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Catagories: Pastry & Sweets, Import & Export, Wholesale
Area: Attica, Attica, Peristeri

Founded in 1928 by the brothers, Alexandros and Panayiotis Pittas, Attiki Bee Culturing Company is today the largest honey company in Greece. Over the years it has spread the fame of Greek honey both at home and abroad, while at the same time, providing constant support to Greek beekeepers.

The company’s history goes back more than 75 years. It was the first in Greece to package honey in small containers. (Before, it was only sold in bulk, in large containers.) Today, 'Attiki' and 'Fino' honey brands are well-known and highly popular in Greece.

ATTIKI offers high quality, selected Greek honey in various packaging that bring honey not only to the breakfast table, but also to the office, on excursions and at school.

In Greece up to 70% of honey is sold in tins, the most appropriate packaging for this quality product. In addition ATTIKI offers a line of practical packages: the honey pourer, the smart-pack and the PET "melissaki" packaging, that promote this famous Greek product internationally.

The smart-pack, launched in 1995, has proved a great success in Greece, and is an example of applying technological innovation to packaging. This international innovation allowed consumers to enjoy honey anywhere and anytime. It is extremely practical and easy-to-use, and does not break or leak.


Greek honey is one of the best in the world. It is thick, and boasts a unique aroma and taste, originating in a variety of natural flowers, herbs and trees. In Greece, the mountains are very near the sea, sunshine is very common, and the sun can come out immediately after heavy rain. Due to these sudden changes in climate and this wide variety of soil, a large diversity of plants can be found in a few square miles.

Some honey varieties (like thyme honey) cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Other distinguished varieties are those from coniferous trees such as the pine and the fir. The variety a honey belongs to, depends on the plant that dominates the area of honey collection. Honey varieties are also identified by their aroma, density, colour and taste.

"Attiki" and "Fino" honey are coming exclusively from the finest varieties of Greek honey and they contain many of the above components and attributes of Greek honey. That is the reason of their unique quality.

The company’s products:

* Attiki Honey – Greek honey from thyme and other flora.
* Fino Honey – Greek forest honey.
* Attiki Royal Jelly and Attiki Pollen.
* Attiki Honey Halva – Made according to a traditional recipe, using honey (instead of sugar or glucose), which gives the halva a special aroma and taste. It comes in three varieties: vanilla flavour, with cocoa, and with almonds.
* Attiki Vanilla and Masticha Sweet – The traditional Greek summer dessert in two delicious flavours: vanilla and masticha.
* Attiki Tahini – A 100% natural product made of crushed sesame seeds (sesame paste), with no preservatives, no sugar, and, no cholesterol. In 3 delicious flavours: Tahini with honey & hazelnut paste, Tahini with honey, and pure Tahini.
* Attiki Halva – With glucose and sugar. In 4 flavours: vanilla, cocoa, almond and pistachio.
* Attiki Loukoumi - Traditional Greek confectionery in a variety of flavours including honey and walnut and honey and almond. Along with Loukoumia, the company offers Attiki "Akanes" a traditional delicacy from Serres in Northern Greece.

The company’s mission is to offer products of excellent quality and exquisite taste. Specially trained personnel, of the Department of Procurement and Development of Apiculture, selects the best honey varieties from all over Greece. Quality Control Department, which possesses one of the most modern in Europe and fully equipped laboratory, makes all the necessary controls in all stages of selection and packaging. More than 75 years of experience, hard work, research and endless support to Greek Apiculture enables “Attiki” to offer pure Greek honey straight from the beehive.


The basic commercial activities of our company target the following markets:

This sector accounts for 85% of the company’s revenues, with its main customers being supermarket chains. An extensive network of sales representatives and wholesalers covers the whole country. Attiki and Fino honey have the largest market share in Greece.

Food Industry
The company is one of the main honey supplier of major companies producing honey-based products.

The Attiki Bee Culturing Co. also supplies a large number of hotel chains and other food service facilities in Greece.

The company exports to many different countries including EU countries, countries in the Middle East, the US, Canada, Japan and Singapore. Demand for the company’s products is constantly rising. Attiki brands are positioned in some of the best and most exclusive department stores in the world, including Harrod’s and Fortnum & Mason in London, and Zabar’s in New York.

Apiculture Equipment
The company’s experts visit producers and cooperatives around Greece, providing advice on how to improve production, and recommending the best equipment for producing high quality honey.

1932 Hors Concours, International Trade Exhibition, London
1937 Gold Prize, International Fair, Paris
1964 Gold Prize, Highest Exports Performance, National Bank of Greece and Lambrakis Publishing Organisation, Athens
1979 Silver & Bronze Prizes, Universal Bee Keeper’s Organisation, APIMONDIA, Athens
1979 Food Europe Award, London
1979 International Trophy for Quality, Madrid
1982 The official and exclusive supplier of the 1982 European Track and Field Championship, Athens
1985 Greek Prize for 1984 Exports, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Athens
1988 Gold Medal with Palm Leaves , International Institute for Quality Monde Selection, Athens
1998 Prize for High Quality of Products and Services, The Eurobusiness Association, Athens
1998 Great Gold Medal, International Institute for Quality Monde Selection, Budapest
1998 ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certificate, TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD)
1999 Branded Product Award, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Athens
2002 Finalist, Open Oscars of Economy, Milestones, the state of Northern Rhineland-Westphalia, HANDELSBLATT newspaper and BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP business consultants, Düsseldorf
2003 Gold Medal, International Institute for Quality, Monde Selection, Brussels
2003 Gold Medal, Great Taste Awards, The Guild of Fine Food Retailers in Great Britain, London
2004 Greek Packaging Worldstars, for “smart-pack” and “Ymittos” packaging, Production Packaging Materials Industries Association, Athens
2004 Committed to Excellence, EFQM accreditation, Hellenic Management Association, Athens
2004 International Award for Packaging Excellence, Packaging Worldstars for Smart-Pack packaging, World Packaging Organisation, Sao Paolo
2006 Packaging Star – Greek Stars 2006 for PET packaging (Attiki & Fino honey) with special anti-drop silicon cap
2006 “Best Workplaces 2006” Award, Great Place to Work Institute in association with ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens
2006 “Business & Tradition” Award, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Athens

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