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The island of the Aegean Sea where the art of viniculture and wine making developed for the first time during the ancient years.

Athiri, Moschato, Amoriano… Delicious varieties of the Rhodian soil fermented in the mild microclimate on the island’s highest Mountain Attaviros. Ideal for the production of wine of character and quality.

While the precious winery secrets, reaching far back to the years of the Rhodian Knights gently intermingle with the Mediterranean’s fervor and saltiness, Oinotheque Emery consigns values unchangeable over time. Since 1923, when Oinotheque Emery was created, the grape’s cultivation procedure, the must process and the vinification methods have evolved in many ways. The respect for quality, tradition and values have remained constant and have led the way to the third generation of the Triantafillou family, opening tasty pursuits and new horizons.

Vineyards Of Rhodes

Greece has 28 Appellations of Origin, two of which are in Rhodes. Specifically:

* RODOS AOC ( Appellation of Controlled Origin)
It includes the areas that cultivate the variety white Muscat of the municipalities of Rhodes
* RODOS VQPRD (Appellations of High Quality Origin)
It includes two zones, the one of the white grape variety “Athiri” designated between the municipalities and the other is of the red grape Amorgiano that includes the municipalitites Kritinias, Monolithou, Agiou Isidorou, Apollonon, Embonas, Salakou, Mandrikou, Kalavardon, Fanon, Soronis, Theologou, Damatrias and Maritson

In Greece the wines of Appellation of Origin represent 8 - 10% of the total production of wine. In Rhodes, the percentage reaches 90% of the total production in grapes whereas in wines it approaches 40%.

Approximately 7,500 acres of vine are grown on the island in two vine zones (Zone A: Plain – Pedina, Zone B: Hillsides of Mount Attaviros – Orina) Each zone both due to climatic as well as soil differences produce wines of different quality. As in most Aegean islands, the shape of the vines is cyclical – Kipeloides. This guarantees stronger endurance to drought and high temperatures and does not expose the grapes to the strong summer rays.

The main soil substance is asvestolithos.

The vineyards of Rhodes, in small and dispersed areas, never experienced phylloxera (plant lice). For this many grapevines are 50-60 years old. From the 900 tones of must that Emery manufactures every year, over 90% come from steady and long term contracts with grape growers, with vineyards (Zone B) at an average altitude of 720m and performance per acre around 42 HL/HA.

The all year-round sun, the high and regular rainfalls, and the cool sea breezes from May to September favor the Rhodian vineyards. Annually, the rainy days do not exceed 70 days and the average annual temperature is 190C. Vintage starts early, around the 20th of August and is usually completed within seven to ten days.

All the grapes are picked in the early morning hours, before the sun comes out. It is important to note that the location of the winery enables us to limit the time between picking and crushing to the minimum. All the grapes are picked carefully by hand.

Depending on the year”, the sugar levels, at the time of picking for the white grapes is around 11 – 12 Baume and for the red around 12 13.5 Baume.

Emery wines are produced by two local grape varieties:

* ATHIRI: The Athiri grape has a bright, golden green color and is small and juicy. Its wine’s, with a fruity and fresh taste, have a soft aroma and vibrant color and caress all the senses. Because of the type of vine and climatic conditions, yield per acre is small. Athiri is by far the most widely planted white variety on the island. Aside from Rhodes it is also cultivated in other parts of Greece such as Santorini and Halkidiki
* AMORGIANO: A rare, red grape grown in the Aegean islands and Crete. A fruity taste, soft aroma and ruby color with violet reflections characterize the rose wines. It is also called Mandelaria and Kountoura Mavri. Brisk intense aromas with a spicy and dark warm red color characterize the reds.

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