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The "Archaion Gefsis" restaurant has been operating since 1998. A restaurant with Ancient Greek cuisine, unique in the world.

A team of experts such as philologists, archaeologists and gourmets have put in endless hours of research into the creation of this restaurant. They have selected the recipes and gastronomic habits of Ancient Greeks based on a thorough study of rare manuscripts. Besides, it is common knowledge that gastronomy is an inseparable element of every culture. The team was required to travel abroad and conduct research in many libraries.

The first restaurant was launched in Metaxourgio with respect to the Ancient Greek traditions, as far as the decoration and the utensils used back then are concerned. It is a spacious restaurant with a beautiful garden an oasis in the centre of Athens. Since its opening the restaurant has followed an upward trend. Foreigners who love Greece have discovered the restaurant through the Internet, and many of them have traveled to Greece to taste its palatable dishes. Widely read foreign magazines and newspapers, such as “TIME” and “GUARDIAN” have hosted excellent reviews in their pages on the “Archaion Gefsis” restaurant, a restaurant which is one of a kind. Because of its original concept, “Travel Channel” and “Discovery Channel” have had special features on the “Archaion Gefsis” restaurant.

Eating at the restaurant offers its customers a unique experience. They will use a spoon and a knife to eat meat, vegetables, fish, coarsely ground barley, and honey in very original and unusual combinations which are above all nutritious. There are no dishes with potatoes, tomatoes, lemon, rice or sugar, simply because these ingredients didn’t exist in Ancient Greece. Greek symposia are held to the sound of pipes and string instruments. This restaurant represents a whole new concept in gastronomy which is sure to become the new trend through franchising and licensing.

Ancient Greek Symposium

Now you can participate in a fascinating and unusual journey. A journey in time and tastes. Travel in Ancient Greece . Experience and enjoy the food, the drinks and the interesting conversations in an Ancient Greek symposium. The restaurant “Ancient Tastes” makes a surprise and innovates with the seven-recliner symposium. It is a dinner for seven people according to the ancient Greek way. In luxurious recliners and in a specially designed area you can try wonderful new tastes of the ancient Greek cuisine while you exchange opinions with your dinner-companions.

Live this unique experience and keep as a token the gown and the sandals that you will wear this unforgettable evening. Dressed with ancient Greek gowns and sandals, crowned with ivy wreath, lying down to your luxurious wooden personal recliner, you can enjoy your dinner and wine for many hours. Relaxing in a specially created atmosphere you can enjoy the various dishes and the conversation with you dinner-companions. You are enjoying the idyllic revival of a symposium with all its material and mental aspects just as described by Plato in his homonymous work. The realization of this revival is the result of thorough studies of ancient Greek texts.

You are in the restaurant “Ancient Tastes” at Metaxourgio, a historical district of ancient Athens in the greater area of Ceramicos. The wine-servant and our ancient hostess cordially receive you. The wine-servant is guiding you to the dressing room, where the attendant provides you with a gown and sandals. Next, the receiving attendant washes your hands and feet in a basin filled with aromatic water. As you remove your clothes and wear your gown, you leave your routine for a unique experience.

The dinner starts with drinking of aromatic honey-wine. The appetizers are then offered (vegetables, lobster, birds, bulbs). Served in special ceramic plates, delightful dishes (fish, wild boar, hare) are offered, these edibles possess aphrodisiac properties!

The process of mixing wine and water in a special ceramic crater (a large vessel) is in the meantime completed by the wine-servant. And now your are drinking in “cylices” (wide-mouth ceramic wineglasses), enjoying cool wine, as the crater is placed in a special cooler. Wreaths of ivy are placed on your head, because they indicate the wealth and abundance of edibles, as Aristotle said.

Using the astagalos (bean) as a ballot, the symposiarch (king of symposium) is elected. The election may also take place by voice voting. The symposium king oversees the symposium, directs the discussions, and hands down punishments and awards prizes. The cultural aspects of the symposium are equally important. Aristotle says that the gift of speech makes up for the loss of beauty. The conversation also includes debates, puzzles, jokes, games and other kind of mental stimulation. For all these appropriate help is provided.

Desserts made of dried fruit, almonds, walnuts, yogurt and honey, are then offered in abundance. Fresh fruit is also offered at this time. Aromatic herbs are burning slowly to enhance the spiritual pleasure. Occasionally, a guitar player participates in the symposium and creates the music sounds of the ancient Greek environment, which is quite pleasant and relaxing.

As you leave the dining area, you keep your gown and the sandals as a reminder of an extraordinary dining experience. Our satisfaction is that we live up to your expectations and guide your properly in this journey. As Antifanes (4th century B.C) says “a new effort, even daring, is much more useful than other old ones…..

Archaion Gefsis
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