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The year was 1860, when Efstathios J. Barbayannis arrived at the picturesque port of Plomari, on the rich, fertile and sunny island of Lesvos, Greece. The island's running waters gave life to an excellent variety of aniseed and to hundreds of rare, sweet-smelling herbs.

Efstathios Barbayannis brought his experience and knowledge of the distillation process with him from the Russian city of Odessa and started his own distillery which produced first-rate quality ouzo.

Today, in the settlement of Plomari, Lesvos, in the ultra-modern, privately-owned Barbayannis ouzo production facilities, technology is combined with history and tradition. The Barbayannis family has faithfully preserved the 140-year-old ouzo tradition, following in the footsteps of Efstathios Barbayannis. The family carefully selects high quality, natural ingredients for its ouzo and pays special attention to the ouzo distillation procedure, which is still carried out in the old, traditional way.

For the past five generations, the members of the famous ouzo producing Barbayannis family have passionately pursued perfection in the taste of ouzo and have maintained traditional ouzo distillation techniques.

Throughout the world, the Barbayannis name is strongly connected with ouzo, the finest Greek beverage.This success is due to the secret family recipe, which has been the basis of the quality and taste of Ouzo Barbayanni for five generations.

Barbayannis Ouzo Distillery - Greek Alcohol Exporters & Manufacturers in Plomari Lesvos GreeceFOUNDING OF THE BARBAYANNIS DISTILLERIES

Efstathios J. Barbayannis arrived in Plomari, Lesvos, in 1860, bringing with him knowledge and experience of the distillation processes from the Russian city of Odessa.

At that time in Plomari, industrial production was on the increase and international trade was blooming. The great mentor of the Greek Nation, Benjamin of Lesvos, along with the other members of the Filiki Eteria, had begun to lay the foundations of Modern Greece in the Aegean Islands. The port of Lesvos was always busy and many products were being shipped from the island to all corners of the world. 

Lesvos Island has always been a fertile island, with an excellent climate, providing a superior variety of anise, the seed that is the basic flavoring ingredient of ouzo. Tens of other kinds of sweet-smelling herbs also grow on this land, contributing to the particular scent of ouzo, a fragrance that is characteristic of Greece.

Labels :

Blue Bottle
Barbayannis Blue Label Ouzo Producers and Exporters Lesvos Island Greece

For the past five generations, the Barbayannis Ouzo Producers has been lovingly producing the classic BLUE Ouzo. They use the traditional method, according to the family recipe brought by Efstathios Barbayannis from Russia in 1860, achieving 100% distillation of the ouzo.

This ouzo consists of a pure essence of aniseed and sweet-smelling herbs, with an alcohol content of 46% Vol. and contains the distinctive water of Plomari. The renowned Ouzo Barbayanni BLUE has a pleasant scent, a pure and transparent color, and a delicate flavor, creating on your palate sensations of spring breezes and sun-kissed seas.

Green Bottle
Barbayannis Green Label Ouzo Distillers Ltd in Greece - Liquor Exports Europe

The formulation of exquisite ouzo requires experience, love and special care. In 1997, the Barbayannis Ouzo and Liquor Distillers created a new ouzo with a soft taste, made with meticulously selected wholesome ingredients and the special water of Plomari.

It took much skill in order to develop the incomparable taste of the Ouzo Barbayanni GREEN. A 100% pure extract, with an alcohol content of 42% Vol.

Aphrodite Bottle
Ouzo Barbayanni - Greek Aperitif Aphrodite Ouzo from Plomari Lesvos Island Greece

Ouzo APHRODITE was created in 1962, as an endeavour to unite the perfect taste and the sensation of the classic beauty of Greece. A glass bottle, shaped like the ancient goddess of beauty, contains the elegance of the timeless, the many years of experience and the passion of the Barbayannis family.

The production of this rare Ouzo, with an alcohol content of 48% Vol., is conducted at the first - rate multiple fractional distillation facilities. The aperitif is produced from pure ingredients, aniseed and a number of the other sweet-smelling herbs and seeds. Its taste is dry and ripe, making the palate overflow with sensation.

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