landing/Parking fees .
  • Aircraft handling and ground support .
  • Passenger, cargo and baggage check -in and handling .
  • Passenger, cargo and baggage insurance .
  • Passenger and cargo taxes, charges and related fees .
  • Passenger and cargo booking charges .
  • Passenger delay and overbooking expenses
    ( if any).
  • Overflight fees and navigation charges .
  • Aircraft positioning /depositioning .
  • Aircraft cleaning .
  • Aircraft and ramp security .
  • Maintenance support where necessary .
  • De-icing .
  • Access to phone /fax/SITA/AIRINC .
  • Ramp office and spares security area as required .
  • Flight numbers and route authority .
  • Crew and support staff transportation (air - ground) .
  • Crew and support staff accommodation .
  • Crew and support staff perdiems .
  • Work permits and license validations for Hellenic Imperial Airways personnel as required .
  • Application and removal of lessee's logo and / or livery .
  • Wet Lease | Aircraft and Crew / to AOC holders only.
    A wet lease is the lease of an aircraft including its crew. So, in reality, it is an ACMI lease .
  • Dry Lease | Aircraft only / to AOC holders.

A dry lease is the lease of the aircraft only. In this case, we provide the aircraft and the lessee has to provide everything else. However, we need to make sure that the client is fully capable of operation the aircraft to our stringent standards, so we tend not to do this very often. Dry leased are normally charged at a fixed monthly rate, plus hourly charges for maintenance reserves. They are normally for periods of at least six months.

Wet and dry leases are only available to other airlines holding valid Air Operator's Certificates and the required route a civil aviation have to honor authorities-all other companies who have to charter in aircraft .

Hellenic Imperial Airways
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