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Everyday Issue Management Organisation (OAKP)


The citizens of Athens have a new ally in their day-to-day activities, which is contributing toward an upgrade in their quality of life.


The mission of the Everyday Issue Management Organisation (OAKP) is to coordinate and resolve the everyday problems faced by citizens. OAKP firstly receives the requests of citizens, documents and classifies them, then forwards them directly to the competent municipal services. The organisation follows up regularly on the progress of each request and ultimately provides a reply to each citizen. Over the course of its pilot phase of operation (July 2007-April 2008), OAKP received 34,647 requests on various subjects, 24,698 of which were resolved.


Utilising the municipality's Geographical Information System (GIS) as a base and with the support of DAEM (City of Athens Information and Technology Enterprise), OAKP has developed digital maps that illustrate the geographical location and nature of everyday problems. Digital mapping is a strategic tool for municipal planning and operations. In this context, OAKP, with the assistance of DAEM, will soon replace this software with a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programme that will: enable faster and more accurate management of citizens' requests; more targeted activity by municipal services depending on the category of problem and its geographical location; facilitate the monitoring of trends; and secure more direct communication with citizens via the response mechanism which is under development.


For OAKP, day-to-day life does not simply involve the management of the city's problems, but also the safety or residents. For this reason, the organisation has assumed responsibility for the creation of operational plans to respond to natural disasters of all kinds: fire prevention for wooded areas within the limits of the City of Athens; heatwave measures addressing citizens and municipal employees; earthquake preparedness; flood prevention; snowfall emergency plan; fire evacuation plans for municipal buildings and the City of Athens Children's Camp in Agios Andreas. The OAKP Operations Centre is open 8:00 - 21:00 daily and will soon function on a 24-hour basis.


The detection of imperfections in the system opens the way to improvement. OAKP, therefore, seeks to acquire a complete picture of the day-to-day living conditions of Athens' citizens. In carrying out this process, the organisation hopes to obtain assistance from organisations, state bodies and the private sector, as the sum of all of our contributions shapes the quality of life in our city.


For this reason, the cooperation of all citizens is required in order to make our city more functional and our day-to-day lives easier. We, therefore, call on all citizens of Athens to report the problems they face to OAKP, either by calling the Citizens Helpline "1595" or 210 5277066; sending a fax to 210 5278110 or sending an e-mail to Citizens have an additional channel of communication with OAKP, namely the Organisation's weekly radio programme. The programme, entitled "Ten Minutes with the Everyday Issue Management Organisation", is aired on Athina Municipal Radio 9.84 FM every Friday at 12:50 and rebroadcast every Saturday at 11:50. The programme focuses on matters affecting citizens in their day-to-day lives and relevant City of Athens initiatives.

City of Athens
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