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The Miracle of Wool Carpet


It is our company’s quality policy, as well as its commitment to fulfil obligations pertaining to customer demands, aiming for complete customer satisfaction within the framework of an organised environment where product quality and efficiency is paramount and subject to the Quality Management System in place at FINTEXPORT AE based on the model ISO 9001:2000.
Development, improvement and success are all factors which depend directly on our clients. We make it a point to base these factors on ensuring our high quality products and services meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. In order for these commitments to be made, FINTEXPORT AE uses the following quality principles as guides, requesting all staff to contribute to their implementation and success:

  • * Constant product quality improvement
  • * Continuous developing of new products so as to improve the company’s market position
  • * Continual customer satisfaction improvement
  • * Application, maintenance and improvement of operations

 The implementation of these principles requires the following:

  • * Placing the quality of its operations at the top of the company’s agenda 
  • * Adopting and applying practices ensuring constant quality improvement with the full co-operation of members of staff 
  • * The control and monitoring of company practices, as well as applying corrective procedures to solve problems and to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum.
  • * Building up team spirit and co-operation between members of staff and departments 
  • * Staff training, improvement and satisfaction, considering that members of staff constitute the driving power behind the company and strive for customer satisfaction

Every member of staff is, as far as work and obligations are concerned, responsible for applying and maintaining Quality Policy, the Quality Management System and for his/her continual improvement.

Sale and Distribution Network

Product sales are made directly at the company’s Department of Trade Management, made up of the Export Department and Domestic Sales Department.

The Export Department has gradually acquired the most important trade-orientated position in the company, exports having exceeded 95% of total sales.

The Export Department’s clientele belongs to five categories:

  • * Wholesalers: Importers with their own distribution system
  • * Retail store networks
  • * Producers of carpets and related floor covering who want to supplement their collection with woollen products.
  • * Large consumer groups (hotels, construction firms)
  • * Large retail stores

The Export Department’s philosophy is based on the principle of frequent personal contact with clients and on building long-term collaborations based on stable product and service quality. The company’s Trade Management and zone sales manager are, on average, on business trips outside Greece for 180 days of the year in order to nurture and to expand the company’s network of customers.

Aside from the company’s salesmen, the Export Department is also staffed with after sales service positions, loading organisations and secretarial support. The close relationship between Trade Management and the company’s R&D is also important in creating new quality and quick responses to custom made orders, an area in which the company excels.

FINTEXPORT SA regularly attends a large amount of field-related exhibitions, the most important being the annual Hanover DEMOTEX exhibition; this being the most important trade event of the year and the exhibition where the company occupies a prominent place year after year.

On the domestic market, FINTEXPORT SA plays the part of wholesaler, feeding a network of 300 co-operative stores throughout Greece. Apart from its typical products, the company also handles synthetic carpets which it imports from EU countries and the USA.

The staff in the Domestic Department includes salesmen, an ordering department and secretarial assistance. From a technical prospective, the Domestic Department works directly with the Ready Products Storage which possesses specialist staff for the cutting and backing of the carpets. 




Fint Export The Miracle of Wool Carpet
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