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Catagories: Vegetables, Import & Export, Wholesale, Fruit
Area: Attica, Attica, Athens
The factory is built on 101.616m2 of land. Out of this 42.689m2 are installations and another 380 m2 offices and other facilities

ASTERIS S.A. is a major tomato paste industrial and commercial export company, founded in 1975. Although the company 's main activities and specialization is the production and export of tomato paste and peeled tomatoes, it is also involved in the export and trading of other agricultural products and food stuff.

Asteris manages two fully owned production plants, the "Andravida Plant" in Peloponnesus (Southern Greece) and the "Lefkadia Plant" in Northern Greece. Installed in the Andravida factory is also a fully automated, can-manufacturing unit covering both factories needs in full.

Both factories' latest technology mechanical equipment is constantly updated and upgraded, through annual investments, to ensure production of the highest standards and superior end product.

The combined processing capacity of the two factories rates ASTERIS as "Number 1" in the Balkans. In confirmation of the above stated, ASTERIS is in possession of EN ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate.

ASTERIS' s main production line is tomato paste packed in 1/2 kg cans, 5 kg cans and 100 gr. cans, as well as peeled and diced tomato.

The majority of the company's exportation is 1/2 kg tomato paste well known under the brand name "ALBUSTAN". The two factories produce approximately 25.000 tons of tomato paste in direct packing per season, out of a European Union quota of 125.000 tons of fresh tomato.

With a manpower of 77 permanent employees and workers and about 500 during production season (July - September), ASTERIS is exporting to Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.


l Andravida plant facilities

The factory is built on 101.616m2 of land. Out of this 42.689m2 are installations and another 380 m2 offices and other facilities

The plant is in a highly advantageous location surrounded by the best tomato cultivation areas in the country.

At a distance of about 280 km from Athens, the plant lies adjacent to the Patras-Pyrgos National Road on the way to the port of Kyllini while the national railway line runs across its borders.

1. Canning Factory

l Tomato Paste Production Lines

1. Evaporator CALIFO of Rossi e Catelli, triple effect. Processing capacity of 990 tons/day.
2. Evaporator ANTEO of Rossi e Catelli, T-90, triple effect. Processing capacity of 930 tons/day.

l Diced Tomato Line: Capacity 150 tons/day.
l Peeled Tomato Line: Capacity 150 tons/day.
l Tomato Paste Packing Lines:
200 kg Barrels Capacity 300 tons net/day
5 kg Cans Capacity 90 tons gross/day
1/2 kg Cans (2 lines) Total capacity 390 tons gross/day
1/10 kg Cans Capacity 50 tons gross/day

l Processing Capacity: 1.920 tons of fresh tomato per day
l Boiler Station: Five (5) automatic boilers producing 56.000 kg of steam/hour
l Biological Unit: Installed in 1996, capacity of 550m3/hour
l Power installed: 4.674 HP

2. Cans Factory

l Production Capacity: 450.000 bodies of 1/2kg cans/day , 850.000 ends/day
Off season, ASTERIS executes orders for empty lithographed cans on behalf of local or overseas customers.

Lefkadia plant facilities

The plant is installed on 51.952m2 of land, out of which 5.712m2 are building installations and 480 m2 of offices and other facilities. The location in unique surrounded by 80 km of heavily cultivated tomato fields.

About 550 km out of Athens, the factory is located at a distance of 90 km from Thessaloniki Airport.


Canning factory

l Tomato paste Production Lines:

1. Evaporator CF600 TE, triple effect - MA PI BI III Srl. Processing capacity: 1000 tons/day
2. Evaporator M - 400 , MANZINI , triple effect . Processing capacity: 450 tons/day
3. Evaporator "in House" made at the Andravida factory of ASTERIS. Processing capacity: 250 tons/day

l Processing capacity: 1.700 tons of fresh tomato/day
l Packing Lines: Two lines fully equipped for 1/2 kg cans of 345 tons gross/day total capacity.
l Boiler Station: 4 Boilers producing 46.000kg of steam/hour
l Biological Unit: Complete unit, installed in 1995 with a capacity of 350 m3/hour
l Power Installed: 4.130 KWA

ASTERIS has budgeted the erection of an
Aseptic Line in this plant.

You may see some statistics for the production and exportation of tomato paste the last few years. For more details or orders, please contact through our Contact form.


Asteris mainly produces tomato paste in direct packing with concentration and specifications according to customer needs. The product is offered in a variety of packing, namely 100g, 250g, 1/2kg and 5kg tin cans.

In the Andravida plant there is also a peeled and diced tomato line. These products can be offered in 1/2kg and 5kg cans.

The compan's can factory produces 1/2kg tin cans, and with daily production of about 500,000 cans per day, we can accept orders for any given quantity.

Whether it is tomato paste, peeled tomato, diced tomato or just empty cans, ASTERIS follows a quality-oriented strategy of production, which means that we can guarantee that our products are of the highest quality in any given set of specifications.



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