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Area: Peloponnese
Like our growers we are dedicated to one simple philosophy, Provide only the best for Human Family and Life.

For generations our Family in Peloponnese has been producing some of the worlds finest and Qualitative extra virgin Olive oil. From the cliffs of our land Paleoxori to the green Valleys of Elea village and the sun soaked shores of Messenia and Ilia, our Olive oil Mill has partnered with the best growers to bring you superior qualitiy olive oil each a different region inside a special bottle …

History of the Giannopoulos Family

We are a traditional Greek family whose occupation is growing olives and producing olive oil extra virgin. It was around 1900 when our

grandparents started this business, initially owning 20 acres of fertile Messinian Land, a property which was increased to 160 acres,
containing 3500 olives trees of variety "Koroneiki" by our parents Konstantinos and Diamando Giannopoulos, who continued in the footsteps of their parents with the same love and care for olives.
As well as growing olives, Konstantinos and Diamando took a big step, and for the past 55 years they have been operating one of the biggest olive oil factories in the Peloponnese region, which they constructed themselves. The soul of this family business is our mother Diamando, a unique woman, who is also the only female in the olive oil business in the region, and is also responsible for both owning and running the factory. So, In her honour, we decided to name our olive - oil after her, which is henceforth called "Diamond Messinian Extra virgin Olive oil".


Olive oil from Giannopoulos factory

The extra virgin olive oil is produced in our factory on the same day by the unique method of "first cold extraction" from selected crops which come from the Messinia and Ilia and are picked by local farmers. This method of production is considered unique because it does not 'Burn' the olive oil processing and retains all the ingredients of the rare Olive oil juice.

With respect to the product, people and the environment we have been applying the most modern standards in out renewed and renovated factory.Characteristics of olive oil are: Low acidity to 0.4 - Golden color and strong flavor, variety Koroneiki.


Diamond olive oil from Manousopoulos on Vimeo.



Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition from the olive oil factory of the "Giannopoulos Family"

1.Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and also helps prevent
cardio vascular diseases
2.Helps prevent colon cancer
3.Works effectively against Osteoporosis

4.Ensures the proper development of the nervous system
5.Rich vitamin E
6.Natural anti-Oxidant
7.Natural digestive, also helps towards a health stomach
8.Protects against blood - clotting


Where we are

Elea is a small coastal village where they find the beginning of Messinia after the river Neda. Continuous kiliometre golden sandy beach makes up the beautiful village of Eleas. The Mediterranean climate, the pine and olive vegetation is so dense that it considers living in Small Paradise. Along with our beautiful village within 10 km are waterfalls of Neda!

Elea the most suitable place for relaxation, tranquility, you can taste a pure traditional dishes and of course try our special olive oil extra virgin which is a source of life. Kyparissia, as a place of vacation, is ideal for explorations and excursions because of its geographical position. It gives you the possibility of visiting the temple of Epicurean Apollo in the village Vasses Figalias, the museum and the archaeological area of Ancient Olympia, Nestor’s palace and the museum in Chora, Ancient Messini, the vaulted tombs of Peristeria and those in Chora, the Castles in Kyparissia, Pilos, Methoni, Koroni and finally Byzantine monuments like Metamorfossi Sotiros, Aghios Onoufrios of Methoni.

Giannopoulos family and our olive oil factory is located just in Elea on the main road Zacharos – Kyparissias.


Trip of Olive oil

Olive Grove Family Giannopoulos

The journey begins in olive grove which is called "PALEOHORI". It is a place where historical and natural treasures are well connected with the history of our family. The olive Grove is located on a hillside at 100 acres with 2500 thousands of trees near the forest that is ideal for long walks in an outstanding natural environment.

You can learn about the olive tree, a symbol of wisdom and peace. Some of our older trees aged over 1000 years still produce crops.
You can also watch the collection of olives here in our region. The harvest begins in November up to February you can learn the secrets of the olives and the production of Extra Virgin Olive Olive in a modern more our certified by ISO 22000.

Also you can smell aromatic herbs and collect such as sage, oregano, thyme and bay Leaves.




Diamond Extra Virgin Olive Oil Like our growers we are dedicated to one simple philosophy, Provide only the best for Human Family and Life.
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