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The Thessaloniki Art of Sea Food!

One of the reasons to visit Thessaloniki is to experience a unique delectable experience at the restaurant “Hamodrakas”. In the far-famed quarter of Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, at the coast of Nea Krini, the historical fish tavern offers since 1926 fresh fish to natives and visitors.

Next to the boats of Thermaikos Golf, looking at the lighthouse of Kara-Bournou, you will enjoy the seafood delights that made tradition at “Hamodrakas”.

Starting from the appetizers, the Octopus on the grill, the Mussels in their shells sautéed with garlic and in white wine, the Mussels with white wine, the Seafood risotto, the rich White Tarama cream Salad and the unique “Kopanisti” with pepper – suggestions that you surely shouldn’t miss. As for the salads, from our Ravdouchos’ Salad with spinach, arugula, lettuce and pomegranate, the Crab Salad with fresh crab, the Seafood Salad with Samos Wine, the Hamodrakas’ Salad to the Tuna Salad, you will find it difficult to choose between such a wide and delicious variety.

Among our main dishes, the Brill fillet with spinach attracts everyone’s attention and competes in taste and appearance against the Fresh Salmon fillet baked in the oven with herbs. Day-fresh shrimps and cray fish compete from their side against the crab on the grill with two different unique sauces to choose from.

The shrimps in white, yoghurt sauce is another dish with velvet flavor that you will not find elsewhere and can combine with spinach tagliatelle. Don’t resist to the classic dish of cuttlefish in wine or the octopus in wine and of course don’t forget the always fresh, correctly grilled fish that, together with the venus clams, which are opened right in front of you while served at the table, have made “Hamodrakas” popular and people’s first choice. The fresh lobster that “walks” in front of you is surely an additional option for you, combined with delicious spaghetti, and in three dish variations, with fresh tomato, with basil and garlic or white sauce with yoghurt.



Hamodrakas the Thessaloniki Art of Sea Food When History Speaks
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Hamodrakas the Thessaloniki Art of Sea Food
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