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Acropolis, a piece of history in Ede.

Acropolis, a piece of history in Ede.

In Sirtaki in Zeist you find an extensive menu with delicious authentic Greek cuisine. With a wide variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts is there for everyone to find a tasty meal.

In the menu at left you will find a comprehensive overview of the wide variety of delicious ingredients. Both hot and cold dishes are your cozy supper for me to start. The main course we offer a very wide range of options, from oven and grill menu with meat or fish to vegetarian dishes. Try a delicious house specialty.

If you have questions, or upgraded a minor adjustment to the Greek experience to make it complete, please feel free, and we make sure that you can enjoy to the full satisfaction of a nice evening meal at his Greek!

All front and hoofdgrechten are also available for pickup or delivery. you let the water flow in the mouth for a delicious Greek meal!


Pick up and deliver at Zeist Sirtaki

Has no time to sit in our cozy restaurant and let you operate, but you will feel like a delicious Greek meal? Or do you work and you do not want another pizza?
No problem! You can bMei 1984 was the big day. After a few months grow Acropolis opened its doors.
Previously, the same location a Chinese restaurant. People walked in to a regular "noodles complete" to order, not realizing that the scene was still very different. Greek food was still unknown to most Edenaren, but when they came, they went right for the ax. As "strange" that Greek food yet not!

Over the years my parents have a fixed (and very loyal) visitors circuit built. People who came here as a bachelor, married and then came with their children. Costa Tula and always had time for a chat with the guests. Conversations were mostly friendly, but sometimes sad. I think people just so my parents and Acropolis in their arms have closed.

In September 2004 Acropolis closed (for now) its doors. Forced, because the characteristic property had to make something new, but provided that in the new building was also a place for Acropolis!

No sooner said than done. It took a while, but we succeeded. Acropolis is back! But in a new jacket, but with same quality and service. What also changed is the owner. Kosta My partner and I have taken over the case. My parents are coming daily on the floor and help wherever they can. And of course they find it very nice to all guests to see you (and from what I've seen, is conversely the case).
Best regards,
Liza Magolidou



Cold starters
Pepperoni (green peppers) € 5.00
OLIVES € 4.75
TZATZIKI (cottage cheese, garlic, cucumber, spices) € 5.25
SALAD-Tarama (caviar specialty Greece) € 5.25
Feta (Greek cheese) € 5.50
Kopanisti (spicy feta cheese salad) € 5.75
SMOKED SALMON (with capers) € 8.75
Peponi-COCTAILS (melon, port Mavrodaphne) € 5.75
ACROPOLIS-Pikilia: (various hot and cold dishes) € 9.50
ACROPOLIS-Pikilia: (same, for 2 persons) € 17.00

Hot starters
Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves with rice and minced) € 6.00
TIROPITTA (2 pieces, puff pastry filled with feta cheese) € 6.00
KEFTEDAKIA (meatballs in spicy tomato sauce) € 5.50
Shrimp (vegetables in a tomato-garlic sauce with parmesan
and bread) € 7.50
MUSSELS (vegetables in a tomato-garlic sauce with bread) € 6.50
KALA MARI (fried squid) € 8.00
Feta Saganaki (Fried Feta) € 7.00
MUSHROOMS A LA CREME (sauce) € 5.50

LAGANOSALATA (cabbage salad) € 3.75
ANKOUROSALATA (cucumber salad) € 4.50
TOMATO SALAD (tomato salad) € 5.00
GORIATIKI (peasant salad with feta for 1 person) € 6.00
GORIATIKI (peasant salad with feta for 2 people) € 9.50

Vegetable € 4.00
Tomato € 4.00


Main courses

Dishes from the grill
All dishes are served with rice, fried potatoes and salad
Bifteki GEMISTO (minced and stuffed with feta cheese) € 13.50
Souvlaki (kebabs 2) giros € 14.50
GIROS (sliced pork) tzatziki € 13.50
PORK FILLET (3 PCS) giros € 14.00
PORK € 15.50
LAMB Chops (5 pieces) € 15,00
LAMB Chops (4 pieces) and giros gigandes € 15.50
FARMERS-DISH souvlaki, suzuki, calf liver and giros € 14.00
APOLLO-2 SATELLITE suzuki and giros € 13.50
DISH souvlaki and ouzo giros € 13.50
HERMES DISH suzuki, souvlaki, pork tenderloin and giros € 14.50
DELPHI TRAY 2 lamb chops, souvlaki, giros € 14.50
ODYSSEUS PLATE 2 pork fillets, suzuki, calf liver and giros € 15.50
ATHENS-DISH 2 suzuki, souvlaki and giros € 14.50
SIRTAKI-DISH pork tenderloin, souvlaki, tzatziki and giros € 14.50
DIONYSSOS-DISH 2 lamb chops, 2 suzuki, giros and pork fillet € 17.00
SOKRATES-DISH (no pork) beef tenderloin, lamb chop, chicken breast and sirloin steak € 19.50
OLYMPIA-DISH (2 persons) This dish consists of:
2 lamb chops, souvlaki 2, 2 suzuki, giros, 2 pork tenderloin, and gigandes peasant salad € 38.00
MIX-GRILL (serves 4) 4 souvlaki, 4 pieces beef tenderloin, 4 lamb chops, pork tenderloin 4, giros, and gigandes peasant salad € 76.00
PLATE-SPECIAL lamb chop, pork tenderloin, suzuki, souvlaki, veal liver, giros and tzatziki, € 15.50
ACROPOLIS-DISH souvlaki, beef tenderloin, chicken, suzuki, lamb chop, giros, and gigandes peasant salad € 22.50
ACROPOLIS-DISH (same for 4 persons) € 84.00

Several courts
Musaka (for 2 pers.) Oven dish with eggplant, minced,
potatoes, bechamel cream, with rice and farmers salad € 29.00
Musaka (1 pers.) With cabbage salad € 13.50
CHICKEN with spicy sauce, rice, baked potatoes and salad € 13.50
CHICKEN with mushroom sauce, rice, baked potatoes and salad € 13.50
Lamb (cooked) with tzatziki, feta, vegetables, rice and cabbage salad € 15.50

Served with salad Tarama (caviar specialty Greece), potato salad, coleslaw, baked potatoes and vegetables
Kalamaria (fried squid) € 15.50
Cod fillet (fried) € 15.75
SCAM PIES (large shrimp, 5 pieces of the grill) € 22.50
SALMON TROUT (grilled) € 18.50
GLOSSA (sole, grilled or fried) daily
Fish plate (Kalamaria, 2 pies scam, slip sole and cod) € 22.00
Fish plate (same for 2 persons) € 43.50

VEGETARIAN DISH (aubergines, gigandes in sauce), rice, vegetables, tzatziki, feta and cabbage salad € 12.50

Kids Dishes
CHILDREN WITH souvlaki, rice, fries, salad and apple sauce € 7.75
CHILDREN WITH STEAK tenderloin, rice, fries, salad and apple sauce € 9.25
CHILDREN WITH Bifteki, rice, fries, salad and apple sauce € 7.75
CHILDREN WITH CHICKEN, mushrooms, rice, fries, salad and apple sauce € 7.75


Specialties of the cook
Bekri-MEZE (nice dish for the drinker)
This dish consists of sliced pork in a delicious spicy sauce, mushrooms and baked potato toppings, rice and salad € 17.25
TIGANIA (pang right) pieces of lamb fillet cooked with garlic, mushrooms, rice, baked potatoes and salad € 19.25
GIROS-SPECIAL (oven dish) giros prepared with a sauce of mushrooms, peppers, cheese and metaxa, served with fried potatoes and cabbage salad € 16.25
SPECIAL souvlaki (pork pieces on a skewer) with mushroom sauce, vegetables, baked potatoes and salad € 18.50
MIXED souvlaki (lamb fillet, pork, tenderloin, sirloin and a skewer) with mushroom sauce, vegetables, baked potatoes and salad € 19.75
Prawn Saganaki (shrimp from the oven) with about an exotic sauce flavored with pepper, tomato, onions and cheese, rice and fried potatoes while still € 22.50
Sirloin-SATELLITE (from the grill) with fried potatoes, vegetables, mushroom sauce and salad € 20.00
ENTRECOTE (beef) with fried potatoes, rice, mushroom sauce and salad € 17.50
Kokkinisto (braised veal with red wine sauce), rice, baked potatoes and vegetables € 15.50



Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts € 6.25
CREAM with banana or cherries and whipped cream € 5.25
DAME BLANCHE ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream € 5.25
COUPE ATHENS ice with fresh fruit, lawyer, flambé cherries and whipped cream € 6.75
BAKLAVA puff pastry with honey, walnuts and whipped cream € 5.50
CREAM with fresh fruit salad and whipped cream € 5.75
CREAM with 5 different liqueurs € 6.55
Melon ice cream and whipped cream € 7.00
Children's ice cream with whipped cream € 3.75
PECHE MELBA CREAM with peach ice cream and whipped cream € 5.25
KIWI ICE with kiwi, kiwi liqueur and whipped cream € 6.25
Banana Split ice cream with banana and a whole € 6.25

Coffee and tea
COFFEE (Holland) € 2.00
COFFEE (Greek) € 2.25
Marnissimo COFFEE (with Grand Marnier) € 5.50
D.O.M. COFFEE (with Benedictine) € 5.50
TEA € 1.75


Wine List

Red wines
Makedonikos, TSANTALIS
Grape Type: Xynomavro, Moschomavro
Region: Greek Macedonia, Chalkidiki € 15.50
CAVA Tsantali
Grape Type: Xynomavro, Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Northern Greece € 17.50
Grape Type: Agioritikos
Region: Southern Greece, Peloponese, Nemea € 19.00
Grape Type: Xynomavro
Region: Northern Greece, Naoussa € 19.50
Grape Type: Agioritikos
Region: Southern Greece € 20.50
Grape Type: Rapsani
Region: Central Greece, Peloponese, Rapsani € 24.00
Grape Type: Cabernet Sauvignon, limnio
Region: Drama, northern Greece € 32.50

White wines
Makedonikos, TSANTALIS
Grape Type: Roditis, Zoumiatis
Region: Greek Macedonia, Chalkidiki € 15.50
Robola Sirok
Grape Type: Robola
Region: Omala, Cephalonia € 18.00
Grape Type: Agioritikos
Region: Northern Greece, Chronitsa, Agion Oros € 20.00
Moschofilero, SKOURAS
Grape Type: Moschofilero
Region: Peloponnese € 21.50
Grape Type: Chardonnay
Region: Peloponese € 25.50
Grape Type: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Assirtikos
Region: Northern Greece € 26.50

Rosé wines
Makedonikos, TSANTALIS
Prepared from selected traditional Greek grape varieties
Region: Greek Macedonia, Chalkidiki € 15.50
Grape Type: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Greek Macedonia, Chalkidiki € 26.50


If you want a group reservation, please send a minimum of 48 hours before an e-mail to You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible by e-mail.ij us for delivery or pick up your meal.

Watch the website in the menu on the court members and make your choice. You can call to us and then come and collect.

You can call your order at (030) 6924282, we can agree when it comes out, so you can enjoy at home or your office can enjoy our authentic Greek cuisine.


Parking at Zeist Sirtaki

The hill is a car-free street. There are several parking garages within walking distance of restaurant Sirtaki. Here are some possibilities:

- Parking "Hill"
There is no parking for the GSP address available. This light, however garage near the street "Behind The Hill 'on the map in our itinerary.
The parking is free parking after 18:00 hours, excluding shopping evenings (Friday to 21:00 hours and special shopping evenings).

- Parking "the frog"
Address for GPS / online route description:
1st Hogeweg 15, Zeist
(note: this is a garage that CONCLUDED PRIOR Real-Time 24 hours to be paid. One of the outputs are compared to our restaurant for the hill.)

In the vicinity of our restaurant you can find some parking. Note that these lying in the center parking parking are paid.

Grieks Specialiteitenrestaurant Akropolis ( Ede ) Acropolis, a piece of history in Ede.
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