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Catagories: Local Authorities
Area: Attica, Attica, Athens
The Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government SA (EETAA) was founded in 1985. It is part of the social sector of the economy and operates in the form of a joint-stock company.

EETAA's purpose is to provide local government agencies, the public sector and social agencies with the professional and technical support they require.

The shareholders of EETAA are the Greek state (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economy and Finance), the Union of District Government of Greece, the Consignments and Loans Fund, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communes of Greece (KEDKE), Local Unions of Municipalities and Communes (TEDK), the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Co-operatives (PASEGES) and other social sector agencies.
The personnel

The personnel of EETAA consists of qualified graduates with great experience in the fields of local and regional development and government, social policy and human resources, culture, tourism and the environment, and information technology and technological applications.

Networks and associates

EETAA is associated with a wide network of agencies in Greece and abroad, such as:

* Ministries, organisations, legal persons under public law, banks, universities, research centres, chambers, the Panhellenic Federation of Unions of Local Government Employees, the Workforce Employment Agency
* The Regions, regional services, development companies
* Local Unions of Municipalities and Communes, Prefectures, Development Advisers to the Local Unions, Development Leagues
* Municipalities and communes, local social and collective agencies
* The International Union of Local authovities (IULA)
* The International Daughter Company Network (IDCN)
* The Council of Communes and Regions of Europe (CCRE)
* The Confevence of Peripheral Maritime Regions of the EU (CRPM)
* The Assembly of Regions of Europe (ARE)
* The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA)

The activities of EETAA

EETAA provides local government and its agencies with support in the following areas:

1. Legal services

* Legal support for local government agencies
* Processing of proposals for the preparation of legislative measures concerning local government
* Organisation of training programmes for the legal advisers of local government and its agencies
* Drafting of legal opinions on specialised local government issues.

2. Institutions and organisation

* Decentralisation and development of the planning structures on the local, prefectural and regional level
* Reinforcement of co-operation amongst communes and municipalities
* Improvement and modernization of the functioning of local government agencies
* Preparation of studies and elaboration of proposals to support the economic independence of local government

3. Enterprise activities

* Preparation of financial and technical studies for the founding of enterprises
* Support over issues which arise during the course of operation of the enterprises, such as financial planning and control, sales promotion, education - training of the workforce, management, staff policies

4. Local and regional development

* Support for the design, preparation and submission of proposals to national, regional and EU programmes and initiatives
* Reinforcement of co-operation among local government agencies on the inter-commune, inter-municipality and inter-prefectural levels and across Europe
* Utilisation of the 'technical aid' measures of development programmes to support the productive activities of local government in all sectors of the economy
* Assistance in implementing local government projects which have been approved and brought under funding programmes

5. The environment and the quality of life

* Information on environmental issues (publication of handbooks and practical instructions, organisation of training programmes and conferences)
* Preparation of specifications, technical studies, environmental impact studies
* Design and implementation of pilot projects
* Promotion of energy planning issues in association with national and international agencies
* Support for local government actions which aim at the improvement of the quality of life in urban areas

6. Information systems and technological applications

* Development and support of software products
* Training of elected representatives and executives of local government in information technology issues
* Documentation of information
* Integration of the services provided with the use of new technologies (geographical information systems and multimedia)

7. Social policy, cultural activities and the workforce

* Support and development of the local government policies aiming at the socio-economic integration of unemployed and of special population groups (returning migrants, former substance-dependent persons, women, etc.)within the context of EU programmes and initiatives of the social sector.
* Support for local government in planning and providing vocational training
* Development of a methodology for training and assessment of the training programmes for adults
* Co-operation with local government agencies in the formulation of local cultural policies and the development of cultural networks
* Implementation of model cultural action plans in innovative areas for the utilization and the protection of the cultural resources of Greece

8. Publicity and communications

* Publicity and promotion for model activities and development initiatives carried out by local government agencies.
* Support for action to promote and publicise the initiatives of local government and its collective agencies
* Information supply to local government on European projects and initiatives in the field of local government
* Publication of an information bulletin, books and practical guides concerning the needs, plans and interests of local government in Greece and the rest of Europe

Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government sa
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