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Gyros is the traditional greek eating for everybody, anytime!

Its charming simplicity combined with the richness of taste prepared by Stavros inviting all people who pass by from Fabrika Square in Mykonos.
Looking for the bus which will take you "home" from a luxurious hotel room up to a simple traditional "room to let" and after a hot day under the amazing sun of Mykonos. You are longing for a cold beer (Mythos) and a "little bite":Gyros Pita, with amazing fries!!
The smell will lead you to this place. His recipe for Gyros, dates back to his parents, 80 years ago.
His looks are Greek, his smile is of the man of many experiences and his welcoming is the best to make you feel "at home".
Greek discussions of the local men about politics, local issues, football, mix with English, Japenees, French, German, Dutch, Italian and many more languages and happy faces!
A place without luxury but beauty of tradition and a "steki" (Place to meet) for travellers from all cutures!



Gyros Traditional Restaurant
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Gyros Traditional Restaurant
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