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Since the first trip of our ship Dodekanisos Express until today we travel through the crystal blue waters of the Dodecanese island complex followed by the same vision, the same love and the same ambitions.

During this period of time, we have connected on a daily basis almost all the islands of the Dodecanese, with liabity and punctuality, bringing closer all the people. We have upgraded the sea transports of our islands that stand proudly on the edge of the Aegean Sea, with safety, speed, comfort and professionalism.

We hope that at least we have contributed to the people's lives and have become an important bond to the financial, social and tourist development of the region.Now, with the brand new high speed boat Dodekanisos Pride we have greater goals to achieve, more people to serve, more islands to reach, more strength to give to the people of the Dodecanese! The Dodecanese islands are the place we grew up and there is nothing like home!

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