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In the center of Zeist find Greek specialties restaurant Sirtaki. This very cozy restaurant serves seven days a week the best authentic Greek cuisine. With a very extensive menu has some tasty thing for everyone to enjoy.

In Sirtaki in Zeist you find an extensive menu with delicious authentic Greek cuisine. With a wide variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts is there for everyone to find a tasty meal.


In the menu at left you will find a comprehensive overview of the wide variety of delicious ingredients. Both hot and cold dishes are your cozy supper for me to start. The main course we offer a very wide range of options, from oven and grill menu with meat or fish to vegetarian dishes. Try a delicious house specialty.

If you have questions, or upgraded a minor adjustment to the Greek experience to make it complete, please feel free, and we make sure that you can enjoy to the full satisfaction of a nice evening meal at his Greek!

All front and hoofdgrechten are also available for pickup or delivery. you let the water flow in the mouth for a delicious Greek meal!


Pick up and deliver at Zeist Sirtaki

Has no time to sit in our cozy restaurant and let you operate, but you will feel like a delicious Greek meal? Or do you work and you do not want another pizza?
No problem! You can pick up your meal with us or delivered.

Watch the website in the menu on the court members and make your choice. You can call to us and then come and collect.

You can call your order at (030) 6924282, we can agree when it comes out, so you can enjoy at home or your office can enjoy our authentic Greek cuisine.


Parking at Zeist Sirtaki

The hill is a car-free street. There are several parking garages within walking distance of restaurant Sirtaki. Here are some possibilities:

- Parking "Hill"
There is no parking for the GSP address available. This light, however garage near the street "Behind The Hill 'on the map in our itinerary.
The parking is free parking after 18:00 hours, excluding shopping evenings (Friday to 21:00 hours and special shopping evenings).

- Parking "the frog"
Address for GPS / online route description:
1st Hogeweg 15, Zeist
(note: this is a garage that CONCLUDED PRIOR Real-Time 24 hours to be paid. One of the outputs are compared to our restaurant for the hill.)

In the vicinity of our restaurant you can find some parking. Note that these lying in the center parking parking are paid.


Grieks Specialiteiten Restaurant Sirtaki ( zeist )
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Grieks Specialiteiten Restaurant Sirtaki ( zeist )
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