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Agricultural products & associated activities

Astarti’s goals and philosophy are:

The promotion of organic farming on the island of Kythera.

The processing and development of local produce.

The marketing of high quality products (of limited production) of the Kytherian land to consumers in Greece and overseas.

The promotion of environmental awareness and active participation in the protection of the Kytherian land.

Our company Astarti is based on the island of Kythera-Greece and has been involved in organic farming since 1992 when Harry Tzortzopoulos, on completion of his studies in agriculture, returned to his forefathers’ island to take over the family olive groves. Since Astarti’s establishment in 2001, the company has been involved in the production, packaging and trading of organic and traditional Kytherian products.

The Style & Symbol of Astarti

According to various historical sources, it appears that the worship of the goddess of love, Ishtar, had its origin in Ancient Phoenicia. Due to the strong commercial relations and the resulting political affiliations developing amongst the various Mediterranean cultures the worship of the Phoenicians’ Astarti (Ishtar) gradually moved to the Southern coast and certain islands of the South-East Mediterranean basin (Cyprus, Crete, Kythera, Mylos), each place adapting similar names and rituals.

Kythera worshipped the Goddess as Astarti-Aphrodite (Aphrodite meaning she who has arisen from the froth of the seas) but with the passing of time the name of Aphrodite was upheld and she was worshipped as Goddess of platonic love.

The symbol of the company Astarti is the symbol of the fruit of the olive tree in Linear B script.

The symbol and the style of Astarti are registered trademarks of the Tzortzopoulos family.

The family is expanding its interests to cover other organic products in an effort to revive traditional cultivation and local farming practices, as well as promotion of agritourism in the region.

On the following pages you will find information about:

The Organic extra virgin olive oil – Astarti Exclusive (cold pressed), which has won international awards and recognition, produced from the Astarti Tzortzopoulos Estate, certified by the Greek body DIO (Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products).
The Organic extra virgin olive oil – Astarti Blend (cold pressed), a blend produced on the island of Kythera by small organic farmers and members of the Agricultural Co-operation of Potamos in conjunction with Astarti, certified by the Greek body DIO (Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products).
Astarti olive soap, made from organic olive oil and organic natural ingredients, certified by the Italian body ICEA (Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products).
News of Astarti, the company and its products and information on the island of Kythera.

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Astarti Organic soaps

Organic olive oil forms the basis of our Astarti olive oil hand made soap bars.

Blending the essential goodness of the olive oil with selected organic natural ingredients, extracts and essential oils, we produce four different kinds of soap bars of 80gr:

Natural Fragrance – for face and body

Peppermint and Aloe Vera - for face and body which gives a sensation of freshness

Vanilla and Beeswax Soap - for face and body which leaves the skin with a silky sensation

Lavender, Spirulina, Green Clay and Luffa - an anti-cellulite* scrub and peeling soap for the body

Astarti organic soap is produced without animal testing and is certified by ICEA (Italian Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products) in accordance with the regulations for organic cosmetics.

Available in great trilingual (Greek, French, English) 48 pieces cardboard showcase.

*according to international bibliography green clay is said to be an anti-cellulite

Quality Award “Gastronomos 2011″
June 2011

On June the 1st into a solemn ceremony held at the Benaki Museum in Piraeus-Athens, the island of Kythera and Astarti had a field day. The renowned grekk cooking magazine “Gastronomos” of the daily newspaper Kathimerini, in a night that revealed a different Greece…, awarded producers, processors, retailers, associations, cooperatives, people with passion, enthusiasm and [ READ MORE ]
Best packaging Prize “Flavours & Life 2010″ – Athens 2010

April 2010

Another recognition for the serious work of Astarti, winning the prize of the public for the best product packaging during the exhibition “Flavours & Life”, which was held in Zappeio on 08-11 April 2010. Through our web page, we would like to thank the dear public and visitors of the exhibition for their preferance [ READ MORE ]
Premio International BIOL, Italy, 2009

November 2009

Awarding of Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate by DIO Organization for participation in the 14th International Competition of organic olive oil Premio International Biol 2009 – The Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world in competition, which took place on 22-24 April 2009 in Italy [ READ MORE ]
Ecofestival 2009, Athens – Second Prize

November 2009

Second prize for packaging & presentation awarded for the 500ml bottle Astarti Exclusive – Tzortzopoulos Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, during the competition organized by DIO and EcoFestival 2009 . The new 500ml packaging was presented to the public for the first time during this exhibition (Athens, Nov 2009) [ READ MORE ]
Olive oil & olive Festival 2008, Athens Greece – Bronze medal

December 2008

Bronze medal for Taste, for Astarti Exclusive, in the 1st competition for Greek Extra Virgin Olive oils, during the 2nd Olive Oil & Olive Festival 2008 organized by the European Network of Regional Development (May 2008 Athens, Greece) [ READ MORE ]
International Competition for Organic Olive Oil Premio International Biol 2008

July 2008

Astarti Exclusive was listed in the Italian catalogue Biol 2008, published under the International competition for organic olive oil Premio International Biol 2008, a recognition to the best organic olive oils of the world (Bari, Italy June 2008) [ READ MORE ]
Listed in the Italian guide “L’Extravergine 2007 – A guide to the best certified quality olive oil in the world”



Astarti (Tzortzopoulos Estate) Agricultural products & associated activities
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