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Catagories: Music, Opera
Area: Attica, Attica, Athens
Our basic mission is we offer in the public our representations of high quality of opera, ballet, children's opera and operetta, presenting work that covers the four centuries of lyric art. Our productions take place in the central scene of Theatre Olympia, the theatre [Akropol], the Palace of Music and [Irodeio].

The national Lyric Scene is the unique government owned opera in Greece. For the realisation of each production work front also behind Fotis artists as singers, conductor, composers, musicians, directors, stage designer, figurative, choreographer, dancers, contributing all in the multifunctional form of art that is the opera. In order to can this artists make concentrated their work, the workers of [ELS] support administratively the all process that is required in order to we enjoy each production in the scene.

Greek National Opera
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Greek National Opera
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